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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOGNIZES

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Statement:name and office. Alice Bailey knows who I am and recognizes me by two of my names. I am a brotherAstrology, 7:to give you certain facts as the Hierarchy recognizes them; I will indicate, if I can, theAstrology, 137:one working and synthetic whole. The Aquarian recognizes the bond which holds all togetherAstrology, 192:the esoteric processes and therefore astrology recognizes it as a constant pressure and presence.Astrology, 207:enters into this relation with the Angel, recognizes itself as the Dweller and - as a disciple -Astrology, 408:always held that position. This science itself recognizes. At each of the great shifts in theAstrology, 479:has taken place, the perceiving consciousness recognizes identity and the rule of the square isAstrology, 574:of which Nirvana is but the beginning." [574] He recognizes his task of mediatorship which is theAstrology, 598:not referring to the consciousness aspect which recognizes and profits by such struggle. I amAtom, 21:is the force, or energy, which the scientist recognizes; and this is the universal mind, or theAtom, 32:A second line is that of supernaturalism, which recognizes not so much the material side of thingsAtom, 32:and we called it the idealistic concept. It recognizes the material form, but sees also the lifeAtom, 109:atom has likewise to reach a point where it recognizes its place in a greater Whole, and shouldersAtom, 156:for us to say, but even our Christian Bible recognizes it, and Job speaks of "the sweet influencesAutobiography, 1:that the love of God antedates Christianity and recognizes no boundaries. This was the first andAutobiography, 256:some one points the finger towards a Master and recognizes him as such, provided his recordAutobiography, 281:upon the path of evolution. The Arcane School recognizes the fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy of theAutobiography, 287:of the Arcane School III. The Arcane School Recognizes the Fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy TheBethlehem, 157:to know, which is inherent in the soul, which recognizes intuitively that which is holy, universalBethlehem, 188:its emphasis upon the living Christ, and when it recognizes that its forms and ceremonies, itsBethlehem, 216:words is eternal and universal, for the man who recognizes divinity, and who at the same time isBethlehem, 274:for those around him. He knows no barriers and recognizes no divisions; he is living - as a soul -Discipleship1, 72:interludes between the pairs of opposites for he recognizes their intermittence. I do, however,Discipleship1, 89:of course, everyone interested in occult study recognizes theoretically. One of the tasksDiscipleship1, 129:and must be entirely frank; your innate honesty recognizes the same quality in others and you wouldDiscipleship1, 151:mental activity in a dynamic form, even if he recognizes not the truth of my remarks. If you willDiscipleship1, 265:all, the Master accepts no one. [265] He only recognizes achieved capacity and ability and thenDiscipleship1, 691:according to point of development. The Master recognizes those who recognize the Plan and areDiscipleship1, 748:directly to the disciple by the Master when he recognizes his chela's right to the privilege. IDiscipleship1, 789:some one points the finger towards a Master and recognizes him as such, provided his recordDiscipleship2, 4:that true understanding which ignores mistakes, recognizes no barriers, refuses all separatingDiscipleship2, 253:been able to do. But now he also perceives and recognizes his brother in the light, and this evokesDiscipleship2, 269:the Law of Sacrifice; under this law, the unit recognizes responsibility, identifies itself withDiscipleship2, 389:but it is of no service unless the personality recognizes it; it is excessively stimulating and theDiscipleship2, 437:Way and comes to the critical stage where "he recognizes revelation." I would ask you to thinkDiscipleship2, 474:and request and - as his intuition develops - he recognizes them as his own; he esoterically [475]Discipleship2, 558:to the soul when the personality consciously recognizes the activity of karma and adheres to theDiscipleship2, 618:hardest is that trained recognition [618] which recognizes the spiritual family to which oneDiscipleship2, 696:service. There are no classes such as the world recognizes, neither is there any age, except theEducation, 20:must be unfolded until the man recognizes that his consciousness is a corporate part of a greaterExternalisation, 110:to an age so distant that no modern historian recognizes its episodes. Information anent thisExternalisation, 196:attitudes and will respond, for a child sees and recognizes no differences, and the truth of theExternalisation, 290:in [290] mankind which is akin to God and which recognizes its own when it appears. Such is theExternalisation, 353:laid, the vision may be seen but unless everyone recognizes his essential contribution and his realExternalisation, 552:to the reappearance of the Hierarchy on earth. Recognizes that man's point of development warrantsExternalisation, 571:political doctrine; his impersonality - which recognizes faults as well as virtues - enrages manyExternalisation, 612:composed of disciples of all faiths. He recognizes and loves those who are not Christian but whoFire, 199:and then contacted his eyes are opened and he recognizes his place in the whole order under the LawFire, 200:the note of nature and that of his monad; he recognizes their identity, utilizes their vibration,Fire, 201:the form or not-self in all its various grades, recognizes his identity in time and space, and forFire, 201:intuition - that faculty whereby the Self recognizes its own essence in and under all forms.Fire, 202:cells, ganglia and plexus which exoteric science recognizes. That these senses for all purposes ofFire, 333:yet knows himself as more than these three, and recognizes himself as the utilizer of form, ofFire, 402:Them, and until it is known which cosmic Logos recognizes our solar Logos as a center in His body,Fire, 476:The religious man, especially the Christian, recognizes the psychic quality of this transmutativeFire, 702:the cells in the body logoic. When science recognizes this fact (which will scarcely be yet awhile)Fire, 796:forms upon each other remains unknown. Science recognizes certain effects, leading and tending toFire, 832:between his work and that of the mystic. He recognizes: Positive force - Or that which energizes.Fire, 882:in one's own divinity - S. D., III, 62, 63. One recognizes one's own immortal Principle. One knowsFire, 1024:a balanced building of the "shadow." He "recognizes" them in the occult sense; that is, he knowsFire, 1209:will begin to dawn before long when science recognizes the nature, place and responsibility of theGlamour, 20:we force ourselves into a state of mind which recognizes that the tangible and the objective areGlamour, 98:sharply up against changing conditions and recognizes another and far more difficult situation. TheGlamour, 117:initiation. There, standing before the Gate, he recognizes the final duality which awaitsGlamour, 138:of God, and the true spiritual incentive which recognizes God immanent in all nature and peculiarlyGlamour, 207:becomes aware of these instinctual glamors and recognizes them on appearance, even when reacting toHealing, 117:to do, was his true self, the one Reality. He recognizes then that assimilation into andHealing, 159:Modern psychology, when allied to medicine, recognizes that this gland when over-active willHealing, 163:Law of Analogy as the basis of his premises and recognizes, sometimes, that the Hermetic theory,Healing, 447:which he is well accustomed and which he at once recognizes as not new. In his sleeping hours heHealing, 448:its own place, the soul of the individual man recognizes the end of a cycle of incarnation, andHealing, 516:the one self, the Master in the heart, as it recognizes the stupendous fact of its own essentialHealing, 531:attainments. But the so-called spiritual healer recognizes at present no limitations, and thisHealing, 541:off the disease. When the healer, therefore, recognizes and works with this law, the followingHealing, 561:them in any detail for until the modern healer recognizes the fact of the etheric body, and worksHealing, 617:orthodox scientist in this field, and until he recognizes that which produces the endocrine glandsHealing, 626:remain as it is until modern medical science recognizes that the world of causes (as far as theHealing, 657:has been reached. The soul of the patient recognizes this unity by the "occult quickening" of hisHealing, 686:stages; it is that in which the disciple recognizes, for the first time with clarity, his part inHercules, 48:part of his nature, the animal. But when man recognizes his physical functions as a divineHercules, 102:Just, however, as this is the sign wherein man recognizes himself as the individual and begins theHercules, 143:take its place. Hercules does three things: he recognizes the existence of the hydra, searchesInitiation, 14:that sees the value underlying the form, and recognizes the purpose of pervading circumstances. ItInitiation, 71:He works with force and through force; he recognizes himself as a force center within a greaterInitiation, 179:They mark the point in evolution where the unit recognizes in fact, and not only in theory, hisInitiation, 183:watches the aspirant achieve. As he watches, he recognizes points of crisis, where the applicationIntellect, 7:physical and mental worlds in which we live, and recognizes emotional and sensory conditions. It isIntellect, 259:every day life so that the man in the street recognizes the morality, the uprightness and theMagic, 21:seen in man, the divine unit of life. First he recognizes them in himself; then he sees them inMagic, 37:him responds to the animal soul and part of him recognizes his divine soul. The majority however,Magic, 83:subjective history of men and races, but science recognizes not this aspect of manifestation, norMagic, 112:with unshaken faith in each other, for each recognizes the other acting as he himself would act.Magic, 166:his vehicles and the elimination of all that he recognizes as liable to distort his vision. ThisMagic, 168:unaware of his subjective contacts. He, however, recognizes in himself three things: IncreasedMagic, 170:increasingly to govern the disciple's life. He recognizes that his points of contact with hisMagic, 189:He sounds out a note and waits to see if the man recognizes his own group note. On thisMagic, 236:the three worlds. The man on the physical plane recognizes the contact, and the light in the headMagic, 301:which he is well accustomed and which he at once recognizes as not new. In his sleeping hours heMagic, 317:vibration? First: - It is necessary that one recognizes what wrong vibration is, and that one isMagic, 331:Mystics, for when a man has found his soul and recognizes its relationship to its mechanism of
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