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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOLLECT

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Atom, 72:them a prison and a limitation; and we must recollect that this transition period is the time ofAutobiography, 10:ended and nothing worthwhile lay ahead. I can recollect my eldest daughter reaching such a momentAutobiography, 93:to unpack or even to wash. The next thing I recollect was waking up seventeen hours later to findAutobiography, 109:long tables where the men kept their hats on. I recollect it as a nightmare. But, like all badDiscipleship1, 418:so there is no need at this time to change it. Recollect in your work that you are always a focalDiscipleship1, 668:are deemed advisable, stand in steadfastness and recollect the need for poise, for patience and theDiscipleship2, 303:is a second hint on the same theme. You will recollect that in my last Instruction the wholeFire, 178:triangle of the Monad. We must, nevertheless, recollect that the complexity is increased by theFire, 180:centers of force can be found. Again we need to recollect that these centers of force on cosmicFire, 466:should bear this in mind, and should therefore recollect that for all purposes of investigation atFire, 488:process is carried on. The student must [488] recollect at this juncture the distinction that isIntellect, 226:and have all our work to do over again. So we recollect our thoughts and start afresh with muchIntellect, 226:chosen line of thought is forgotten. Again we recollect our scattered ideas and recommence ourMagic, 121:attention upon this rule, it would be well to recollect certain things, so that our reflection onPatanjali, 85:are present, coupled with an inability to recollect truly and accurately when awake. This conditionPsychology2, 355:reference to this second ray, it is advisable to recollect that all the rays are but the subrays ofRays, 66:understanding and right purpose. He needs not to recollect. Work from the point of all that is
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