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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOLLECTION

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Astrology, 84:our thought and all that I have to say. A steady recollection of the twelve basic [85] energiesAtom, 113:By a brooding concentration, by a constant recollection, and by strenuous application to theAutobiography, 19:- skinny, scared and startled looking. I have no recollection of my mother for she died at the ageAutobiography, 23:whilst things of greater importance seem lost to recollection. [24] One wonders what it is thatAutobiography, 25:prayers. We had to start the day right with a recollection of God and, in spite of the austerity ofAutobiography, 25:was good and we could do with a little more recollection of divinity these days. Then from 9.30Autobiography, 27:situation. Two other things stand out in my recollection. From the earliest possible time we wereAutobiography, 27:to live with our grandmother in London. My major recollection of that time is driving round andAutobiography, 72:who love their fellowmen. I have very little recollection of anything particular which happenedAutobiography, 90:life I failed the Masters seriously. I have no recollection of what it was I did, but I have alwaysAutobiography, 91:than my present personality has the faintest recollection or interest in what I did at 3:45 p.m. onAutobiography, 91:are occasional lives that stand out in the recollection of the soul, just as there are days inAutobiography, 93:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II I have no recollection of the journey from India to Ireland exceptAutobiography, 156:me to occult truth and to Krotona. Foster's recollection of that introduction is summed up in theAutobiography, 204:forget. They came and they went. An outstanding recollection is sitting up nights in my room withDiscipleship1, 174:and serve your co-disciples by bringing to their recollection in unified form all that I may haveDiscipleship1, 196:case it is one of quiet reflection and inner recollection, preserved at all times. This permits youDiscipleship1, 369:the Middle Chamber of the waiting artisans and recollection came. His soul at moments hovered o'erDiscipleship1, 369:in the face. And still the Master waited. Then recollection came and active work." Discipleship1, 372:the occult phrases I gave you a year ago: "Then recollection came and active work." I trust thatDiscipleship1, 425:your replies remain untruthful, for you omit all recollection or reference to the other side of theDiscipleship1, 425:them now, however, as the theme of your daily recollection and not as seed thoughts for meditation.Discipleship1, 426:coming year, the cultivation of a poised [426] recollection and of a reflective attitude (held withDiscipleship1, 553:In writing in it, day by day, do so with the recollection that your ability to express spiritualDiscipleship1, 629:Moon. Each month spend your periods of inner recollection in getting ready for the work of the fiveDiscipleship1, 674:Stages of Discipleship SIX WORDS FOR DISCIPLES Recollection, resulting in concentration. Response,Discipleship1, 744:is what the Master Morya has called the "smug recollection of the self-engrossed mind." It is aDiscipleship2, 26:at the early morning meditation, at the noonday recollection, and at the sunset hour of contact.Discipleship2, 57:lose sight of the inner orientation and specific recollection. All the time he was outwardly busy,Discipleship2, 58:stage is followed by: 4. Two days of intensive recollection by the group in their brainDiscipleship2, 116:attitude should be one of a constant recollection of purpose and objective, and a process of whatDiscipleship2, 117:throughout the day to continue holding this recollection steady and work always in due remembranceDiscipleship2, 175:this new Invocation. The Stage of Alignment and Recollection. This produces recognition ofDiscipleship2, 642:without becoming negative or losing the [642] recollection of who you are or what you are doing.Discipleship2, 647:To this end I am going to suggest five points of recollection for you each day: On awakening in theExternalisation, 11:of awareness of the transaction, nor any recollection of what has transpired. We shall then haveExternalisation, 375:they call "a glorious past," resting upon the recollection of national or empire rule over theFire, xiv:open-minded student and the man who keeps the recollection in his mind that the truth isFire, 111:mystery and its complexity is increased by the recollection that the fourth Creative Hierarchy ofFire, 115:and its static condition. This will entail the recollection of two things: First, that this staticFire, 125:forms of instinct, animal memory, and functional recollection which are so apparent in the littleFire, 138:are fires of matter. We must not lose this recollection nor get confused. They have no spiritualFire, 372:We might couple with these suggestions the recollection that we are speaking here only of the LogosFire, 499:functioning with uninterrupted continuity of recollection on the physical, astral, and lower mentalFire, 1003:can be brought about: First. By an unconscious recollection of methods and formulas known and usedGlamour, 126:between the experiences of the past and a recollection of the experience of initiation throughGlamour, 263:his point of tension, by the constant recollection of the truth that he is the Self and not theHealing, 361:and disciples may experience an almost constant recollection of the Christ; that is due to theirHealing, 392:of time. The man comes into incarnation with no recollection as to the identity or the significanceHealing, 393:out, the concept of hell will fade from man's recollection and its place will be taken by anHealing, 396:only what the medium reads in his aura - his recollection of the personal appearance, significantHealing, 444:back into the physical brain consciousness the recollection of that passing out, and of theHealing, 461:are also outside the dense physical body. The recollection of this will facilitate yourInitiation, 101:aware increasingly of the growth of that inner recollection, or "occult memory," which concerns theInitiation, 102:actively employed in world service who have no recollection of having undergone the initiatoryInitiation, 103:taken for [103] the first time in any life, the recollection of it extends to the physical brain.Initiation, 150:eventually that inner dynamic purpose and recollection, or that internal ideation which mustIntellect, 132:language of mysticism the state of meditation or recollection, and... is the necessary prelude ofIntellect, 229:It has several focal points in it where a recollection process and a refocusing method is employed.Intellect, 254:we will be no longer interested [254] in its recollection. We must also avoid personalities andMagic, 64:the activities of a morning meditation, noonday recollection, and an evening review. A larger ebbMagic, 126:with this information. The second necessary recollection is that the worker in magic and the potentMagic, 220:be summed up in the following terms: Rule 1 - Recollection, resulting in concentration. Rule 2 -Magic, 423:capacity to preserve a constant and sequential recollection of both the inner and the outer life.Magic, 495:back into the physical brain consciousness the recollection of that passing out, and of theMeditation, 70:arrangement of the mental body; it facilitates recollection through the assistance of the eye.Meditation, 292:as spoken by his Master, and will bring back a recollection of work suggested or of admonition.Patanjali, 41:to here. It does not refer so specifically to recollection of the things of the past, but coversPatanjali, 97:is brought into the mind consciousness through recollection or memory) is no longer considered, andPatanjali, 263:every aspirant! But first, however, the habit of recollection has to be instituted and thePatanjali, 420:all affirmative exercises, all hours of recollection of one's true nature are means employed toProblems, 126:manuscript and was not in reality some man's recollection of what was said. At the same time, itPsychology1, 104:in events in distant places and to recover the recollection of what transpired with accuracy as toPsychology1, 398:great step. They came back with a latent and dim recollection of the episode which separated themPsychology2, 33:The Blessed Ones remember not, yet all is recollection. The Blessed Ones remain in isolation pure;Psychology2, 501:his body in the morning - he brings with him the recollection of that satisfaction in the form of aPsychology2, 735:in their morning meditation or at the noon day recollection the following words: [736] "I know, OhRays, 20:great demands and forward move. Let there be no recollection and yet let memory rule. Work from theRays, 48:great demands and forward move. Let there be no recollection and yet let memory rule. Work from theRays, 66:Rules For Group Initiation Let there be no recollection and yet let memory rule. This is not aRays, 66:and this memory rules without any effort at recollection. The habit of goodness, or right reactionRays, 72:out) the past is left behind: "Let there be no recollection"; the present embodies a point ofRays, 216:the major initiations. I would here call to your recollection the fact that (from the angle of theRays, 217:"Our God is a consuming fire," and call to your recollection that the first aspect is the destroyerRays, 665:the soul. They have (in past lives, even though recollection may be lacking) undergone the birthTelepathy, 75:penetrate into the layer of subconscious recollection and are quite unaware of so doing. Their
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