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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECOMMEND

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Astrology, 282:and is temporarily veiled or hidden. I would recommend to the astrologers of the future a carefulAutobiography, 62:between themselves and a cross lion, and I can recommend it with full confidence in the case of anAutobiography, 180:license, asking the man at the license bureau to recommend a clergyman for the marriage ceremonyDiscipleship1, 446:and with a real patience with yourself. I recommend that you do not indulge in any self-analysis,Discipleship1, 727:the time for authorizing the senior disciple to recommend the stage of accepted discipleship. WhenDiscipleship2, 79:regard the day's accomplishments. I would recommend this to all disciples and all of you inDiscipleship2, 329:he has achieved. In this connection, I recommend the rereading of all that is said anent the sixHealing, 288:patient's general condition. For this reason, I recommend that in the early stages of this workHealing, 473:unverifiable and of no moment anyway. I recommend the first of the three, for it will enable you toIntellect, 28:he wrote, in which he says: "I would like to recommend the defining of education as a possible
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