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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECORDING

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Autobiography, 9:appear to affect our consciousness (that curious recording agent of all events) far more than doBethlehem, 53:and the Word is heard, the next step will be the recording of the Vision. The Plan and the part toDiscipleship1, 110:spiritual diary, noting every psychic happening, recording each time you may tune in telepathicallyDiscipleship1, 476:your responsiveness to spiritual ideas and in recording those ideas in words. . . Discipleship2, 258:neophyte is constantly receiving revelations and recording what he regards as most unusualDiscipleship2, 263:knows far more than the brain is capable of recording. Later, in the life of the initiate, the soulDiscipleship2, 422:recognizing and registering the vision and recording the expansion in his consciousness is notDiscipleship2, 488:of the interior work, e'en when the external recording is apparently lacking. To resume with yourEducation, 85:the training of the memory and the parrot-like recording of facts and dates and uncorrelated andGlamour, 19:real from the unreal; your task at first will be recording. Keep detailed records. Preserve theGlamour, 93:Later will come facility in recognizing and recording the nature of the glamor to be dissipated andGlamour, 214:stern discipline and common sense, and by a recording consciously of their relation to the whole -Healing, 379:of more sensitive modes of registering and recording subtle phenomena will come the new idea andInitiation, 40:they are known in the Christian world as the recording angels. [41] The participation in solarInitiation, 193:altruistic motive are transmitted by him to the recording angel of the Hierarchy; only thoseIntellect, 101:seat of the intellectual functions, and a great recording center for impressions of all kinds, uponIntellect, 103:thoughtful, there is more than this. Upon the recording follows an analysis of the incident or theMagic, 293:pass the greater part of their conscious life, recording the reactions of that body and vibratingMagic, 294:an apparatus inadequate for the registering and recording of those infinite possibilities whichMeditation, 317:more advanced schools, and the school's charts (recording the condition of his vehicles, and hisProblems, 58:the training of the memory and the parrot like recording of facts and dates and uncorrelated andPsychology1, 51:soul is awakened and consciousness is adequately recording the known. The planes or manifestedPsychology1, 157:read which is of moment, but the accuracy of the recording by the brain and the adaptation of thePsychology2, 503:still have some effect. This condition of mixed recording, of erroneous identifications, etc.,Rays, 394:is the nature and quality of Their use of it. By recording that quality, the Council at ShamballaRays, 442:brings his physical brain into a position of a recording agent upon the physical plane, thus againRays, 757:employed the Lord's Prayer, because it needed recording, expression in understandable terms, andReappearance, 128:into activity those registering and those recording cells within the brain substance which haveReappearance, 128:prefer it, through the development of a finer recording instrument or responsive apparatus, theReappearance, 128:or to register; neither the mind, nor its recording agent, the brain, were able to from the angleTelepathy, 5:in the brain of Colonel House. He, not recording the source (of which he was totally unaware),Telepathy, 93:himself. [93] The first step then is the fact of recording and of reducing into correct andTelepathy, 97:are: Processes of Registration. Processes of Recording Interpretations. Processes of ResultantTelepathy, 98:it is this living, vital aura which is the recording agent of all impressions, both objective andTelepathy, 100:aforementioned "Processes of Registration, of Recording Interpretations, and the ResultantTelepathy, 104:the interpretation and the clear and correct recording of the impression, which is a far moreTelepathy, 104:be able to state clearly on what aspect of his recording mechanism (the mind, the astral body, theTelepathy, 105:pass through three stages: The stage of mental recording. The clarity and the accuracy of thisTelepathy, 105:recording. The clarity and the accuracy of this recording will be dependent upon the condition ofTelepathy, 105:channel of reception, the antahkarana; in this recording, curiously enough, a certain element of
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