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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RECORDS

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Astrology, 542:freedom which will later stand in the historical records as the outstanding characteristic of thisAstrology, 636:is a claim made on the authority of the Zodiacal records. (S.D. Vol. I, 709) There are recordsAstrology, 636:Zodiacal records. (S.D. Vol. I, 709) There are records preserved through the Zodiac forAstrology, 648:[648] for the next stated cycle and Their records are of profound interest. I would conjureAutobiography, 16:Everybody has them; only some families have kept records. As far as I know none of my ancestors didAutobiography, 192:He knows what I do not know and has access to records and truths which are sealed to me. TheAutobiography, 198:to train the staff and how to systematize the records and take those businesslike methods thatBethlehem, 165:This vision of Christ's, if we trace it in the records, fell into two parts. First, He had a visionDestiny, 16:and only the testimony of future historical records will indicate fully how wisely, sanely andDiscipleship1, 191:desired. I would ask you to keep careful monthly records. They need not be long but must beDiscipleship1, 688:appreciation of the vision itself - for each who records it to become "bestowers of the vision."Discipleship2, 17:and visions. Then in June turn in your full moon records along with your other work, for theDiscipleship2, 306:to the Law of Karma; in fact, in the ancient records from which these formulas are taken, FormulaDiscipleship2, 436:of revelation where the initiate perceives and records as a definite revelation the "light of theEducation, 110:as one who has studied somewhat deeply into the records of the past and into the modes ofExternalisation, 12:light, which is the reflection of the akashic records. These latter are the eternal scroll whereonExternalisation, 137:factors can be clearly traced in the exoteric records of all nations as well as in the esotericExternalisation, 137:of all nations as well as in the esoteric records of the Hierarchy. The inherent human [138]Externalisation, 143:You can get in touch with such people, keep records of names and addresses and capacity to serveExternalisation, 618:on a belief in the veracity of the historical records which bear witness to many advents at crucialExternalisation, 638:the other world Scriptures and the hierarchical records. A world in which the United States provesFire, 705:One symbol that may be found in the archaic records in lieu of His Name or description is anFire, 824:general average, gathering our facts from the records to which we have access and which are groupedFire, 855:[855] one scheme of tabulation in the Hall of Records. Other methods of enumeration exist, and evenFire, 856:if we here pointed out that in the Hall of Records in connection with the human Egos certain of theFire, 856:in connection with the human Egos certain of the records under symbological terminology keep aFire, 857:the most intricate and the most lengthy of the records. These records are mostly used by the LordFire, 857:and the most lengthy of the records. These records are mostly used by the Lord of the World and HisFire, 893:the "eye of Shiva" which sees and knows all, and records all, as [894] does the human eye in lesserFire, 906:has at times bewildered students of the occult records. There are several ways of reading theseFire, 943:different planetary centers. The keepers of the records. These various intelligences manipulate theFire, 955:even if unconsciously at first, the akashic records, and thus ascertain the point of departure forFire, 1011:causes more than with effects, read the akashic records, and see clairvoyantly. Therefore, itsFire, 1058:horoscopes for the next stated cycle, and Their records are of profound and significant interest. IFire, 1083:individual atoms dealt with; the tabulations and records for the other kingdoms are concerned withFire, 1140:Much of the teaching on this matter is found in records in the department of the Manu, as itFire, 1141:much if they could see and interpret some of the records in the hierarchical records, for in themFire, 1141:some of the records in the hierarchical records, for in them men and angels, minerals and elements,Fire, 1141:of energy formulas and by a scrutiny of these records the approximate increase of vibration in anyFire, 1141:found by disciples (when permitted access to the records) that they themselves, along with everyFire, 1142:three aspects. Another series of files in the records give - under a different formula -Fire, 1144:is swept into periodic display. Read the akashic records of a planetary system. Judge of karmicFire, 1145:a higher vibratory capacity. Enter the Hall of Records and there read a peculiar group of documentsFire, 1151:of those who are grouped in the Hierarchical records as "the aligned points of fire." They areFire, 1225:but the symbols, as they are [1225] found in records accessible to disciples, may be given, andGlamour, 17:their reactions and the wealth of their detailed records. Also, herein will lie eventually theirGlamour, 19:task at first will be recording. Keep detailed records. Preserve the scientific attitude ofGlamour, 19:all that is sensed, seen or contacted. These records will serve as the basis of analysis if allGlamour, 50:them as well as I can from the ancient records, stored in the Hall of Wisdom, and available to allGlamour, 70:called) until the human eye registers them and records the existence of these shining stars.Healing, 58:and hints are found throughout the earliest records and writings. There is much misinterpretedHealing, 58:to this effect, and when men can read the records more correctly and with right interpretation,Healing, 68:has one of the greatest and most beautiful records in the world of its purpose and field ofHealing, 288:[288] From the start of work along these lines, records should be kept. In this aspect of the workHealing, 289:mistakes. But, go on; persevere; keep careful records and preserve all correspondence. Then theHealing, 398:an occupying tenant? [398] Human history records the endless search for assurance upon thisHealing, 491:incarnation spread before him like a map. He records a sense of timelessness. As a result of theHealing, 528:None of them - if they kept properly certified records which would be scientifically accurate (andInitiation, 40:groups. The care and tabulation of the akashic records. They are concerned with the Halls ofInitiation, 40:records. They are concerned with the Halls of Records, or with the "keeping of the book," as it isInitiation, 68:and charted. The Masters have their Halls of Records, with a system of tabulation incomprehensibleInitiation, 69:in heaven to assist in this work. These Halls of Records are mostly on the lowest levels of theInitiation, 88:and the faculty of reading and comprehending the records be safely employed, for with fullerInitiation, 170:thus achieve liberation; he can read the akashic records and ascertain the past, thereby enablingInitiation, 172:it in relation to the higher, to read the records and understand his place within the group, toInitiation, 209:are some words from Archive XIII of the Masters' Records, that carry with them a message for theIntellect, 103:registered to the mind, which, in its turn, records it. That usually closes the incident. But, inIntellect, 143:Having been held steady in the light, it now records and registers the ideas, impressions andMagic, 222:steadily growing scenario we call the "akashic records" which concern the emotional history of theMagic, 304:for them to read a tiny fragment of the akashic records which concerns coming distress to anMagic, 379:of the old form of hierarchical work; ancient records and monuments will be revealed, some aboveMagic, 385:aspects of the manifestation of the One Life. It records and interprets the world of phenomena. ItMagic, 385:and interprets the world of phenomena. It records and interprets the world of souls. It isMeditation, 47:the coming schools of meditation there will be records kept as to the pupil's forbears, his familyMeditation, 246:transcribe all that takes place, and so keep records that will prove to be the literature of theMeditation, 275:work of the pupil on different planes and makes records of the extent of the work accomplished, andMeditation, 295:by a Master in physical plane consciousness, records will be kept of the times and modes of contactMeditation, 319:knowledge of past lives and to read the akashic records, but as you will see, the pupil is the oneMeditation, 329:Study of the astral light and the akashic records. Study of mediumship and inspiration. Study ofPatanjali, 275:of their friends? They are reading the akashic records and because their mental control andPatanjali, 276:time. Herein lies the great deception of the records. Only a trained occultist can distinguishPatanjali, 276:record). He can distinguish between those records which are: Planetary, Hierarchical or pertainingPatanjali, 277:comes in three ways: Direct ability to see the records if so desired. This form of acquiringPatanjali, 278:simply a perception of certain aspects of the records, but a definitely [279] scientific process,Patanjali, 286:is nothing more written, symbolically, in the records which can bring him back to the three worlds,Psychology1, 68:nature. They are as follows: The Keeper of the Records The Lord of Memory The Unifier of the lowerPsychology1, 241:astral plane. Those who seek to read the akashic records, or who endeavor to work upon the astralPsychology1, 241:the misinterpretations of the astral and akashic records by many of the psychics of the presentPsychology1, 394:the facts as I know them from my access to records more ancient than any known to man. ThePsychology2, 116:the symbol that specifies this law in the sacred records and in the archives of the Lodge. It isPsychology2, 503:hours. They are, nevertheless, only partial records in the majority of cases, and mixed in nature,Psychology2, 507:- Some Problems of Psychology 5. Dream which are Records of Work done. This activity the aspirantPsychology2, 508:Many of the dreams related by people are records of the experiences of other people of which a manPsychology2, 510:Some Problems of Psychology 9. Dreams which are Records of Instruction. This type of dream embodiesRays, 193:blinded for three days, and this the esoteric records corroborate. This is a well-knownRays, 349:revelation of the divine purpose, as the soul records it in terms of the hierarchical plan, thoughReappearance, 104:some also unknown date Hermes came and, so the records say, was the first to proclaim, Himself asReappearance, 117:the failures of the past - preserved in the records of nature in the memory of universalReappearance, 165:upon belief in the veracity of the historical records which bear witness to the many advents at
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