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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REDEMPTIVE

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Discipleship2, 223:to create this planet of ours for strictly redemptive purposes. The whole creation is the result ofDiscipleship2, 385:place under the impact of his will-to-good, is redemptive in nature. This theme of redemptionDiscipleship2, 385:of his fellowmen; later, he shares the redemptive work connected with all true hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 386:but penetrate below the surface) [386] a great redemptive experiment is going forward; its primeDiscipleship2, 386:of mind" when they originally started their redemptive work, and is "a sudden blazing forth of theDiscipleship2, 386:symbols) in which the initiate demonstrates his redemptive quality are the true "promised land."Discipleship2, 387:and by all those who are the agents of the redemptive process until "the last weary pilgrim hasDiscipleship2, 387:permits the inner glory to shine forth and - the redemptive work now being finished - "they canDiscipleship2, 405:produces the Science of Energy which is the redemptive process (in a sense which you cannotDiscipleship2, 405:for it is related to the assembling of the redemptive energies brought into our ring-pass-notDiscipleship2, 405:of the Hierarchy, and consequently hasten the redemptive work and carry the energies from theDiscipleship2, 405:of appearances as the Hierarchy applies the redemptive energies; it is also perceptive of theEducation, 68:I have here outlined. I would ask them to live redemptive lives, to unfold their innate mentalRays, 753:humanity has not chosen to exert itself in this redemptive activity, and for thousands of years has
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