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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REDUCE

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Atom, 33:As we all know, the work of the chemist is to reduce all known substances to their very simplestDiscipleship1, 289:the sense of failure to organize your time and reduce your personality to rhythmic living hurtsDiscipleship1, 417:see people and talk to them as heretofore but reduce somewhat the time given to each. IntensiveDiscipleship1, 417:meditation, I would like to suggest that you reduce the time period of your meditation work butDiscipleship1, 454:then (during the third month) I would have you reduce your ideas to form and on paper. Will you doDiscipleship2, 437:"substance is energy." I have here attempted to reduce to words which you could understand someDiscipleship2, 551:of possessiveness and of self-reference will reduce speech to its spiritual essentials. Your nextDiscipleship2, 737:order and significance, and at the same time reduce your ideas to written form for your ownDiscipleship2, 756:asset. What is your predominant need this life? Reduce all this to the requirements for initiationEducation, ix:an either-or antithesis. Intertranslation may reduce the strangeness of terminology. For example,Fire, xiv:and of energy. It is well nigh impossible to reduce such concepts to concrete formulas and toFire, 426:how: To utilize the power in the air, or to reduce electrical phenomena to the uses of man; ToFire, 475:scientist seeks the universal solvent which will reduce matter to its primordial substance, releaseFire, 486:atoms of chemistry, and in all true minerals. Reduce the formulas of the coming chemists andFire, 709:The work of the highly evolved man is to reduce this triangle to a unity, and by means of highFire, 724:call "Death." He is the cosmic Reaper, and (to reduce the above to words of an understandableHealing, 190:In making these statements, I am endeavoring to reduce our entire theme to one of the utmostHealing, 283:- by the intensification of the higher center - reduce the vitality of the lower. If, for instance,Initiation, 7:the average student. The moment he attempts to reduce to chart form and to tabulate in detail, heMagic, 298:situations and darken many happy moments. They reduce man to a timid and frightened atom ofMagic, 457:These last seven words are of vital importance. Reduce the vague and misty idea to its essentials,Magic, 555:will bear in mind that such an attempt to reduce cosmic principles and concepts to words is inPatanjali, 95:to "still the modifications of the mind," reduce the "chitta" or mind stuff to quietude so that itPatanjali, 297:of clarity let us modernize the statement and reduce its terms to those of modern occultism. "ByPatanjali, xiii:orally for many centuries. He was the first to reduce the teaching to writing for the use ofPsychology2, 238:to define the vision, and have endeavored to reduce God's hidden goal and intent to forms andPsychology2, 484:are nevertheless of much the same quality and reduce the student to a condition of being guided,Rays, 531:not registered by the mind (with its ability to reduce realization into symbolic form) and thusSoul, 14:and to master his environment; it would love to reduce things to thought, and matter to mind; itSoul, 56:is a misnomer. It is helpful however, to reduce this word to its Latin roots: - "sub" under andTelepathy, 27:Three Types of Energy Involved Let me attempt to reduce the above information to practical
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