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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFER

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Meditation, 336:will be in the hands of the two bodies I refer to. The stimulation of music. Certain sounds shatterPatanjali, 16:knowledge and the other modifications refer primarily to the wrong use of the image making facultyPatanjali, 41:This is the memory referred to here. It does not refer so specifically to recollection of thePatanjali, 180:it must be carefully remembered that they do not refer to anything accomplished on one or otherPatanjali, 181:threefold lower man practices the means as they refer to the physical, the astral, and the mentalPatanjali, 210:a thought. This when applied, will be found to refer equally to a human form, which is intended toPatanjali, 292:associated with this light. Some commentators refer this to the heart, others to the head.Patanjali, 323:one, two, three, four and five under each sense refer to the planes of manifestation as given inPatanjali, 341:to the macrocosm and to the microcosm. It can refer to the five planes of monadic evolution, or toPatanjali, 342:work. Students must remember that this does not refer to the elements as we have them, but hasPatanjali, 383:and needs but little comment. The practices refer primarily to: 1. The means for removingPatanjali, 384:methods can produce rapid effects. The methods refer to the eight means of yoga or union,Patanjali, 384:It might be noted, therefore, that we could refer the practices more specifically to that stage inPsychology1, 52:is passing away. When I say the religious man I refer to the mystic and to the man who senses thePsychology1, 52:and to the man who senses the beatific vision. I refer not to disciples nor to those who are calledPsychology1, 103:and careful preparation should be made for it. I refer not to any coming of any individual. I referPsychology1, 103:I refer not to any coming of any individual. I refer to a natural process with far-reachingPsychology1, 161:and the man becomes a visionary mystic. I refer not to the practical mystic who is on the way toPsychology1, 167:individual on another ray, it will be well to refer to the origin of the two ray influences whichPsychology1, 179:in man's mind, and I should like briefly to refer to the three major areas which - when cleared upPsychology1, 183:will understand a little of that to which I refer, and in their hands lies the training of humanityPsychology1, 213:of the rays to the seven kingdoms I shall refer to the seven kingdoms on the upward or evolutionaryPsychology1, 226:disciples who "interpreted" these rays to man. I refer to the Curies and to Millikan. BeingPsychology1, 250:scriptures of the world so often mysteriously refer) are divorced from sentiency, and are mentalPsychology1, 262:life and energy pour into the natural world. I refer here to certain centers which are active wherePsychology1, 278:unity. In the above phraseology I do not refer to any doctrine of twin souls, or to any perversionPsychology1, 278:of reality, as ordinarily understood today. I refer to the divine Hermaphrodite, to the truePsychology1, 288:of union and fusion takes place. Let me briefly refer here to these two symbolic happenings, forPsychology1, 324:that some measure of love [324] can be seen. I refer not here to that instinctual love for familyPsychology1, 324:the motive is too selfish to resist the pull. I refer to that motivated love which recognizes thePsychology1, 342:will take him on to the Path of Discipleship. I refer not here to the final liberation, but to thatPsychology1, 397:will all recognize the three to whom I here refer. These three were the founders of the modernPsychology2, 237:in words that man can comprehend, for we refer not to man's vision of God but to God's own visionPsychology2, 312:higher duality to which it is necessary that we refer. There is, for the disciples, the dualityPsychology2, 362:These techniques of integration, however, refer to the establishing of a continuity ofPsychology2, 378:Personality. After a brief study of this we will refer briefly to the Technique of Duality. ThePsychology2, 381:duality differing greatly from that to which we refer when we speak of the higher and lower selves.Psychology2, 386:knowledge to the mind. The one to which I here refer is, symbolically speaking, related to thePsychology2, 394:is emphatically not so. They simply indicate and refer to the intricate internal life of thePsychology2, 414:of the type under consideration. I refer not here to the casting of a horoscope with the objectivePsychology2, 414:their stars and so direct their own lives. I refer to the recognition of the astrological types, ofPsychology2, 458:obsessing entity to continue in possession. I refer to those cases wherein there is a truePsychology2, 459:cure is possible but in those to which I here refer, cure is not possible. 3. Those cases which arePsychology2, 463:desire nature. The meditation to which we shall refer in this part of our study relates to a mentalPsychology2, 611:and thus eventually be handled rightly. I will refer here briefly to some of the problems so as toPsychology2, 615:owing to his relatively partial integration. I refer here to his integration in the group. PeoplePsychology2, 618:from the disastrous impact of their criticism. I refer not here to hate, though that is oftenPsychology2, 619:small handful of individuals within the group. I refer to the way in which at this time a groupPsychology2, 621:not subjective so will this trouble increase. I refer to those diseases affecting the breathingPsychology2, 621:which arise from group contact; I do not refer to the same difficulties which are brought by thePsychology2, 639:specific groups, nations or parties, nor do we refer to any particular personalities. We arePsychology2, 651:working in opposition. It would be useless to refer thus to these forces, if there were no chancePsychology2, 667:of the available resources to which we refer, so that the Plan may be promoted, the ideals becomePsychology2, 687:the Festival itself as a day of silence (I refer to an inner peace and silent solemnity that can bePsychology2, 703:needed effort. The freedom, however, to which I refer, is the achieved success of the soul to movePsychology2, 720:line of least resistance. When we say masses, we refer to all who do not truly think, but whoRays, 42:final destination. I would like for a moment to refer here to the door symbology as the initiateRays, 42:to the clear cold light to which I refer. At the very center of that light, as many aspirants knowRays, 52:that phase of material and form development. I refer here also to the development of mind or of theRays, 66:of some of my comments. These demands refer not only to the evolution of humanity, but to all formsRays, 73:Light"; and it is to this other Light that I now refer - a light which is only to be perceived whenRays, 93:unafraid and in His Own right." The episodes refer to happenings in the life of Jesus. At theRays, 97:that this rule contains four sentences which refer to one or other of the four aspects we have beenRays, 100:lesson the disciple learns. The eighteen fires refer to the eighteen states of matter whichRays, 125:it was given to applicants. There, if you will refer to my exegesis upon that rule in Initiation,Rays, 149:initiate may not evade. I would ask you here to refer to what I earlier said anent rules, laws andRays, 161:the nature of the Three." This will be seen to refer to the three major centers and the nature ofRays, 247:and Solar). It is included here so that you can refer to it as you study its higher correspondingRays, 248:your attention to the fact that this does not refer to the Laws of Radiation. That which radiatesRays, 248:should be noted here. The "Word" here does not refer to the Sacred Word but to the name of theRays, 256:which I have so often emphasized. It does not refer to individual purity or consecration or toRays, 256:regarded as automatic and necessarily present. I refer to that which is the result of all of them,Rays, 256:in their turn are the result of soul contact. I refer to effects wrought out in the group owing toRays, 267:entire complex idea. The words "Higher Three" refer to the three Buddhas of Activity Who stillRays, 288:of that which the Sound has created. I refer not here to the creation of the phenomenal world, orRays, 292:note that all the words given to the neophyte refer basically to something he must do in referenceRays, 294:and consistent, of his ashramic place; I refer not to location but to status - a very differentRays, 373:with no undesirable effects upon humanity. I refer to average and undeveloped human beings.Rays, 374:of the Hierarchy. I would like at this point to refer back to the time sense in relation to theRays, 403:plane. The above statement does not in reality refer to progress from point to point in an orderedRays, 437:here the difference between the two headings. I refer in one place to the dual life of the [438]Rays, 449:implicated. It is to these unifications that we refer when the subject of initiation is underRays, 501:to take up our next point, I would have you refer to them at frequent intervals. The ray methodsRays, 530:with that of His disciple, I would like to refer to the significance of the words I earlierRays, 544:The completeness of the fusion to which I refer is not possible in the early stages of theRays, 593:tendency in the minds of esotericists always to refer to the great lines of force: 1-3-5-7 andRays, 632:can provide a world pattern in relationships. I refer here to the presentation of democracy. ThereRays, 687:centers, Shamballa and the Hierarchy. I refer to that stupendous Source of our entire planetaryRays, 708:get a hint as to what I have to say if you will refer back to an earlier statement (page 534).Rays, 753:in every land. Remember that the evil to which I refer here is not necessarily the foul and vileReappearance, 105:Buddha is the next Teacher to Whom we should refer, though there were many between His time andReappearance, 130:and a part also of that unreal world to which we refer when we pray the ancient prayer: "Lead usReappearance, 164:of wishful thinking and an unachieved ideal. I refer to that period which will surely come in whichTelepathy, 23:subjective and objective groups. I do not refer here to the contact between an inner group ofTelepathy, 23:levels, and the outer form that group takes. I refer to an inner group and a different outer groupTelepathy, 43:other entering impressions, but to them I do not refer, as any reference would be meaningless toTelepathy, 58:hitherto known only to the Hierarchy. I refer here to the teaching which I have given out through aTelepathy, 64:Revelation of Relationships I would like to refer you back to page 52 where I outlined thisTelepathy, 64:There were a number of points to which I did not refer then, but which I would like to take up nowTelepathy, 69:realization" are most interesting, for they refer to the quality and the mass of will energy which
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