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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFERS

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Healing, 685:right action. The sphere of instinct. This refers to the fulfilment, under the influence of simpleHercules, 87:path", to which the Buddha so frequently refers. Capricorn, the fourth arm, again is birth, theHercules, 223:Issachar "He bowed his shoulders to bear." This refers to the yoke and the work of the ox inInitiation, 51:with the fourth or human kingdom, [51] and refers especially to those Masters who work inInitiation, 90:who are to assist him in future times. This refers only to those who stay to help humanity on thisInitiation, 104:those who are termed Planetary Existences. This refers to those great Beings who, for a period ofInitiation, 156:are in reality an inarticulate condition. It refers to the controlled use of words to effectInitiation, 203:Army works within the veils of Maya. This rule refers to the work of occult investigation, whichInitiation, 217:Chohan Lord, Master, a Chief. In this book it refers to mind an those Adepts who have gone on andIntellect, 85:on the objectives of the meditation process. He refers to the "...overwhelming testimony to theIntellect, 150:the outstanding figures to whom Dr. Overstreet refers, there has usually been an inability toIntellect, 170:that it needs little reinforcing. Dr. Jung refers to it in the following manner: "...theMagic, 67:endeavor and the way of the man of the world. It refers to right action when faced with a choice.Magic, 323:good of those contacted. This self-forgetfulness refers to the lower self. Self-recollectedness andMagic, 369:aspirant refer to his happiness or joy? If he refers to the latter it must come as the effect ofMagic, 390:words with care. "Our God is a consuming Fire" refers primarily to Agni, the controlling factor inMagic, 543:are not those to which our question refers. All aspirants know, and down the ages have been taught,Magic, 553:therefore, the base of the symbol. H. P. B. refers also to the point, the line and the circle, butMagic, 567:the magician is seeking to render objective. It refers equally to an organization, to a group or toMagic, 610:is now upon us. It is to this stage that Rule XV refers. These words mark the consummation of theMagic, 610:plan of the great White Lodge. It, of course, refers to the work of those who through intellectualMagic, 610:in physical manifestation of the soul. It refers to one of the intermediate stages in the creativeMagic, 611:tangible appearance of form. The Secret Doctrine refers to the three fires, and these are ofMeditation, 122:outer interference will not be possible. This refers to the emotional and to the mental bodies,Meditation, 122:bodies, though with the majority these days it refers solely to the emotional. At this particularMeditation, 352:Chohan Lord, Master, a Chief. In this book it refers to those Adepts who have gone on and taken thePatanjali, 66:the terms, sloth, languor or laziness. This refers not so much to mental inertia (for it mayPatanjali, 78:physical body. Later on, when Patanjali again refers to the regulation of the breath and of thePatanjali, 99:Law of Attraction, to which the Christian [99] refers when he says "God is Love." The nature ofPatanjali, 100:as soul, but it is usually translated spirit and refers to the first aspect. Patanjali, 176:to satisfy him. He reaches the stage which Paul refers to when he says "I count all things but lossPatanjali, 182:of the breath. Regulation of the breath. This refers to the control, regulation and suppression ofPatanjali, 213:lower threefold nature it might be said that it refers to a steady immovable position of thePatanjali, 331:longer dominate. Liberation from the thorny path refers to the path of physical life, and isPatanjali, 331:let the star lead." Liberation from the mire refers to that mixed nature of kama-manas, desire andPatanjali, 340:thoughts seeking expression in this sutra. One refers to the veil or covering which prevents thePatanjali, 351:it gives the key in the macrocosm. 3. Egoism, refers to the "I" making faculty which soProblems, 62:chapter: Those capable of being civilized. This refers to the mass of men. Those capable of beingProblems, 143:has fulfiled the command of the Christ (and this refers to every man) "Be ye, therefore, perfect,Psychology1, 12:things" to which the ancient seer Patanjali refers in his fourth book; the race, through its manyPsychology1, 26:begging you to bear in mind that this statement refers only to our Earth and its evolutions: RayPsychology1, 199:the mode of animal initiation, whether this refers to the animal kingdom or to his own animal body.Psychology1, 317:and 1st subraces. Remember that this tabulation refers to the major ray cycles, and rememberPsychology2, 35:in the Eastern literature "the Blessed One" refers to One who is perfectly expressing some rayPsychology2, 46:the one below, and the One who ever is. (This refers to the fact that on the fifth plane the AngelPsychology2, 81:of appearance) is very much longer. This refers to that over-shadowing of the substance to be builtPsychology2, 318:initiate, in The Epistle to the Romans where he refers to the constant battle between thePsychology2, 379:which all men eventually pass. Integration here refers to the bringing into one field of resultantPsychology2, 385:given in the oriental and theosophical books refers primarily to the awakening and right relationPsychology2, 392:himself as isolated. The word [392] "isolated" refers to that complete organized organism of whichPsychology2, 530:The specific period wherein "kundalini awakes" refers to that period wherein the "point at thePsychology2, 727:cities, and countries and continents. This refers to all those group leaders who are sensitive toRays, 37:the following meanings: The physical application refers to the usage by the group of the givenRays, 38:room of the would-be initiate. This statement refers to the "door of incarnation" through which theRays, 57:Rule by the phrase: Accepted as a group. This refers to aggregates and blended combinations throughRays, 64:which was sounded forth "over the seas." It refers to the world of glamor in which humanityRays, 77:to see light. The coldness of that light refers to the light of substance, which cannot be warmedRays, 92:fire. He "nourishes the lesser lives." This refers to the task of the Christ which proceeds day byRays, 92:Hierarchy. The nourishing of the little lives refers primarily to His task as World Teacher and toRays, 92:which manifests as the Word made flesh. This refers specifically to the great Wheel of RebirthRays, 97:It is to these major quaternaries that Rule IV refers, and their relationships only emerge as theRays, 100:The first sentence in this fourth rule refers to Detachment - the detachment of the soul from theRays, 175:of highest spiritual aspiration, the neophyte refers to the time when "we stand where the OneRays, 198:It is to this stage that the prophet Isaiah refers when he speaks of giving to the strugglingRays, 199:preserved by the esotericist. To them H.P.B. refers in The Secret Doctrine. Veil III. ThatRays, 207:attention. I would have you remember that this refers not Only to the human kingdom and itsRays, 209:Triad. It is to this that Rule XI primarily refers, and it will not be possible for you toRays, 248:study the five meanings of magnetization. This refers to the five modes in which the Law ofRays, 265:to separation no longer exists in him. It refers to his oneness in the world of [266] energies inRays, 289:of its effects that the first word of Rule XIV refers. It was the dawning of this significance uponRays, 307:relation, in reality, to the will itself; it refers only to its faint or distorted reflection inRays, 364:teaching, and that is that the word "spiritual" refers neither to religious matters (so-called) norRays, 364:of possibility; the word "spiritual" refers to every effect of the evolutionary process as itRays, 372:"the noble middle Path" to which the Buddha refers, and fills the intermediate and the [373]Rays, 403:from point to point in an ordered sequence. It refers to high states of awareness and to a form ofRays, 607:Karma; it is to this principle that Mrs. Besant refers when she speaks in one of her books of theRays, 717:higher correspondence of that to which Patanjali refers under the words, "the raincloud of knowableReappearance, 87:As esotericists know, the term "little ones" refers to those disciples who are "babes in Christ"Soul, 115:Centers of Force As the foregoing quotation refers to the Tantrik system, it should be noted that
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