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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFINING

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Discipleship1, 357:have seen you making much effort and the work of refining the vehicles is proceeding apace. YouDiscipleship2, 613:tell you oft. There still remains the conscious refining of the physical vehicle in order to enableFire, 139:by self-discipline, mind-control and a definite refining of his material bodies, whether subtle orFire, 143:of human development, gradually rarefying and refining the forms as the Spirit of Love or the FlameFire, 813:for the stabilization, the development, and the refining of the substance of the differentHealing, 171:the solar plexus, and there transmuting them and refining them to the point where transference intoHercules, 6:only the pure gold behind." It is a process of refining, of sublimation and of transmutation,Initiation, 68:shine forth with ever greatest clarity, as the refining process goes on, until - when atomic matterMagic, 282:a good or a bad effect, are coarsening or refining in their influence, and raise or lower theMeditation, 66:that acts in any way on matter for its greater refining, that stimulates vibration and facilitatesMeditation, 83:paralleling the work done on the bodies, the refining of the vehicles and the slow development ofMeditation, 100:dominance and its purifying asset coupled to its refining effects, is the aim of the evolution ofMeditation, 232:to realize the absolute necessity of steadily refining his vehicles so that the force may radiateMeditation, 241:low or coarse vibration and eventually so [241] refining his vehicles that the three major colors -Meditation, 330:vibration, ray, color and tone. The conscious refining of all the bodies beginning with theMeditation, 335:methods will be available by which more rapid refining may be effected: The use of colored lights.Meditation, 337:the secret. It holds the mystery hid. [337] The refining of the etheric This coincides with that ofMeditation, 337:Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles The Refining of the Emotional Body Here the method ofPatanjali, 62:The eradication of present disease, The refining and the purifying of the body so as to rebuild itPatanjali, 62:as a vehicle of the soul. The strengthening and refining of the etheric body in order that it mayPatanjali, 228:the wasting away of the forms but the steady refining and transmutation of the matter with whichProblems, 39:all nations - past and present. It concerns the refining influence of these factors upon a nationPsychology2, 91:objectives A development of consciousness A refining of forms An intensification of realized lifeRays, 6:what is understood by the following terms: The refining of the bodies which form the casket orRays, 11:to self-appointed rules comes the gradual refining of the instrument and the perfecting of the
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