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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFLECT

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Astrology, 268:it will be increasingly apparent to you (if you reflect upon my words) why we are progressing intoAstrology, 306:combined together in the service of the Plan. Reflect on this definition, for it will stimulate youAstrology, 453:all that can be done is to study and relate, to reflect and to apply the Law of Analogy, knowingAutobiography, 78:Return to your center, or source, for awhile and reflect upon the experiences undergone and theDestiny, 40:and the beauty and the love which it can reflect from its contact with Him, the founder ofDestiny, 63:of events at any particular time may not truly reflect these deeper destinies. It might be ofDiscipleship1, 125:the truth of what I say, I would ask you to reflect awhile and maybe in time illumination willDiscipleship1, 153:thought I would ask you to ponder and carefully reflect. If you do this, you will be enabled wiselyDiscipleship1, 300:the need is to train them to think and reflect, to ponder and to analyze, but you do these with aDiscipleship1, 315:This is a point upon which you should ponder and reflect, for the aggregate of your ray tendenciesDiscipleship1, 316:These qualities of steadiness with the intent to reflect light, of centralization of the self, andDiscipleship1, 403:to serve I would have you ponder deeply and reflect. The way of service is opening up to you, as IDiscipleship1, 412:which is the service of love and of God. Then reflect quietly and peacefully and happily upon theDiscipleship1, 426:hour of intense meditation. Bear this in mind. Reflect upon your last instructions; they are fullDiscipleship1, 429:and that throughout the day you brood and reflect upon this theme. Then at night, or earlier in theDiscipleship1, 472:bliss, as love and as power in service. Do not reflect on the needs of the personality or on itsDiscipleship1, 476:which surround you as a part of the group aura. Reflect on this and work at increasing yourDiscipleship1, 477:with what you, as a person, may mean to them. Reflect on these words for they hold for you the keyDiscipleship1, 485:indicate to him the next step. I would have you reflect deeply upon this and I would have you beginDiscipleship1, 505:mind and your astral body are now integrated. Reflect on what this means, my brother. It means thatDiscipleship1, 543:serve as do those who have no time or leisure! Reflect upon this statement and see to it that someDiscipleship1, 544:alignment - take one of the symbolic phrases and reflect deeply upon it. Then proceed with theDiscipleship1, 564:ideas, cited below, into your meditation and to reflect deeply upon them, making them in this wayDiscipleship1, 576:quietly in the light. It must learn simply to reflect, both in the sense of quiet thought and inDiscipleship1, 609:upon which I will ask you to ponder and reflect, not in your meditation (for I would have youDiscipleship1, 693:of which I would like to remind you. If you will reflect upon them you will find they may changeDiscipleship1, 710:to created forms. I would ask you to reflect upon this thought. This growth in sensitivity isDiscipleship1, 720:This is the will-to-fire. It would be well to reflect deeply on these ideas. To bring about andDiscipleship1, 736:of self-centeredness. The true way to love is to reflect and meditate deeply and constantly uponDiscipleship1, 759:time been simply a channel. I would have you reflect on that thought. The attainment of theDiscipleship1, 760:he works with seven and not with twenty-eight." Reflect upon this. I would add that theDiscipleship2, 109:work, serve and study; by that last word, I mean reflect and think. I would commend to yourDiscipleship2, 130:toward the Spiritual Triad. [130] III. Reflect upon the antahkarana and its relation to soulDiscipleship2, 153:orientation. Disciples need constantly to reflect upon the life of the Ashram as it makes itsDiscipleship2, 215:of an effective nature, upon which you might reflect. For our purposes we will divide them intoDiscipleship2, 219:my brother?) - is forcing men to think, to reflect, to question and to meditate. The world isDiscipleship2, 227:religions, he is still the same great Identity; reflect and speculate upon the possible results ofDiscipleship2, 263:to understand and instead simply to brood and reflect. Let me briefly summarize for you some of theDiscipleship2, 270:all things (universality)." I would ask you to reflect upon these words of the great initiate, St.Discipleship2, 270:and the will-to-good. Again I would ask you to reflect upon this distinction, for it connotes theDiscipleship2, 312:This is an important point upon which to reflect. This penetration makes an event in the life ofDiscipleship2, 366:It is upon these two that I would ask you to reflect constantly. In past years, I have frequentlyDiscipleship2, 380:and much upon which you could well ponder and reflect. Discipleship2, 478:point of attainment as that of the Diadem. Then reflect quietly upon the directive power of theDiscipleship2, 479:Hierarchy." Stage III. The Sandals on the Feet. Reflect more now in relation to yourself, andDiscipleship2, 484:you three words upon which I would ask you to reflect as time elapses, and from which you canDiscipleship2, 485:to people like you. Finally, I would ask you to reflect upon the word Relationship. I would haveDiscipleship2, 530:grasp rightly the implications. May I ask you to reflect upon the esoteric significance of a truthDiscipleship2, 551:It is upon these potencies I would have you reflect during the coming interlude between thisDiscipleship2, 552:hear the Master's voice." Stand there. Listen. Reflect and cease from speech. Picture a curtain,Discipleship2, 606:soul, your Master and yourself are truly one. Reflect. Stand free. Let naught disturb your calm.Discipleship2, 610:and of fusion that you are now asked to move. Reflect upon this and get the deep spiritualDiscipleship2, 639:emanate from the Ashram, under my direction, and reflect upon your responsibility to them. OrientDiscipleship2, 649:to the six statements which I gave you to reflect upon more than a year ago. Knowing all that youDiscipleship2, 671:The longer and [671] the more earnestly you reflect upon them, the richer will be your lifeDiscipleship2, 671:can be revolutionary in their effect, if you reflect upon them correctly and persistently. They areDiscipleship2, 676:sentence which I would beg you here to pause and reflect upon. It is of prime importance to you atDiscipleship2, 714:chosen by me with care and I would ask you to reflect upon them. What is the constructiveDiscipleship2, 716:day. But do not proceed to meditate, ponder or reflect upon the sentences. 1st month - In quietnessDiscipleship2, 718:little, but it will reveal itself to you as you reflect upon the word. To these two necessities ofDiscipleship2, 720:I want to give you four pictures upon which to reflect, seeking to read behind their symbolism theDiscipleship2, 722:and I would have you ponder on these words and reflect upon my suggestion. I would have you seekDiscipleship2, 733:physical expression which has been at fault. Reflect with assiduity on these words of mine. ADiscipleship2, 743:things to do: First of all, you must so think, reflect and meditate that your brain will be theDiscipleship2, 758:for another six. For the first six months reflect upon them from the angle of your subjectiveEducation, 108:side of our work, I would have you for a moment reflect upon the world situation and the worldExternalisation, 83:he has, it must and will inevitably disappear. Reflect upon this law. The method whereby the forcesExternalisation, 318:aspects of the work. In the meantime, ponder and reflect upon what I have written here; begin theExternalisation, 382:himself this suggested program: 1. Study and reflect upon the many proposals which are being madeExternalisation, 690:turned their faces to the light and who in turn reflect that light." As all disciples know, one ofFire, 53:predicated of all planets which in their nature reflect the Sun, their elder brother. Human, or theFire, 534:lesser Heavenly Men on the buddhic level, Who reflect Their higher prototypes on the second planeFire, 703:manasic force on [703] our planet; but They only reflect (in the Hierarchy of our planet) theFire, 765:lower forms become irradiated with light, and reflect the higher radiance; the egoic body is theFire, 765:is the Sun of the lower system, and its bodies reflect its rays, as the moon reflects the light ofFire, 789:of the mental; the lowest three subplanes reflect the abstract subplanes and the four ethericFire, 789:subplanes and the four etheric subplanes reflect the four mental concrete planes. The manifestationFire, 901:astral plane can, and eventually will, directly reflect the buddhic. Fire, 901:be seen: first, the astral plane will perfectly reflect the buddhic plane and, secondly, the resultFire, 924:the seven subplanes of our physical plane reflect in a dim and distorted fashion the three aspects,Fire, 941:and vibration, which, under the Law of Analogy, reflect the three aspects of the macrocosm. HereFire, 947:dense vehicle. Each plane will be found to reflect this order in an interesting manner. Glamour, 3:that which illumines the mind and which can reflect itself in that mental apparatus which is heldGlamour, 81:your meditation, cultivating ever the ability to reflect and to assume the attitude of reflection -Glamour, 92:read and study, you would find it of value to reflect upon and then to answer the followingGlamour, 189:here is a point upon which I would ask you to reflect - there is a little less illusion gatheredHealing, 114:what I have restated, and if you will reread and reflect upon the four Laws and the four Rules youHealing, 157:disciples are asked at this time to ponder and reflect, for as a "man thinketh in his heart, so isHealing, 549:system of etheric centers. I would beg you to reflect upon all this information with studious care.Healing, 586:and incentives will for the first time begin to reflect itself into the human kingdom in a newHealing, 600:If the healer will take these eight points and reflect and brood upon them, he will lay a soundHealing, 674:be held steady in the light, and can therefore reflect the pure reason (pure love) which qualifiesHercules, 117:shock to many of strict, legally moral views to reflect that an avowed prostitute may be superiorHercules, 127:passed. Ponder upon the lessons of the past; reflect upon the tests, my son. Twice have you slainHercules, 135:of our institutions, that the lives men lead may reflect the divine image that is indeliblyInitiation, 150:except in so far as the human initiations reflect their stupendous prototypes, but it is ofMagic, 528:vibration and the clearer the light which they reflect and transmit, the more rapidly will theMeditation, 6:transmitter of the imparted teaching, and may reflect with accuracy the higher consciousness.Meditation, 223:that plane to the buddhic comes the ability to reflect truly the higher point of view. In theMeditation, 337:still and clear as a mirror, so that it may reflect perfectly. His aim should be to make it reflect
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