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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFLECTION

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Discipleship2, 196:there given; I will here rephrase it. It is a reflection - a conscious focused attitude - carriedDiscipleship2, 200:Christian thinker. I refer to all who - in quiet reflection, focused appeal and with a trueDiscipleship2, 204:merges with the energies of the ascending group reflection. Words here are apt to hinder, but theDiscipleship2, 206:the focused received energies - after due reflection and contemplation - to Shamballa. One of theirDiscipleship2, 211:of no importance; it is largely based upon deep reflection upon the problems of humanity, backedDiscipleship2, 211:who are working there also. This Group is a reflection of the invocative and evocative capacity ofDiscipleship2, 214:subhuman Kingdoms in Nature. Esoterically, the reflection of the three major groups, listed above.Discipleship2, 215:both a lower self and a higher Self. 3. Mental reflection or concentrated thinking. This in timeDiscipleship2, 215:three worlds, leading eventually to controlled reflection and scientific or concentrated thought;Discipleship2, 215:focused, concentrated mental attitude and fixed reflection; it is creative in nature, for itDiscipleship2, 216:is the united recognition and the subsequent reflection of humanity upon the fact of divineDiscipleship2, 218:of the individual aspirant, in the united reflection and meditation of the many spirituallyDiscipleship2, 219:and of effective expression will follow. Reflection, meditation and visualization will give placeDiscipleship2, 220:itself powerfully in the meditation and the reflection of the world scientists in all fields ofDiscipleship2, 222:use them - two meditation forms or outlines for reflection. Shall I call them two presentedDiscipleship2, 228:endeavor to carry out the results of the reflection expressed in this meditation. Lay practicalDiscipleship2, 250:must constitute the foundational idea in all reflection upon this formula. Now for the formulaDiscipleship2, 251:in this connection. I commend to your brooding reflection these subtle implications. I would askDiscipleship2, 263:the disciple wakes up to the fact that by quiet reflection upon the formula, certain [264]Discipleship2, 266:them all." You can see, therefore, upon careful reflection how simple this matter is, exotericallyDiscipleship2, 287:radiance of the Monad as it absorbs both its reflection, the soul, and its shadow, the personality.Discipleship2, 310:all of you and will require much concentrated reflection and serene meditation. The vision of theDiscipleship2, 317:vitality and in vital tension and potency. Its reflection among the masses is shewn in the constantDiscipleship2, 341:which presents difficulty and calls for careful reflection. Take, for instance, the obviousness ofDiscipleship2, 356:in 1941 and more definitely isolated for your reflection since 1945) I did not mention this fact.Discipleship2, 358:you with three lines of thought or of meditative reflection: Evolutionary Change, Reorganization,Discipleship2, 358:the ideas which a disciple should learn from his reflection upon this problem is that he is alreadyDiscipleship2, 400:activity and functions like a lens for the reflection of light and for the attaining of the highestDiscipleship2, 418:which he will then be confronted, and the higher reflection of the Law or Laws which initiationDiscipleship2, 450:Crisis The comprehension and the system of right reflection which the two above processes willDiscipleship2, 455:he." When you have covered these nine themes for reflection, I would suggest that you start again,Discipleship2, 466:I am giving you no set form of meditation. Reflection and deep, considered concentration upon theDiscipleship2, 469:that vibrant reality of which the heart is the reflection. One thing I can add. As I told youDiscipleship2, 484:Impression. This word gives you much scope for reflection, invoking as it does the entire problemDiscipleship2, 500:give you all you need along this line, and the reflection upon emerging opportunity and theDiscipleship2, 500:inner spiritual life by mature, profound daily reflection, carried forward on all levels of thoughtDiscipleship2, 505:three attitudes should form one aspect of your reflection upon these phrases; the relative activityDiscipleship2, 508:your own inner life; give more time to quiet reflection and study than to the technicalities of theDiscipleship2, 509:after quiet acceptance and a period of silent reflection, you will deliberately pour out theDiscipleship2, 509:each of the four stanzas for quiet thought and reflection. Then again link up in thought with me,Discipleship2, 520:the proposed book. This coming period of deep reflection upon Shamballa, entailing as it will theDiscipleship2, 521:ideas which can govern your spiritual thinking, reflection and meditation until you again hear fromDiscipleship2, 532:I would, however, ask you to take two points of reflection every day when it suits you best and forDiscipleship2, 551:and the next. Make the results of your reflection practical, and thus learn to know when to speakDiscipleship2, 552:retreat. There sit in quietude and contemplative reflection, and listen. Then across the silenceDiscipleship2, 557:sound the 0M as the soul. Themes for meditative reflection: What, in your life, would happen if youDiscipleship2, 565:a much later stage. The above three points for reflection will suffice for your meditation work forDiscipleship2, 567:following themes sequentially into meditative reflection, taking one each month and - whenDiscipleship2, 583:and regulate their meditative thought and reflection. For you, certain phrases should conditionDiscipleship2, 610:is much more that could be said, my brother, but reflection and prolonged thought upon what hasDiscipleship2, 610:also use this little diagram as the theme for reflection during the coming year. Draw up your [611]Discipleship2, 615:What you need at this time is a period of quiet reflection. I asked K.H. if he had any word forDiscipleship2, 629:to determine in your mind, upon quiet reflection, what is your one immediate spiritual need. ThenDiscipleship2, 630:begins to move and your patient waiting, quiet reflection and steady mental poise bring theirDiscipleship2, 631:rendered. The group work and the four stages of reflection which I have outlined for you willDiscipleship2, 636:also upon your giving consideration and quiet reflection to my next statement. There is someDiscipleship2, 642:for one month and then repeat the process of reflection twice, thus covering a year's work. See ifDiscipleship2, 645:contact with your own soul through meditation, reflection and joy. Your contact with me, yourDiscipleship2, 647:the OM inaudibly and say with deep and slow reflection: "Naught separates me from my soul, myDiscipleship2, 651:are the four key thoughts for your personal reflection during the coming year. The year that is onDiscipleship2, 653:ideas or symbolic sentences as your theme for reflection, during the next few years. They willDiscipleship2, 667:words, but only write after three months' quiet reflection upon each word, and from the angle ofDiscipleship2, 667:which both soul will and soul love are only the reflection) will begin to enter in. Go forward withDiscipleship2, 670:it appears. It should provide you with ideas for reflection. For the remainder of your life twelveDiscipleship2, 686:in the above groupings, three great fields of reflection. These groupings can also be worked out inDiscipleship2, 690:study upon the Plan and this means quiet reflection within yourself, not reading books orDiscipleship2, 694:give you the following words for meditative reflection: Abstraction Detachement LiberationDiscipleship2, 697:of your life) should govern your morning reflection, following a definite process of linking withDiscipleship2, 711:engaged should give you the time for much inner reflection; it should deepen your power to live theDiscipleship2, 737:following: Take ten minutes twice a day for deep reflection on one of the themes listed below,Discipleship2, 738:The chain of Hierarchy is a fit subject for reflection. Upon that chain you have your place. SomeDiscipleship2, 739:Hierarchy" is a good subject for your constant reflection, and I want you to pay close attention toDiscipleship2, 741:the delight which comes from analysis, reflection and mental activity, followed by some decision. IDiscipleship2, 761:of this statement are clear. Let your reflection be upon the purpose of such a contact. RealizeEducation, 144:in its own realm, and of the etheric body (a reflection of the soul eventually) in the three worldsEducation, 148:the process in relation to its shadow and reflection, the personality. This is part of the creativeExternalisation, 12:the scroll of the astral light, which is the reflection of the akashic records. These latter areExternalisation, 101:of the present world situation. Upon this, reflection would be profitable. Through the cooperationExternalisation, 111:in human history but which finds a faint reflection in the crisis which overtook the animal kingdomExternalisation, 169:are at last en rapport. This is the higher reflection or correspondence to what goes on within theExternalisation, 263:organization with some planned objective. Much reflection and brooding will eventually produce aExternalisation, 273:that the right use of the mind in meditation and reflection will lead to the correct relation ofExternalisation, 335:of love and not with the energy of desire, the reflection or distortion of love. I think that ifExternalisation, 352:situation upon the outer plane is only a reflection of still more critical inner conditions, andExternalisation, 383:and to your prayers add meditation and reflection. Behind the world pattern and structure standsExternalisation, 617:which that of the world disciples might be the reflection), nor does it indicate any inability toFire, xvii:Fire is the most perfect and unadulterated reflection, in Heaven as on earth, of the One Flame. ItFire, 51:fires of the sun, and of the planets and finds a reflection in the internal fires of man. Man isFire, 60:and, therefore, she does not shine save through reflection, having no inner fire to blend and mergeFire, 71:mental, emotional, and etheric (these being the reflection of the higher Triad) and these threeFire, 114:[114] astral sheath, which is the personality reflection of that same second aspect. 49 The fourFire, 122:to the prana flowing through the lower reflection, the etheric physical body, the point ofFire, 135:of prana, midway in the body, and its lower reflection at the base of the spine. We have,Fire, 137:matter to bridge the gap. This channel is the reflection in physical matter of the antahkarana 63Fire, 167:of all manifestation is the point of deepest reflection. This lowest center, by synthesizing theFire, 177:be found holds sway. This ray is simply a direct reflection of the monad, and is dependent uponFire, 178:egoic triangles are dependent largely upon the reflection in the personality of the spiritual lifeFire, 184:it into its vibratory content. This is but a reflection of the action of the Logos in sweeping intoFire, 188:D., I, 582; S. D., II, 307, 308. This finds its reflection in the double set of physical sensesFire, 203:plane. We have in the human body an interesting reflection of the transference of the polarization
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