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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFLECTION

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Psychology1, 420:is seated in the sacral center, with a higher reflection in the throat. Ray VII - Ceremonial OrderPsychology2, 35:is one that is much in need of consideration and reflection. Let us bear in mind always that we arePsychology2, 52:mind sees or seeks differentiation. The reflection of this fivefold experience in any individualPsychology2, 62:to the temporary need of the soul and which is a reflection, in time and space, of its "relativePsychology2, 69:of spirit, of which the lower three are the reflection. It is a synthesis of the [70] energy ofPsychology2, 70:the astral body), and of spiritual mind, whose reflection in the lower nature is the mind or thePsychology2, 70:higher spiritual Triad and the lower material reflection. The three worlds of the soul and thePsychology2, 116:their little, unimportant lives are only the reflection of greater and more important factors. ItPsychology2, 126:This effect is somewhat in the nature of it reflection in the lower nature of a higherPsychology2, 226:Magnetism. In the human being, the microcosmic reflection of the Macrocosm, these qualities arePsychology2, 240:of Continuance, which finds its distorted reflection in the word so often used by disciples:Psychology2, 241:two trends considered. It finds its microcosmic reflection in the many plans and projects of finitePsychology2, 256:have, in their own lives, transcended the lower reflection of the dualities can even begin to graspPsychology2, 270:approach by the soul and an advance towards its reflection, the personality, and it produces inPsychology2, 274:carried out in the life of the little self - a reflection of the activities of the greater Self.Psychology2, 274:makes three approaches towards its instrument or reflection, a human being, so the integratedPsychology2, 275:This is the result of an activity which is a reflection in his individual personality life of thePsychology2, 284:The energy of mind. The force of manas. The reflection of divine will and purpose. Motivation. ThePsychology2, 284:respond. Emotional feeling, astral energy. The reflection of love. The force of desire. The impulsePsychology2, 284:The force of the vital or etheric body. The reflection of intelligent activity or divine movement.Psychology2, 285:in the "love petals of the egoic lotus." Its reflection is found in the astral, emotional, sentientPsychology2, 285:the "sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus." Its reflection is found in the mind nature of thePsychology2, 289:hard to grasp. Careful reading, however, quiet reflection, and a practical application of thePsychology2, 290:terms: "The Lord of Will took being. His dim reflection followed in His steps. The little lord ofPsychology2, 303:Christ aspect. Lives are changed primarily by reflection; qualities are developed by directedPsychology2, 332:involves a process of what is called "divine reflection", which works out in two ways. The soul nowPsychology2, 357:glimpse of the "Guardian Angel," who is the dim reflection of the Angel of the Presence, the SolarPsychology2, 364:words, its significance and meaning. It is the reflection, if I might so express it, of thePsychology2, 364:express it, of the Nirvanic consciousness; the reflection I would point out, but not thatPsychology2, 366:and if this thought is applied with due reflection to the problem of the fourth kingdom in nature,Psychology2, 372:wide love of the second ray disciple which is a reflection of the love of God. He is all the timePsychology2, 386:must be evoked, of which the mind aspect is the reflection, and the brain (or the phenomenalPsychology2, 387:A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. These petals are the reflection in the soul of this particular aspect ofPsychology2, 393:condition has been described as "the intensest reflection of the man, isolated in God Who is thePsychology2, 432:is, therefore, within himself, a hierarchy, a reflection of a great chain of being - the BeingPsychology2, 485:not that of the Hierarchy but that of the astral reflection of the Hierarchy; they respondPsychology2, 549:a rhythmic repulsion and attraction. This is a reflection of the play of the dualities in thePsychology2, 571:levels. They are, all the same, confusing the reflection with the reality, the reproduction withPsychology2, 572:it is being done by those who are confusing the reflection and the thought form with the reality.Psychology2, 604:he will then discover that the vision is but the reflection of the Plan of God. He will know thatPsychology2, 605:perish". True vision is, in reality, the astral reflection of the divine Plan, reflected into thePsychology2, 605:humanity's demand for enlightenment. The astral reflection of the Plan - such is the vision. TherePsychology2, 700:that their little unimportant lives are only the reflection of greater and more important factors.Psychology2, 701:with the affairs of its shadow, its dim reflection, the personality. What is true of the individualPsychology2, 728:this is meant considered mental work, subjective reflection, organized visioning and significantRays, 30:effects of the monadic will upon its distorted reflection, the individual will, deeply deserveRays, 31:into the mental, and consequently into the reflection of the world of purpose, found in the threeRays, 31:the monadic will (of which the egoic will is the reflection and the individual self-will is theRays, 144:into being. The domination of spirit (and its reflection, soul) by matter is what constitutes evilRays, 186:the highest divine aspect. Desire is the lowest reflection within the human consciousness of theRays, 198:(of which the mystic's dark night is only a dim reflection, to speak paradoxically) marks a veryRays, 271:always a group leader and two others who are the reflection or the correspondence to the higherRays, 307:itself; it refers only to its faint or distorted reflection in the three worlds; this is much moreRays, 308:plane in its two aspects. This is only a reflection of the three planes of the three worlds and theRays, 313:shifts and the soul on its own plane (not in the reflection of its consciousness on Earth) becomesRays, 358:what [358] we know as the astral plane is the reflection of the cosmic principle of love. However,Rays, 358:principle of love. However, being essentially a reflection, it lacks basic reality from the angleRays, 388:of the first ray initiation. This is no reflection upon humanity. It is a question of divine timingRays, 396:I have to leave you with these words as food for reflection as there is little further that I mayRays, 403:(each phrase contributing an idea), if due reflection is brought to bear upon them: Isolated UnityRays, 419:Sirius, of which our E.-. A.-. degree is a faint reflection. Rays, 445:three energies of which the lower three are the reflection. It is a synthesis of the energy of LifeRays, 445:in the astral body), and spiritual mind, whose reflection in the lower nature is the mind or theRays, 445:higher spiritual Triad and the lower material reflection. The three worlds of the Soul and theRays, 465:The highest aspect of the form nature. The reflection of atma, the spiritual will. The throatRays, 465:ego. The middle principle. Buddhi-manas. The reflection in mental substance of the Monad. SpiritualRays, 465:abstract mind. The transmitter of buddhi. The reflection of the divine nature. Intuitive love,Rays, 480:understanding: "The physical plane is a complete reflection of the mental; the lowest threeRays, 496:"I would give you three key thoughts for deep reflection [497] during the next six months; will youRays, 503:and also that his threefold egoic vehicle is a reflection of and closely related to the threeRays, 506:except in so far as the will finds its reflection in the activity of the sacrifice petals of theRays, 509:of projection is the work of the "shadow and the reflection." The Old Commentary says in thisRays, 509:there is no shadow, for the Sun is clear, and no reflection for the water is no more, then naughtRays, 515:the word-form earlier mentioned. A little deep reflection on these words will show that if utteredRays, 516:of this the light of the soul is the dim reflection. The disciple has learnt the significance ofRays, 573:relations. The agent of this is goodwill, a reflection [574] of the will-to-good of the firstRays, 574:first Ray of Will or Purpose, goodwill is the reflection. To readjust negative and positiveRays, 599:can begin - only begin - to flow through the reflection of itself in the three worlds. Let me stateRays, 649:who thus react, and this entails no possible reflection upon those thus distressed (and they are toRays, 692:and what I have here given warrants sound reflection and much thought. It is my earnest hope andReappearance, 126:the next two thousand years. Each age has left a reflection of a modern fivefold development uponReappearance, 127:great expansions of consciousness, but the mass reflection will be that of the renunciation (thoughReappearance, 129:and gifts to posterity, is significant of the reflection of the spiritual intent, and (through itsReappearance, 129:of the culture of any given period is simply the reflection of the creative ability and the preciseReappearance, 129:or with their true meaning. Civilization is the reflection in the mass of men of some particularSoul, 24:insist that psychical activity is not the mere reflection of physical activity; that over and aboveSoul, 27:arising independently, [27] are but a hazy reflection. Eastern psychology deals with that which itTelepathy, 21:to identify itself less and less with the lower reflection, the personality. This mentalTelepathy, 28:mental plane and hold it there. This action is a reflection upon a lower plane, and in the brainTelepathy, 29:mind of the sender. The brain should register a reflection of the mind content. If a ray of lightTelepathy, 47:received and registered; they form the basis of reflection for those aspirants who are sensitiveTelepathy, 50:and the concrete mind. This mental triangle is a reflection, in time and space, of the Monad and ofTelepathy, 62:will convey much enlightenment. However, deep reflection is called for. The Science of ImpressionTelepathy, 157:The soul, the principle of individualism, the reflection in the microcosm of the divine intention
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