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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFLECTIONS

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Astrology, 204:aspects of the personality so that they are true reflections of the three divine aspects; theyAstrology, 427:systemic, still others planetary and their reflections in the etheric body of the disciples of theAstrology, 603:seven in number . These latter are Their reflections in time and space, as the soul is theAstrology, 613:of a human being is concerned. These are dim reflections of the dynamic processes to which the OneAstrology, 647:astrological organizations are dim and uncertain reflections. The Adepts connected with it work notBethlehem, 88:in mind that through these three aspects (or reflections of the divine being) man is brought enDestiny, 40:do express all that I have stated and who are reflections in the truest sense of the living Christ.Discipleship1, 453:to take the three following topics into your reflections, dealing with them in two ways: As theyDiscipleship1, 565:each month will you embody the results of these reflections in a paper which can be very brief butDiscipleship1, 653:of self, the little self, and unimpeded by the reflections of the personality. Do I sound harsh, myDiscipleship1, 707:(of which the coming outer Ashrams will be but reflections) is not for lower concrete mindDiscipleship1, 753:- etheric, astral and mental - are only the reflections of the three aspects of the Spiritual TriadDiscipleship2, 105:brain, and then follows the impartation of these reflections to the outside world. The ashramicDiscipleship2, 217:activity the desires, aspirations, [217] reflections and concentrated meditation of men, atDiscipleship2, 506:Triad, regarding the lower three worlds then as reflections of the higher, triadal three. KeepExternalisation, 35:which I have formed are intended to be small reflections of these three aspects from the angle ofExternalisation, 465:World (Whom the orthodox call God) and in His reflections, the Buddha and the Christ - the One WhoFire, 40:Who seeks on His high level (just as do His reflections, the sons of men) to achieve a more roundedFire, 121:as a grand totality, the experiences of His tiny reflections on the physical planes; He coordinatesFire, 179:objectivity. The centers in the human being are reflections in the three worlds of those higherFire, 406:analogy is not in detail. Uranus and Neptune are reflections of the logoic astral and mentalFire, 437:other systems, influence ours, finding their reflections in the subrays of our logoic Ray. To theseFire, 443:equally with a solar Logos, and with Their reflections, human beings, demonstrate through theFire, 531:with their major, inasmuch as they are direct reflections. The permanent atoms are not heart-shapedFire, 599:Love, on plane five we find the habitat of their reflections, the reincarnating Egos, and [600] onFire, 677:to the little water [677] spirits which are reflections of such astral entities precipitated inFire, 749:of force and energy, and if he notes that dim reflections of the same processes, and faintFire, 770:of personal karma. Hence, though we may by these reflections, have thrown some light upon thisFire, 873:our three Pratyeka Buddhas are but the Earth reflections) Who perform a similar function inFire, 1057:organizations are but the dim and uncertain reflections. The Adepts connected with it work not withFire, 1091:sixth Initiation. All that we have on earth are reflections of the true colors, and likewise theFire, 1142:that These have Their feeble and groping human reflections in the great astronomical scientists whoFire, 1236:Kumaras. (The Buddhas of Activity.) 1 2 3 | The reflections of the 3 major and 4 minor Rays. The 3Healing, 155:the two centers and their two dense physical reflections. The three great energies which areHealing, 210:the three forces of the personality are the reflections or physical counterparts. Healing, 674:the pure reason (pure love) which qualifies the reflections of the Son of Mind, the soul on its ownHercules, 129:what is done amiss, O Lord who may abide it?" Reflections of a Libran Before Hercules captured theHercules, 132:failings. What is the result of such reflections? First of all, the glamors that so often chain aMagic, 33:in nature, which, it must be remembered, are reflections of the three higher. It should be borne inMagic, 104:Glory These rays likewise find their microcosmic reflections in the aura of perfected man. FirstMagic, 495:of Atma, or Spirit, into its two reflections, soul and body. The soul, or consciousness aspect,Meditation, 38:and capable of different work. Egos whose reflections are in incarnation are more limited thanPatanjali, 303:great spiritual influences of our system are the reflections and agents. The path of our sun in thePatanjali, 329:known [329] to orthodox medicine, are the reflections or shadows of the more vital plexi. ThePatanjali, 349:words suffice. Strength, beauty and form, the reflections of power, love and activity, these arePatanjali, 369:objects of sensuous perception. 28. These reflections are of the nature of hindrances, and thePatanjali, 387:just as his spirit, soul and body are the reflections of the three divine aspects, Father, Son andPatanjali, 404:who maintain that things are but the reflections of our thinking principle, would object to such aPatanjali, 422:perceive objects of sensuous perception. These reflections are of the nature of hindrances and thePsychology1, 7:expression for the seven, who in their turn are reflections of the three divine qualities. In somePsychology1, 16:astral or emotional plane, which are illusory reflections of the true pairs of opposites, but ofPsychology1, 27:of a developed son of God, whilst their lower reflections - sex and desire - are thePsychology1, 76:into functioning activity seven corresponding reflections of the seven centers of Deity, as far asPsychology2, 241:consciousness and awareness find their embryonic reflections in our modern humanity. It is no partPsychology2, 255:essentially, these pairs of opposites are only reflections of a higher and divine correspondence.Psychology2, 571:has created of the spiritual Hierarchy or the reflections on those levels of that Hierarchy (aRays, 70:produced by the world agony and strain, are the reflections of this, and embody all that it isRays, 158:These are, under the evolutionary law, direct reflections of the three higher worlds of the triadalRays, 202:sensitivity are but the dim and distorted reflections. This is a factor of some importance to haveSoul, 110:"What then are the centers of man? They are the reflections in the respective nuclei of the upadhiTelepathy, 24:telepathic work have necessarily their distorted reflections on the physical plane. These you might
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