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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFLECTOR

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Astrology, 543:of the Venusian influence to use the mind as the reflector of soul purpose. If this does not takeAstrology, 603:in time and space, as the soul is the reflector of the Monad where human beings are concerned. TheDiscipleship1, 56:The physical brain can be so much the reflector of the mental life that he will remain essentiallyDiscipleship1, 146:and emotional planes, and whose mind is a limpid reflector of truth. This truth is intuitivelyDiscipleship1, 195:at the center. 6th month - The personality, as a reflector of the light of the soul. [196] Discipleship1, 340:and must learn to see it as simply a powerful reflector of the light of the soul, transmitting soulDiscipleship1, 670:again, pondering this time upon the mind as the reflector of the light of the soul and endeavoringEducation, 17:is instituted, the mind will be developed into a reflector or agent of the soul and so sensitizedEducation, 17:same time, the mind will remain the recorder and reflector of all information coming to it from theFire, 557:a calm receiver of buddhic impulse, or a liquid reflector of that plane (which will not be till theFire, 1103:for the astral body is that it should be the reflector in a similar way of the buddhic impulses,Fire, 1221:looks like a shield or tray of silver, a great reflector, whilst the female figure holds aloft anGlamour, 82:must cultivate the power to use the mind as a reflector of soul light, turning it upon the levelsMagic, 238:to the work of making the astral body simply a reflector of that light and by the quelling ofMagic, 251:to the impression. If the mind is a true reflector and receiver of soul impress, the correspondingMeditation, 6:and the emotional body is stabilized and a pure reflector, and the mental body serves the purposeMeditation, 63:body more colorless, so that it will be a true reflector of the higher. It causes a sudden rush ofMeditation, 337:different. The emotional body is simply a great reflector. It takes color and movement from itsMeditation, 338:a quality mirrorlike, of surface even, a limpid reflector, - one that accurately transmits thePatanjali, 417:concentration [417] and meditation, becomes the reflector of "that which is above and of that whichPsychology1, 134:of the seeker, the searcher and the sensitive reflector of beauty. The Jewish nation has a closePsychology1, 241:fluid, in its form of the astral light, is the reflector of the divine akasha. The second planePsychology1, 347:response apparatus and a more plastic sensitive reflector of the inner man, definition and analysisPsychology2, 101:expressing divine quality. Intellect, as the reflector of the Intuition. Conflict, producingPsychology2, 455:right use of the creative power of thought. As a reflector of the higher worlds of perceptive and
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