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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFOCUSING

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Astrology, 152:the Twins: Soul and form natures. Taurus - The refocusing of the lower desires prior to anotherAstrology, 178:some new and higher objective, with the task of refocusing himself towards a higher goal and withAstrology, 373:can see it, you would become aware of such a refocusing and reorienting on all sides. Again,Bethlehem, 36:prepared for just such a transition, and for the refocusing of the human consciousness in a higherDestiny, 112:consciousness. It has necessitated likewise the refocusing of the instinctual and intellectualDiscipleship1, 216:of the etheric body, this soul transition or refocusing of energies from the soul plane willDiscipleship1, 298:renewed work in alignment, and in the conscious refocusing of the mind towards reality. It is theDiscipleship1, 575:work for quite a time is to continue with the refocusing, realignment and inner reorganization.Discipleship2, 43:as a server and as a disciple brings about a refocusing of all the forces of the personality andDiscipleship2, 43:into with full conscious cooperation. This refocusing brings its own difficulties. It leads oftenDiscipleship2, 145:mind. Again sound the OM, with the intent of refocusing yourself upon the mental plane. If yourDiscipleship2, 452:effects. Interlude... Recognition... Prelude to refocusing. These phases of activity - bothDiscipleship2, 454:when the interlude of recognition has made a new refocusing possible. I am not going to indicate toGlamour, 182:of the Higher Way. The return to the Angel, or a refocusing in the soul. A pause or interlude forHealing, 127:into the heart center, thus bringing about a refocusing of the energies above the diaphragm insteadHealing, 297:imperfection, and death is just a method for refocusing energy, prior to a forward moving activity,Healing, 395:by the threefold lower man, and the process of refocusing itself upon the concrete levels of theHealing, 574:The phase of gathering the energy. The phase of refocusing it in its distributing center. The stageIntellect, 229:points in it where a recollection process and a refocusing method is employed. There are many otherMagic, 248:lies in this withdrawal and the subsequent refocusing of attention and [249] it must be rememberedPsychology1, 375:meditation (for that is what it really is) this refocusing can be brought more rapidly about.Rays, 562:sense automatically produces changes and a basic refocusing in the life of the accepted disciple
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