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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFRAINING

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Discipleship1, 130:identifying yourself so closely with people, refraining from suffering so consciously with them,Discipleship1, 303:then carry forward your own meditation, though refraining from any use of mantrams and fromDiscipleship1, 580:from loving truly as a soul, from a complete refraining from all tortuous questions, fromDiscipleship2, 53:the required assigned technique and a complete refraining from [54] any interest in phenomenalDiscipleship2, 728:upon the physical plane, and by a complete refraining from all thought anent the future world,Education, 13:too valuable to waste in social politeness or in refraining from making critical comment where aExternalisation, 238:gunning on the one side, and the constant refraining from attack upon the enemy by the Allies, forFire, 442:logoic scheme, calling attention to the need of refraining from personalization andHealing, 713:I would like to tell you the reasons I am refraining from more detailed information and from aInitiation, 83:a wise acceptance of the facts in the case, a refraining from unbrotherly criticism, and a pouringInitiation, 205:group laws of the land, by his control and his refraining from excess of any kind, and by [206] theIntellect, 258:in other cases, it may, for instance, involve refraining from all gossip and idle speech. There isMeditation, 334:judgment shown in the choice of food, wise refraining from too heavy eating, and a little pure goodPsychology1, 72:Careful systematic study and a sane refraining from the forming of rapid deductions will be thePsychology2, 131:by the quality of harmlessness, and by an active refraining from those acts and that speech whichPsychology2, 747:by such governments but it does mean the refraining from all that could cause difficulty. There isRays, 214:to realize that, essentially, silence is not refraining from speech. So many disciples seem toRays, 214:right lines. The silence imposed in an Ashram is refraining from certain lines of thought, the
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