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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REFUSED

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Atom, 120:remember that, until recently, science has refused to admit their existence. We are passing beyondAutobiography, 31:release her from earning a livelihood. But she refused to leave us, feeling (as she told me laterAutobiography, 58:planked his four feet firmly on the ground and refused to budge. Coaxing and whipping were useless.Autobiography, 67:help. He had asked for me. My fellow-worker refused to let me go; she was chaperoning me and wasAutobiography, 105:a whole section of my fellowmen who were being refused the rights of the Constitution under whichAutobiography, 163:after the children had gone to bed. Again I refused, but the speaker begged me to reconsider andAutobiography, 165:to reach his destination but the Dalai Lama refused permission for him to cross the frontier.Autobiography, 166:a month I got completely scared and absolutely refused, to do any more work. I told the TibetanAutobiography, 171:if they had had the grit to stay in, if they had refused to be ousted, and if they had fought forAutobiography, 201:permission of the Bishop and this permission was refused and the rector came and told me I couldAutobiography, 205:me. It would accept food from nobody but me. It refused to enter the house if I were not downstairsAutobiography, 210:Grand Duke at the Hotel Ambassador. She promptly refused. I, as promptly, coaxed her intoAutobiography, 221:bodices trimmed with red five-pointed stars. I refused to put forty-eight stars on each bodice asAutobiography, 245:giving out of truth - were due to appear. She refused immediately, having no sympathy with theAutobiography, 246:obeyed were regarded as good members; those who refused to be interested and obedient were lookedAutobiography, 246:were alibied. Knowing all this well, A.A.B. refused to be a party to any such constantly recurringBethlehem, 241:into a condition wherein the thought of death is refused all lodgment in their consciousness, andDiscipleship1, 290:are many in the Hierarchy at this time who have refused further opportunity of progress in order toDiscipleship1, 600:which the communications were repudiated and you refused to accept it. What is the difference, whenDiscipleship1, 777:giving out of truth - were due to appear. She refused immediately, having no sympathy with theDiscipleship1, 778:obeyed were regarded as good members; those who refused to be interested and obedient were lookedDiscipleship1, 778:with an alibi. Knowing all this well, A. A. B. refused to be a party to any such constantlyDiscipleship2, 83:organized the Arcane School she deliberately refused to let me have anything to do with it, and IDiscipleship2, 329:could not make the needed sacrifices, or they refused to put first things first, and secondaryDiscipleship2, 529:tested - a thing which was foreseen by me but refused consideration by several of you. SeveralDiscipleship2, 572:their usefulness? You, along with others, have refused to identify yourself and interests with anyDiscipleship2, 712:earned this from all of you. She has, I may add, refused to take down this last sentence (as sheExternalisation, 550:Forces fighting for the freedom of humanity and refused in any way to endorse those fighting on theFire, 26:Stanza IX The thirty thousand million Watchers refused to heed the call. "We enter not the forms,"Fire, 700:which is hinted at under the terms of: Those who refused to incarnate. Those who implanted theFire, 701:energy, and of magnetic interaction. Those who refused to incarnate or to energize with their lifeFire, 825:during the Atlantean root-race. Men of this type refused to incarnate earlier, as the bodies wereFire, 1066:but (realizing the danger of their conclusions) refused to put in writing the result of theirFire, 1089:and the secret as to why some of the Monads refused to incarnate, whilst others "fell," and thusFire, 1089:along the present lines of evolution. They refused to incarnate because of internal groupFire, 1092:and there is an analogy between the Monads who refused to [1093] incarnate and the Egos who wereFire, 1113:of mind clung to the old and dying form, and refused to leave their Mother. They chose to pass intoFire, 1171:fault. Their smell rose not up to Heaven; they refused to merge. No perfume was theirs. They huggedFire, 1194:on the path. Having reached the goal and refused its fruition, he remains on earth, as an Adept;Glamour, 241:resources of his intellect or has deliberately refused to utilize it, his divine intuition cannotHealing, 239:and all thoughts anent the sex life were refused expression. Nevertheless, energy follows theHealing, 300:there. He chose and He rejected. This power He refused and this power He accepted. He had noHealing, 352:destiny. No request for real aid must ever be refused, however. A deaf ear must not be turned toHealing, 498:the urges towards the satisfaction of desire are refused with full and [499] consciousHercules, 61:wise, but very elusive, assuming many forms, and refused ever [62] to give to Hercules a directHercules, 111:thrown away even his trusty club, refused symbolically to lead any longer a personal, selfish life,Hercules, 191:And we read that Augeas turned his back on him, refused to recognize what he had done, and said itProblems, 76:pay are constantly being demanded and when refused the weapon of the strike is used. The use of theProblems, 111:the Negro is steadily discriminated against, is refused equal opportunity and has to fight [112]Problems, 142:Cause and Effect. The churches in the West have refused officially to recognize the Law of RebirthRays, 214:I mean that certain lines of thought are refused admission; certain habits of thinking areRays, 595:There lies her problem - a problem which is refused recognition by her rulers. The existence of aRays, 636:if the partitioning of Palestine had been refused. The unwillingness of the nations to admit theRays, 762:cup in hand (drained once, filled again, and refused to selfish need) he tends the need ofReappearance, 146:Cause and Effect. The churches in the West have refused officially to recognize the Law of Rebirth
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