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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGARD

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Discipleship2, 101:clarified her vision and her position in regard to truth. Slowly she now withdraws into thatDiscipleship2, 105:(but only an analogy, however) would be to regard this field of reflecting, reflective andDiscipleship2, 107:order to exploit and use the methods which they regard as essential to success. There is thereforeDiscipleship2, 115:held until the next Full Moon of May. You might regard it as the individual phase of alignment andDiscipleship2, 129:The exercise is so short and simple that you may regard it as too elementary. I assure you that itDiscipleship2, 132:the early stages of their training, are apt to regard energy as a pool or a reservoir upon whichDiscipleship2, 138:- for the purposes of our work - we will simply regard as the field of service and of experience -Discipleship2, 158:and that consummating point of light which we regard as the "over-shadowing" soul of humanity. ItDiscipleship2, 165:of the Hierarchy. First, the general public will regard it as a prayer to God transcendent. TheyDiscipleship2, 165:for which they ceaselessly long. They will also regard it as a prayer for enlightenment of allDiscipleship2, 165:vague source of evil may be harnessed; they will regard it finally as a prayer that some equallyDiscipleship2, 202:field; there are men of financial stature who regard money as a responsibility to be dispensedDiscipleship2, 229:What is my personal attitude towards money? Do I regard it as a great and possible spiritual asset,Discipleship2, 229:terms? What is my personal responsibility in regard to money which passes through my hands? Am IDiscipleship2, 230:meditation is so simple that many of you may regard it as innocuous and perhaps futile. Used byDiscipleship2, 316:It became possible for the Hierarchy itself to regard the necessity for reorientation and theDiscipleship2, 351:I want you to consider this with care, and not regard the Hierarchy as a static point of love andDiscipleship2, 356:injunction to the Master and runs as follows: "Regard and recognize the changes in the hearts ofDiscipleship2, 378:those which the average aspirant and disciple regard as astounding revelations. Their sense ofDiscipleship2, 380:presentation of what Christian theologians regard as God's Will; this presentation involves theDiscipleship2, 454:you have started you must proceed; and you can regard these words either as a statement of fact, asDiscipleship2, 461:assumed and held by the soul and mind in regard to the astral body which enables you to expressDiscipleship2, 467:(even in the esoterically instructed East) in regard to the head center. This profound ignoranceDiscipleship2, 477:ask you to change your point of view and to regard your sixth ray astral body as a powerful pieceDiscipleship2, 531:of facts or of harmfulness. Much also that many regard as harmless is definitely harmful in itsDiscipleship2, 564:a too intensive pushing forward, for I have due regard for your physical condition. One thing,Discipleship2, 572:possessions, with the social amenities and who regard doing Red Cross work as demonstratingDiscipleship2, 583:from this standpoint? Do not the majority of you regard the subject much along the following lines:Discipleship2, 586:very heart of the Hierarchy? People are apt to regard obedience as the carrying out of rules andDiscipleship2, 603:You ask me: What would I have you do in regard to your own attitudes to the group and to the workDiscipleship2, 652:instruction to him last year. I would have you regard that pinnacle as an exalted place from whichDiscipleship2, 652:your relation to my Ashram. Disciples need to regard the Ashram more definitely as a place ofDiscipleship2, 652:if I may use so peculiar a phrase. They need to regard it as a circle of protection, rememberingDiscipleship2, 658:in connection with you for you in no way regard yourself as a "fanatical devotee." Nor do I soDiscipleship2, 658:yourself as a "fanatical devotee." Nor do I so regard you. The fanaticism which you display is inDiscipleship2, 665:only the strong and tried can thus be trusted. Regard all that has happened to you as specialDiscipleship2, 672:which should cheer you on your way. You can regard what I have told you as the reward of a life ofDiscipleship2, 673:history and any past reactions to glamor, and to regard the present as the only factor ofDiscipleship2, 757:and conditions your life. You must therefore regard my suggestions as valuable, but regard themDiscipleship2, 757:therefore regard my suggestions as valuable, but regard them primarily as the subject of a definedEducation, 34:developed, and are therefore apt to resent and regard as unnecessary the more technical andEducation, 38:separative. It has trained the child to regard the material values as of major importance, toEducation, 48:The high schools or the secondary schools should regard themselves as the custodians of culture;Education, 62:those in the older Piscean groups, to regard any interest in the energies producing world events orEducation, 63:but is scorned by present day esotericists who regard themselves as spiritually [64] superior toEducation, 104:awareness is definitely growing, his power to regard himself as part of a whole is rapidlyEducation, 109:plane focal points. I would ask you again to regard yourselves as outposts of the consciousness ofEducation, 109:in which I have worded this request: first, regard; then, train. First, faith as to contact; thenEducation, 113:than is usually the case, and would have you regard this quality of mystical perception asExternalisation, 5:stand upon the basic soundness of humanity and regard the present crisis as inevitable and broughtExternalisation, 78:solution will come, as I said, when the races regard the Jewish problem as a humanitarian problemExternalisation, 78:and the Hierarchical forces. I ask you to regard [79] yourselves as pure and unclogged channels andExternalisation, 84:I think, the people of every nation would regard as true. The basic underlying methods employed areExternalisation, 86:in the love force. Again, that force which we regard as emanating from the strictly human center,Externalisation, 110:the Christian era. I want you to attempt to regard the present crisis as being caused or initiatedExternalisation, 185:the spiritual forces of the planet; others may regard it as the spiritual Hierarchy of the [186]Externalisation, 222:anticipated by many orthodox Christians, who regard this world war as indicating the end of theExternalisation, 222:hope and pray for His appearing. Still others regard such an idea and hope as simply aExternalisation, 350:Modes and methods are none of your concern. Regard the ancient prophecies as intrinsically right,Externalisation, 374:grasping all that they can for themselves. They regard the individual as of no value and hold thatExternalisation, 374:the control of Europe and another for Asia, and regard all other states as slave states; they wouldExternalisation, 383:fear or favor. It will help you to do so if you regard such discussions as a service and believeExternalisation, 432:to dominate, to take what is not their own, to regard themselves as unique, superior, and asExternalisation, 450:to plan for the good of humanity, and who regard the welfare of the whole as of far greaterExternalisation, 541:able to register the divine Purpose (in regard to its immediate objectives) in such a manner thatExternalisation, 627:can do to change the thinking of the world in regard to money, and to deflect it into channelsExternalisation, 635:and for the Christ, Whom I most reverently regard as my Master. This work has not beenExternalisation, 646:stop them. Many of them are purely selfish; some regard their money as a trust to be used forExternalisation, 666:man or the hide-bound occult student would regard as non-spiritual, yet all of them are in realityExternalisation, 674:planes, the plane which we call the buddhic and regard as the first definitely spiritual plane, inFire, vi:contains certain statements by the Tibetan in regard to his work and some information as to theFire, xvii:Fire Fire "What says the esoteric teaching with regard to Fire?" Fire is the most perfect andFire, 49:that totality of manifestation which we regard as a conscious existence becomes ever moreFire, 263:Questions From the standpoint of evolution we regard the higher two and the highest one as theFire, 263:presence of the three. In manifestation we might regard the principles as follows: [264] FirstFire, 588:hid in the occult words, "The Eighth Sphere." In regard to the four minor Rays of Harmony, ConcreteFire, 1096:His dense body, and which He does not therefore regard as a principle. It will, consequently, beFire, 1177:of the fourth kingdom in nature. We might regard the presiding lives in these departmental schoolsFire, 1202:lower planes (that which the Logos does not regard as principle) and, therefore, matter respondingFire, 1206:or the substance of all that is. We might regard the subject as follows: The four superior groupsFire, 1206:gathered the dense manifestation which we regard as the evolutionary matter. The forms are builtFire, 1233:Statements II. The wise student will likewise regard all forms of expression as in the nature ofFire, 1249:Absolute Sonship. All that can be said here in regard to their efforts is the statement that thisGlamour, 19:and phenomena and learn to work this way, but regard it as a secondary issue for you at this time.Glamour, 20:is no such thing as matter. We are asked to regard the entire world phenomena as maya and toGlamour, 21:The world of phenomena is not denied, but we regard the mind as misinterpreting it and as refusingGlamour, 21:disciple's Master to test his sincerity. Some regard it as the sumtotal of a man's faults, his evilGlamour, 45:today see this not; they deify their glamors and regard their illusions as their prized and hardGlamour, 45:a due proportion and a proper sense of values in regard to the truths of the mental plane. A hardGlamour, 46:which we have. We might perhaps and with reason regard it as the seed of all glamor upon ourGlamour, 61:contacted and discovered, the neophyte is apt to regard his achievement in a personal way [62] andGlamour, 99:not discouraged by this "glamorous weakness" but regard your effort to understand the problem andGlamour, 119:It is necessary in this connection to regard the sun sign [120] into which a man is born, asGlamour, 120:which he has inherited from the past, but to regard the rising sign as holding within it theGlamour, 142:to be not unduly disturbed. I would ask you to regard the phenomenon of disturbance as simply aGlamour, 146:three. There are forces which you may personally regard as separateness or as the cause ofGlamour, 146:the guise of a strenuous adherence to what you regard as right principles) are to those who holdGlamour, 146:they feel that your views are erroneous and they regard them as separate in their effect and as theGlamour, 177:they recognize the illusion as the truth; they regard this illusion as reality; they fail to graspGlamour, 196:symbols are dropped and the server begins to regard himself as the light and as the irradiating
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