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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGARD

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Healing, 33:they are states of consciousness and some regard them as made in the likeness of a man. What isHealing, 104:beginners. Feel a deep love pouring into you. Regard it as substantial light which you can and willHealing, 162:ones you will most easily understand if you will regard them as symbolic and not too literally.Healing, 212:to have good health and physical comfort. They regard it as their right and due, to be gained byHealing, 264:have ever chosen to stand, for separation. They regard themselves as the chosen people and have anHealing, 269:and ancient bad relations. Men everywhere must regard it as a blot upon their national integrity ifHealing, 271:by orthodox investigators), and which we would regard as in the realm of the etheric body. Healing, 296:nearly concluded this, and face what many will regard as the more useful and practical part of theHealing, 334:be the case, and many disciples prematurely regard themselves as in preparation for initiation. Healing, 388:by the patient, prior to receiving what he will regard as successful treatment, but it primarilyHealing, 389:it is to prepare human beings for what we should regard as the restorative aspect of death, andHealing, 390:over-emphasizing its importance and making them regard the prolongation of earthly existence as theHealing, 393:Another fear which induces mankind to regard death as a calamity is one which theological religionHealing, 394:to focus themselves on soul levels and begin to regard the form or forms as simply modes ofHealing, 401:One school dismisses those who are what they regard as spiritually recalcitrant or negative to theHealing, 401:very few are vindictive or unthinking enough to regard this presentation as acceptable, and ofHealing, 426:which [426] is not thine own, but which is Mine. Regard it as thine own and seek the cause of itsHealing, 428:Let me tabulate them with brevity. Will you regard them as foundational and factual. The time forHealing, 433:may surprise you, accustomed as you are to regard the Law of Attraction as an expression of theHealing, 509:or depreciate themselves. Many are apt to regard themselves as personalities because of theirHealing, 538:body at all; being an occultist, he will regard that body as not a principle. He works practicallyHealing, 567:to possess, own and enjoy that which they regard as the beautiful. A definition of "the beautiful"Healing, 588:subject or cause a false impression [588] if we regard evil (at least as far as disease isHealing, 614:not be ignored. It is essential that students regard these glands as effects and not causes ofHealing, 629:plain, direct statements. There is a tendency to regard esoteric teaching as necessarily abstruseHercules, 8:of humanity as a whole. It is now possible to regard the human family as having reached,Hercules, 19:is to have the heart nature developed. They regard the mind, with its capacity to analyze andHercules, 82:work. In the next four signs, which we might regard as the signs of physical plane struggle forHercules, 93:is as divine as those other qualities which we regard as more strictly spiritual. But man is also aHercules, 131:a beneficent sense of humor. Much of what people regard with grave and serious earnestness hasHercules, 209:in Himself something so ineffable that we regard Him, in a unique way, as the representative ofHercules, 209:of which he is the prototype. It is possible to regard humanity as having reached, en masse, theHercules, 209:en masse, the stage of the aspirant, and to regard the race as standing upon the probationary path,Hercules, 226:of the strength of his purpose. We might regard these five labors in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, CancerInitiation, 84:karma, and then to reinstate him [84] in their regard and respect when due amends have been made.Initiation, 137:Another way of emphasizing the same truth is to regard the egoic body as a center of force, a wheelInitiation, 197:Equilibrium, a just sense of proportion, a due regard for environing conditions, and a sane commonIntellect, 15:to tell us of their experiences. Let us regard all manifestations of life as spiritual, and soIntellect, 38:that some day our [38] educational systems may regard the preparation of the individual toIntellect, 60:within the familiar outer forms. He begins to regard himself as a conscious denizen of anotherIntellect, 100:the forest of delusion, thou shalt no more regard what shall be taught or what has been taught."Intellect, 101:the mind are too many to touch upon here. Some regard it as a separate entity; others as aIntellect, 121:- posit something more than matter, and regard the mind as distinct from the brain; they hold theIntellect, 181:the implications of that Fatherhood. Let us regard God as that "High and Unknown Purpose" which canIntellect, 181:of consciousness, and as the Life itself; let us regard Deity as that in which we live and move andIntellect, 250:themselves off from the rest of humanity and to regard themselves as the elect of the Lord, withIntellect, 250:He begins to write assiduously. Why he should regard these thoughts as emanating from the [251]Intellect, 253:them outside the pale; they will not [253] regard one race as better than another, though they mayIntellect, 258:to sex is often discovered, and people who would regard it as wrong to lead an abnormal sex life,Magic, 64:Most of us are average, are we not? If we regard ourselves otherwise, we divorce ourselves fromMagic, 74:student (and he is the one who hesitates so to regard himself). It is also symbolized for us in theMagic, 245:of this unstable experience and frequently regard it as a sin or as a condition to be strenuouslyMagic, 328:to no one religion or organization, but who regard themselves as members of the Church universalMagic, 334:and of power. The age and status of men, in regard to the ladder of evolution, will be noted andMagic, 337:who, admitting the fact of the structure, yet regard it as subjected to the influences of energiesMagic, 356:as not to deserve the name of Sons of God. They regard all not working in mental energy as lackingMagic, 394:The sense of responsibility and the aptitude to regard the surrounding members of the human familyMagic, 417:in truth no nationality in the sense that they regard their country and their politicalMagic, 460:the purpose, the will of God, the Plan, as we regard it. In the words "the light of the soul", weMagic, 466:convey and which some of the students seem to regard as of vital importance are of [467] far lessMagic, 633:fact that though they respond to the ideal and regard themselves as of the new age, they are notMeditation, 134:or unwittingly. They respect no person, they regard all men as fair prey, they use everyone to getMeditation, 310:ever right action must be taken with no regard to result, and ever each body in all its aggregatePatanjalisteadiness of purpose, and dispassion in regard to pleasure or pain, or towards all forms of goodPatanjali, 29:the forest of delusion, thou shalt no more regard what shall be taught or what has been taught.Patanjali, 66:the forest of delusion, thou shalt no more regard what shall be taught, or what has been taught.Patanjali, 75:steadiness of purpose, and dispassion in regard to pleasure or pain, or towards all forms of goodPatanjali, 76:of the physical appetites and dispassion in regard to all forms which appeal to the appetites andPatanjali, 81:steadiness of purpose, and dispassion in regard to pleasure or pain, or towards all forms of goodPatanjali, 82:indicating the following: The aspirant may regard each center symbolically as a lotus. This lotusPatanjali, 134:important fact to note. If the aspirant will regard the development and full use of the sixth sensePatanjali, 321:the form aspect, and not with the spirit. We regard ourselves as the not-self, for aeons of timePatanjali, 415:of our modern tendency to deify the mind and to regard it as the one important factor. EasternPatanjali, 423:of Krishna to Arjuna sounds out also: "Having regard to thy duty, deign not to shrink back. ForProblems, 10:no matter what the cost to others; they regard this as a right attitude and as characteristic ofProblems, 12:realization and come to the point where they regard their national cultures, their nationalProblems, 13:1914-1945. A thousand years hence, history will regard this as the acme of childish selfishness,Problems, 36:Some of us are thankful it is so. Others regard it as a disaster. All of us are distressed that theProblems, 37:separative. It has trained the child to regard the material values as of major importance, toProblems, 39:world of appearances in which he lives and to regard them as one world, but one existing primarilyProblems, 55:of self-control. The secondary schools will regard themselves as the custodians of culture; theyProblems, 88:and leads the citizens of a nation to regard themselves and their institutions as superior to thoseProblems, 89:above all and through all and in us all". Let us regard that statement as a scientific one and notPsychology1, 10:to the way the Great Ones work at this time. Regard, therefore, all your work as group work,Psychology1, 19:planes which we, from our little point of view, regard as formless are not really so. Our sevenPsychology1, 22:be much facilitated if we train ourselves to regard ourselves as an accurate (though as yetPsychology1, 36:to the criticism that we neglect reality, and regard diversity as the only truth. Psychology1, 57:Who brought our universe into being. Let us regard the Deity as pervading the form of His solarPsychology1, 75:hatred of the death of forms which makes him regard the work of the destroyer as "black," as beingPsychology1, 110:Wisdom can reach a waiting world. I do not regard you as a body of good men and women, who, becausePsychology1, 110:and hence withheld from the rest of the race. I regard you as sincerely interested in the spiritualPsychology1, 175:existence. That certain types of mind may regard this as an infringement of the liberty of thePsychology1, 218:and of speculation and theory, the reader should regard what I here have to say in connection withPsychology1, 251:a whole. It should be noted that, wide as we may regard the difference between man and the animals,Psychology1, 304:nor woman than the man. Yet many thousands regard women as embodying that which is evil and thatPsychology1, 328:in His Own Body, Whom I and all true disciples regard as the Master of all the Masters, the Christ.Psychology1, 363:and so many good and well-meaning people regard themselves as having outgrown and transcendedPsychology1, 426:a whole. It should be noted that, wide as we may regard the difference between man and the animals,Psychology2, 61:where stand the Masters and the Christ, we will regard this whole question from another point ofPsychology2, 184:dense physical form, but what the esotericists regard as the form-making substance. We use the word
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