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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGARDED

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Magic, 435:succeed. This, when duly consummated, might be regarded as producing the sattvic, or harmony aspectMagic, 435:under which he must work, and therefore might be regarded as embodying the tamasic aspect ofMagic, 448:to convey the idea that any thought-form is regarded by us as a subjective and existing entity,Magic, 450:of these two. The world in which we live is regarded by the majority as really solid and tangible,Magic, 451:problem as to the why and the [451] wherefore is regarded as fruitless and speculative, almostMagic, 451:elements of that which has hitherto been regarded as the body. This life principle, this basicMagic, 455:it was created. The "formula" therefore might be regarded as the idea emanating from the divineMagic, 457:the mind, held steady in the light, and might be regarded as the reduction of the formula to theMagic, 465:but e'en these generalizations should be regarded with much distrust. All that can be posited isMagic, 496:there is the endocrine system, which might be regarded as the densest aspect or externalization ofMagic, 500:of sorrow will not enter and death beds will be regarded as happier occasions than births andMagic, 560:What shall I say about that? Why is it regarded as so essential a requirement? Because criticismMagic, 601:of any basic textbook (and this one is so regarded) a definite procedure should be adopted. TheMagic, 602:has fallen into disrepute. If these stages are regarded sanely for what they are - states ofMagic, 604:The new Group of World Workers might well be regarded in its outer ranks as a trained body ofMagic, 619:wherein the state, group or groups are regarded as of more importance than the individual and hisMeditation, 107:governed by a certain key measure, and might be regarded as being subject to the karma of thatMeditation, 176:of the three lower bodies of men, these bodies (regarded as separated sheaths) being composed ofMeditation, 211:which all the others are but subrays, might be regarded as a circle of sevenfold light. Too apt isMeditation, 211:Not so is it in fact. The seven colors may be regarded as a band of seven colors circling andMeditation, 239:indwelling life renounces the forms, hitherto regarded (and necessarily so) as essential. By theMeditation, 251:of color and sound. Emotional disorder will be regarded as discordant sound; mental lethargy willMeditation, 266:an accepted disciple. The period wherein he is regarded as the Master's intimate, or - as it isMeditation, 284:and its place in the threefold microcosm will be regarded as corresponding to that in theMeditation, 311:lesson that failure teaches. When failures are regarded as valuable lessons, when a mistake isPatanjali, 18:will be noted [18] that these rules are even now regarded somewhat as essential premises where allPatanjali, 25:body in its dense or concrete form is not regarded as a principle, but simply as the tangiblePatanjali, 27:idea involved is that of applying to the mind (regarded as a sixth sense) the same restraint thatPatanjali, 30:thought away from that which is usually regarded as the object of sensuous perception into thePatanjali, 34:in mind that the energy of an object may be regarded as the color of that object, and hence thePatanjali, 39:the world of causes. The first group might be regarded as comprising all who are treading the pathPatanjali, 45:there are those gentle souls whose will may be regarded as characterized by an imperturbablePatanjali, 54:affect the entire body. Discipleship can be regarded as a generic term covering all those states orPatanjali, 104:are and realizes that all which he has hitherto regarded as reality is but illusion. He has piercedPatanjali, 138:reason, the gross animal sins are universally regarded as evil because it is generally recognizedPatanjali, 161:embodied thoughts of some kind and must be regarded as such. The task of the occultist is to workPatanjali, 185:here, however, that this expression is regarded by the occult student as only one form which thePatanjali, 186:link him to a form and to the physical plane is regarded as a form of incontinence. There isPatanjali, 186:and this, to the true aspirant, is likewise regarded as incontinence. III. Mental Nature 5.Patanjali, 189:a state of mind wherein all conditions are regarded as correct and just, and as those in which thePatanjali, 198:energy is acquired. Incontinence is usually regarded as the dissipation of the vitality or thePatanjali, 223:obstruct the path of the black magician or are regarded by him as enemies. With these the aspirantPatanjali, 302:need be touched upon. Esoterically the sun is regarded as triple: The physical sun - body -Patanjali, 326:brother and of the Hierarchy, but they must be regarded as instruments and be relegated to the formPatanjali, 411:that practically all our modern schools can be regarded as outgrowths or logical sequential resultsPatanjali, 420:man. This state of isolated unity must be regarded as the result of the attainment of a particularPatanjali, xiii:writing for the use of students and hence he is regarded as the founder of the Raja Yoga School.Problems, 37:Reading, writing and elementary arithmetic are regarded as minimum requirements, plus someProblems, 38:up to the acid test of value. A nation is today regarded as civilized when it sets a value onProblems, 43:a [43] world where right human relations are regarded as essential to the peace of the world, whereProblems, 46:hereditary position or financial assets - are regarded as of importance and the rest of the nationProblems, 51:is past must be preserved but should only be regarded as the foundation for a better system and aProblems, 55:or unity. The primary schools might be regarded as the custodians of civilization; they shouldProblems, 57:responsibility to be assumed. Education will be regarded as a method of preparation for that usefulProblems, 61:democracy will take form when men everywhere are regarded in reality as equal; when boys and girlsProblems, 89:whether transcendent or immanent, whether regarded as energy or intelligence, whether called God,Problems, 105:ago, they were what the European and American regarded as "raw savages", divided into countlessProblems, 111:constitution of the United States, all men are regarded as free and equal; the Negro, however, isProblems, 129:spiritual thinking at this time; this is regarded by orthodox churchmen as indicative of dangerousProblems, 131:confidence in the priest and in the Vatican are regarded as spiritual duties. The Roman CatholicProblems, 140:The day is dawning when all religions win be regarded as emanating from one great spiritual source;Problems, 149:to draw near to God. From one angle, it might be regarded as God transcendent recognizing GodProblems, 155:Much of what might be said in reply can be regarded by the skeptical and the orthodox as purelyPsychology1, 18:the forms" and so engross the attention as to be regarded eventually as the main factor and asPsychology1, 23:He uses that planet for which the sun is regarded as the esoteric substitute. 2. The Lord ofPsychology1, 23:Who is the embodiment of pure love, is regarded by esotericists as being as close to the heart ofPsychology1, 25:ancient Rishis), and only seven ray Lives are regarded as the Builders of the system. The greatPsychology1, 38:Questions and their Answers B. The soul can be regarded as the principle of intelligence - anPsychology1, 41:themselves to live the life of service might be regarded as having reached the point where the linePsychology1, 42:visualize this correctly [42] the sign should be regarded as in rapid revolution, thus producing aPsychology1, 48:though only the second ray is dual when they are regarded from the standpoint of the finalPsychology1, 51:to the third Ray of Active Intelligence might be regarded as a ray having a most vital relation toPsychology1, 53:the east. The spiritualizing of forms might be regarded as the main work of the seventh ray, and itPsychology1, 59:of the universal Mind; They might be regarded as seven intelligent Entities through Whom the planPsychology1, 59:forward to completion. Symbolically, They may be regarded as constituting the brain of the divinePsychology1, 90:and to thought. That which is called the soul is regarded frequently as the result of thisPsychology1, 92:of physical existence. The soul can be regarded as a beautiful vision or as an hallucination, forPsychology1, 96:Father will, in the future, no longer be regarded as a beautiful, mystical and symbolic statement,Psychology1, 96:mystical and symbolic statement, but will be regarded as a scientific pronouncement. Our universalPsychology1, 98:the fact of immortality. It can nevertheless be regarded as a step in the right direction. ThatPsychology1, 105:be so scientifically presented that it will be regarded as of as much importance and as justifiablePsychology1, 167:by itself, and the other five in a group. When regarded in this way, they are spoken of as thePsychology1, 179:of the most conservative, but which will be regarded as definitely solved by the intuitive andPsychology1, 179:and illumined. These three problems might be regarded as constituting the three main objectives inPsychology1, 189:nature, and then again still another ray may be regarded as of prime importance. ThesePsychology1, 190:At the same time, this sixth ray might well be regarded as the sixth subray of the fourth Ray ofPsychology1, 216:Solar Lives. - I [216] These kingdoms might be regarded as differentiations of the One Life, fromPsychology1, 219:of each kingdom. Therefore each kingdom may be regarded as a [220] laboratory wherein are preparedPsychology1, 228:form the basis of the manifested world, and are regarded as the "true form," so the mineral kingdomPsychology1, 238:peculiar lines) than any other. What might be regarded as the monadic ray of the Life of thatPsychology1, 238:of unfoldment and of awareness must not be regarded as holding prominent place in this evolution ofPsychology1, 268:relating to the subject of sex caused it to be regarded as an unmentionable episode, and as a topicPsychology1, 268:to be shunned by decent people, instead of being regarded as an instinctual and natural process, -Psychology1, 269:reduced to rhythm in the [269] daily life and regarded as one to be followed and satisfied onlyPsychology1, 274:till now, the act of bearing children has been regarded as deterrent and as a penalty for legal orPsychology1, 280:of what, from the standpoint of spirit, may be regarded as material evil. It is the great impulsePsychology1, 295:their approach to the marriage relation will be regarded as a part of the group life and as servingPsychology1, 295:will be colored by this realization. It will be regarded as a fact in nature and as a product ofPsychology1, 296:into the higher centers; a marriage will be regarded as undesirable and the parties ill-mated wherePsychology1, 301:and an infinite destiny, this has always been regarded as a beautiful dream to be consummated in a
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