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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGARDED

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Rays, 347:and fresh revelation - much of which is regarded by him as due reward for discipline andRays, 349:why the first and second initiations are not regarded by the Lodge of Masters as major initiations.Rays, 349:as major initiations. Only the third is so regarded, because at that initiation the entireRays, 357:identifications, but only what might be regarded as the figments of the imagination; yetRays, 359:cosmic physical plane and are not, consequently, regarded as embodying principles. H.P.B. says, inRays, 361:the Path of Initiation. They might therefore be regarded as initiations of the threshold - oneRays, 365:express this development in terms of what is now regarded as "spiritual" by the religious devoteeRays, 373:of view, the New Group of World Servers can be regarded not only as a relating group, but also as aRays, 377:the cosmic physical plane and are therefore regarded - as far as three worlds of human evolutionRays, 390:it is now possible to give out teaching hitherto regarded as too advanced. There are those aliveRays, 391:hitherto unrealized. The decision might be regarded as the first gesture of the advancing MasterRays, 421:speaking symbolically, Sanat Kumara might be regarded as a personal disciple of the Solar Logos,Rays, 430:is no longer a Holy Land and should not be so regarded. I would have you bear these points in mindRays, 441:life and attitudes. This statement might be regarded as concerning itself primarily with two majorRays, 449:of life, unbroken and immutable, which can be regarded symbolically as a direct stream of livingRays, 459:in relation to the three threads is logically regarded as having occurred normally. The man nowRays, 479:silver thread of divine potency. This might be regarded as a threefold demonstration of theRays, 498:The reason that I am giving out what was earlier regarded as some of the preparatory work prior toRays, 513:they should be sounded forth. This used to be regarded of supreme importance. Today, disciples areRays, 522:again remind you that the third initiation is regarded by the Hierarchy as the first majorRays, 537:of initiation. It is character which is rightly regarded as the first requirement when a man stepsRays, 560:race, which from the occult point of view can be regarded as encompassing practically the totalityRays, 577:higher initiation; the intermediate period is regarded as "a cycle of perfecting." That which isRays, 589:Each kingdom in nature can itself be regarded as a point of tension within the sphere of Being ofRays, 592:Logos. It is for this reason that the mind is regarded both as illumined when higher contacts areRays, 592:The energy of this fifth ray might be regarded as the common sense, because it receives all theseRays, 595:of the Universal Mind. These developments can be regarded as the initial steps of the initiatoryRays, 597:of this fifth ray energy; this may be [597] regarded as preparatory work for the first and theRays, 621:is Japan. The United States of America is always regarded as a young nation, but from the angle ofRays, 621:is an event of major importance and should be regarded as indicating a turning point in humanRays, 650:so this harmony, once finally achieved, can be regarded as a form of focused orientation.Rays, 662:into a plane or rather a state of being hitherto regarded as sealed and closed. I shall not touchRays, 663:- those of the Birth and the Baptism - are not regarded by the Hierarchy as major initiations. TheyRays, 666:and mental self. The first initiation might be regarded as the goal and the reward of the mysticalRays, 667:for the Christ. The first initiation should be regarded as instituting a new attitude towardsRays, 676:they are placed in the foremost position and are regarded as causal in their nature; neverthelessRays, 686:as you understand that term. It might be regarded as complete freedom from sensitivity, yet with aRays, 687:the first of the major initiations and is so regarded by the emanating Source of our planetaryRays, 687:heavenly Center. The first two initiations - regarded simply as initiations of the threshold - areRays, 702:worlds (for time and the process of events are regarded by philosophers as synonymous in meaning)Rays, 716:divine purpose. It may surprise you that this is regarded as presenting a problem to the Hierarchy,Rays, 719:to the first two initiations which are regarded by the Lodge on Sirius as initiations of the [720]Rays, 730:In the West, the Festival of the year which is regarded as of the most importance is that of EasterRays, 744:on the people by totalitarian authority, is regarded as evil. It is not the [745] communisticRays, 747:again the ideology of Socialism which is [747] regarded by some as a basic evil. Socialism canRays, 753:wide the door. The entrance for what might be regarded as cosmic evil was first opened in theReappearance, 6:abundance everywhere. Even the human soul is regarded as an intermediary between man and God;Reappearance, 15:different; those who still hold to the idea are regarded tolerantly, or with amusement or pity, asReappearance, 63:people, at any time and in any country, are regarded by the orthodox Christian as wrong approaches,Reappearance, 68:the point of tension to which the Christ may be regarded as voluntarily subjecting Himself is aReappearance, 71:nature of the will of God. That will is often regarded as a power by means of which things areReappearance, 112:be separate, and to be exclusive will come to be regarded as the only sin, for it will beReappearance, 112:recognized that all the sins - as listed and now regarded as wrong - only stem from hate or fromReappearance, 124:Father will, in the near future, no longer be regarded as a beautiful, mystical and symbolicReappearance, 124:mystical and symbolic statement, but will be regarded as a proved scientific pronouncement. OurReappearance, 165:attitude to religion and politics is generally regarded as desirable and that steps have beenReappearance, 166:condition the present opportunity; these can be regarded as so completely hindering that unlessReappearance, 169:supervision of the Christ. This might be regarded as the externalization of the spiritual HierarchySoul, 26:as suffering from a "Jehovah complex" and regarded as subject to hallucinations. Yet the type ofSoul, 44:so little was known about it that it was regarded as an organ of external secretion. It is reallySoul, 45:love of one's fellowmen, or love of God, - are regarded as largely dependent upon the condition ofSoul, 47:mysterious of all. Like the pineal gland, it is regarded as a gland of childhood, but both as yetSoul, 61:we have not yet fathomed; but if, as is now regarded as very probable, atomic matter is a structureSoul, 68:living organism. Living organisms are to be [68] regarded in the light of the tools or weaponsSoul, 69:dream of a mystically inclined people, but is regarded as a fact in nature by many practical mindedSoul, 75:a peculiar, fluid-like compound, whilst the Jews regarded it as the vital principle. The HindusSoul, 75:was separable from the body, whilst the Romans regarded the soul as a triplicity, - a spiritualSoul, 75:and a vital body. Many, such as Theophrastus, regarded it as "the real principle of passion," andSoul, 76:part is exclusively human. This rational soul he regarded as immaterial and metaphysical in nature,Soul, 76:In Search of the Soul, Vol. I, pp. 35. Aristotle regarded the soul as the sum of the vitalSoul, 76:body, and with him Plotinus was in agreement. He regarded the soul as the living sentiency of theSoul, 77:and Manicheanism. By them the soul was regarded as light and the body as darkness; light mustSoul, 80:processes occur in substance, and they therefore regarded it as equivalent to 'motion.' On theSoul, 80:On the other hand, the conscientialists also regarded psychical processes as 'events' which theySoul, 86:and life giving substance. St. Augustine regarded the soul as located in the middle ventricle. TheSoul, 87:or common sense was applied. By some this was regarded as the seat of the soul. As parts of theSoul, 87:Search of the Soul, Vol. I, p. 97. Roger Bacon regarded the center of the brain as the place whereSoul, 87:where the soul could be found. Ludovico Vives "regarded the soul as the principle, not only ofSoul, 89:communications take place is that which must be regarded as the seat of the soul... It is by thisSoul, 89:whilst W. B. Carpenter, the physiologist, regarded the optic thalamus as the scat of the soul life.Soul, 100:and Energy The physical body itself is often regarded as an atom in the body of the human kingdom,Soul, 100:nucleus, with the other atoms of the body regarded as electronic in nature. The vital body, or bodySoul, 105:and the breath. Generally the brain was not so regarded. The Vaidik system posits the heart as theSoul, 123:proper than the heart which may perhaps be regarded as connected with the actional subdivision ofSoul, 123:unconnected with the lungs and heart. It may be regarded as the brain of the sympathetic system,Soul, 130:hypotheses of the past ages? Has not what was regarded as unprovable in the past been proved andSoul, 134:coordinated organism; the structure can then be regarded as ready for direction by the soul. TheSoul, 141:of world activity. His personality then may be regarded as organized, and he can be deemed to haveSoul, 150:with a halo about His head. Once this halo was regarded as the product of His disciples'Soul, 154:other naturalistic psychologists who are to be regarded at present as among the chief enemies ofTelepathy, 48:which lie behind those concepts which are regarded as definitely nebulous and to which we give theTelepathy, 62:called for. The Science of Impression might be regarded, in the last analysis, as the fundamentalTelepathy, 75:is. Everything that they purport to register is regarded by them as of major importance: it isTelepathy, 75:These well up from the subconscious but are regarded by the recipient as coming from an outsideTelepathy, 110:and that is one reason why it is not yet regarded as a reputable, proved and provable capacity ofTelepathy, 123:originating and impressing factor. This might be regarded as the scientific approach to theTelepathy, 155:of the five senses is entirely wrong. All is regarded as belonging to the world of form which isTelepathy, 177:word "factual" most advisedly); energy is now regarded as all that IS; manifestation is theTelepathy, 190:this aspiration need not be one that is usually regarded as spiritual and religious by the orthodoxTelepathy, 191:the teachings. There are two centers which are regarded as "receptive and distributing agents" in
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