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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGENERATION

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Astrology, 106:defined process which we call spiritual regeneration and initiation. There are four words of vitalAstrology, 107:pull into incarnation upon the physical plane. Regeneration in which the growing influence of theAstrology, 110:sign, covered by the ideas of recreation, regeneration, reorientation and renunciation. BeforeAstrology, 129:processes should give place esoterically to regeneration and to creation upon the mental planeAstrology, 217:of generation. Scorpio is the sign of sex and of regeneration, and birth is ever the intendedDiscipleship1, 23:of spiritual energies which will facilitate the regeneration of the world. The influence of theseDiscipleship1, 272:which are initiated by man himself. In the regeneration of money and in the changing of man'sDiscipleship1, 341:subsequent clear thinking lies the hope of world regeneration. So think and, my brother, lose notDiscipleship2, 300:a world today in process of reorganization and regeneration. The Masters are seeking to hasten inDiscipleship2, 727:started by formulating large schemes for world regeneration and for a super-organization, and yetExternalisation, 419:Then will begin, as the ages pass away, the regeneration of material nature, with the two spiritualFire, 716:kingdom but which will also be seen as force regeneration in the mineral kingdom. The energy, whenFire, 755:Unity, and the keynote He will strike will be regeneration through love poured forth on all. As HeFire, 1219:It is these laws which the coming cycle of regeneration will enunciate, and which the Great LordHealing, 157:made available and brings about two results: The regeneration of humanity through love. TheHercules, 32:Reorganization, reorientation, repolarizing and regeneration, are the characteristics of thisHercules, 44:reproduces, symbolizing not only generation but regeneration. As the latter it is Aquila, theMagic, 354:and leaders of social reform, of humanitarian regeneration and of church leadership, eitherProblems, 123:and intuitively accepts. What are they? The Regeneration of the Churches. Is it possible? The NewProblems, 125:recognize in an acute sense the need for the regeneration of the churches. Our religious platforms,Problems, 125:faith as it is in Christ. It is they who need regeneration. Men are everywhere demanding light. WhoProblems, 147:church of the future will work, bringing a great regeneration to the body of humanity, aProblems, 152:Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches IV. The Regeneration of the Churches Can the churches, bothPsychology2, 51:[51] of the soul, for it works towards the regeneration of matter and not towards the consummationRays, 95:Avatar in the task of world reorganization and regeneration. He will again come as the WorldReappearance, 20:at every stage of responsiveness. The forces of regeneration, of reconstruction, of restoration andReappearance, 111:and indicate the first needed step towards human regeneration. Standing as the focal point of the
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