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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGIMENTED

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Autobiography, 26:I have wondered how they would have liked the regimented life I and my sister lived. With more orBethlehem, 142:swayed by the mass or collective thought, and is regimented and standardized by mass psychology. HeBethlehem, 142:own thinking, makes his own plans and cannot be regimented or beguiled by words. He is a thinkingDestiny, 37:and the facility with which they can be regimented and standardized. They have no power to thinkDestiny, 112:whole masses of people and entire nations are regimented to certain forms of idealism and can andDiscipleship2, 628:the new arrangements and adjustments have been regimented into rhythm, and then the threads areProblems, 18:who can shout and threaten; they are easily regimented. This negativity must be overcome andPsychology2, 179:have been absorbed and standardized or regimented, and the most powerful have dominated eventually,Psychology2, 205:they are relatively unthinking. They can be regimented and standardized with facility by orthodoxPsychology2, 633:more advanced people. They can be easily regimented, influenced, standardized and swept into aPsychology2, 670:- inert, helpless, unthinking, easily swayed, regimented and standardized. In every country in thePsychology2, 671:resistance without thinking, they are easily regimented into compliance. The argument of the
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