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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGIMES

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Destiny, 9:democratic, the totalitarian and the communistic regimes. Most of these groups of ideologies haveDiscipleship2, 232:material values to the spiritual. The political regimes of the world need orienting to each other;Externalisation, 183:Races and nations have come and gone. Political regimes and religious forms have played their part,Externalisation, 199:situation. [199] Certain great ideological regimes have divided the world into opposing groups.Externalisation, 547:which the new world religion, the new political regimes and the new social order could be set up. IExternalisation, 578:finally the abolition of war. Clean political regimes, free from graft, selfish ambition and dirtyExternalisation, 656:every educational process and in all political regimes. I would most definitely emphasize theProblems, 67:a complete revolution of the present political regimes, which are largely nationalistic in theirProblems, 69:they are relatively cleaner in their political regimes and constitute basically the nucleus of thatProblems, 168:for a bare subsistence; and of political regimes run by the corrupt, the totalitarian-minded, thePsychology2, 495:response of advanced humanity to systems and regimes of existence which are hovering on thePsychology2, 635:of the new social order and economic regimes (as interpreted to them rightly or wrongly by theirPsychology2, 644:peace. They will avoid all attack of existing regimes and personalities; they will keep the laws ofPsychology2, 737:The relatively acquiescent masses who, under the regimes endorsing the three above ideologies,Rays, 573:the new qualities and institute those new regimes and organized modes of creative activity which
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