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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGISTERED

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Healing, 502:by the soul and consciously recorded and registered in the brain. Pain is demonstrated in bothHealing, 517:center. None of the above realizations may be registered in the brain consciousness or in the mindHealing, 624:carried on during those lives have been registered by the Lords of Karma; karmic law works in closeHealing, 636:and decay; even the "fatigue" of metals is a registered scientific fact; plants and animals allHealing, 690:name of identification. Where the sound has been registered in the heart of the initiate, he hasIntellect, 60:of awareness. New states of consciousness are registered, a new phenomenal world is graduallyIntellect, 102:pictures and through music. Most of it is simply registered and stored up, finding later expressionIntellect, 103:The brain then "telegraphs" the information registered to the mind, which, in its turn, records it.Intellect, 142:has been gained; a glimpse of reality has been registered on the brain and the guarantee of futureIntellect, 200:apparent. At the same time there is also registered a sense of loss. The old dreamy states of blissIntellect, 201:that the mind knows and can record are not yet registered, nor is the feeling apparatus making itsIntellect, 256:a sudden flash of lightning or of electricity, registered when the eyes are closed, and in the darkMagic, 34:that psychic expansion which the mystic has registered down the ages, and which St. Paul referredMagic, 34:and sight on those levels are both producing registered experience then we have the occultist plusMagic, 46:or thought currents. Egoic force, a force only registered by man and of which the fourth kingdom inMagic, 46:Remarks The different types of force can all be registered in the human kingdom. Some of them canMagic, 46:in the human kingdom. Some of them can be registered in the subhuman kingdoms, and the apparatus ofMagic, 107:be worked for, but is simply an indication to be registered in the consciousness and thenMagic, 146:through the following stages: Vibration is registered, and the environment has its effect upon theMagic, 166:most [166] material of the vibrations will be registered on his brain consciousness. He simply hasMagic, 323:succeed times of pralaya, and periods of registered contact alternate with periods of apparentMagic, 376:but soul is seen to exist, and only being is registered in consciousness. Thus it will be foundMagic, 396:destructive, because the higher issues are not registered as yet. The stage of a steadily growingMagic, 424:ordinary condition. Where two activities can be registered at once, why not three or even four?Magic, 432:soul; and the life of the planetary Entity is registered through the medium of the personalityMagic, 440:human being was definitely self-conscious. He registered his individuality. The figures for theMagic, 457:by the soul upon the mind, is as consciously registered by the mind, held steady in the light, andMagic, 474:will they bring; when spoken and then registered as lies, they strengthen that illusory world inMagic, 505:of sounds always present but not usually registered. Others will see light as they fall asleep, orMagic, 527:be contacted, the true and the beautiful can be registered, divine purpose can be recorded, and itMagic, 580:is an instantaneous effect. When the soul has registered the desired quality and possesses theMagic, 582:sense of the word, who is not a pioneer. A registered response to spiritual truth, a realizedMagic, 618:aspirants are prone to give undue time to their registered aspirations, and to the formulation ofMagic, 621:department of human life. It is subconsciously registered and intuitively followed by many who knowPatanjali, 41:that realization to the brain where it must be registered and eventually recollected at will.Patanjali, 41:will. Meditation. That which has been seen and registered in the brain and which has emanated fromPatanjali, 108:or with that condition of substance in which is registered the thought impulses of our planet andPatanjali, 261:has been gained; a glimpse of reality has been registered on the brain and the guarantee of futurePatanjali, 317:the use of this spiritual light has then to be registered, understood and adapted for use by theProblems, 157:larger than individual desire and liberation is registered. Many groups are wrestling with theseProblems, 161:recognized by science; mental power is today registered as an energy, capable of contact, ofProblems, 163:to it emphasized and the nature of God's love registered. Men everywhere will invoke that love,Psychology1, 55:itself in two ways. These two ways are registered and become part of the organized equipment of thePsychology1, 58:have such differing states of sentiency as are registered by the hair, by the internal organisms inPsychology1, 356:he became sensitive to the love of God, and registered an innate reaction to the heart of God.Psychology2, 123:of men to these new Aquarian influences is being registered at present in the astral body and isPsychology2, 123:the world glamor. Then the impulses to serve are registered in the heart center and not in thePsychology2, 150:growing control of the soul which was primarily registered. Therefore we have: The Law of Repulse -Psychology2, 174:Evolution This law begins to function and to be registered in the personal consciousness when thePsychology2, 195:a group idealism which can only be consciously registered when the units in the group are beginningPsychology2, 272:aware of the purpose. Those who were approached registered dimly a deepened urge to rise to betterPsychology2, 285:his own personal and separated consciousness (as registered in the waking brain) of the truth ofPsychology2, 454:sensitivity to the phenomena of the inner light, registered in the etheric body. Those arising outPsychology2, 489:clear in the parable. 4. The "guidance" registered can also be simply a sensitivity to the voicesPsychology2, 502:true activities. They are not simply witnessed, registered and related by the subject. As soon as aPsychology2, 503:astral plane. They will be simply the record, registered on the physical brain, of his doings andPsychology2, 503:is an illusory participation, a perceived or registered activity, or a real and true happening inPsychology2, 504:is involving the soul likewise. The activity, registered, recorded and related, is that of a serverPsychology2, 509:and knowledge of the soul realm are [509] being registered with increasing accuracy in the mind.Psychology2, 509:are involved; work in a Master's group may be registered and regarded as a dream in spite of itsPsychology2, 606:the divine Logos Himself. But His dream must be registered in our consciousness as God's Plan andPsychology2, 614:an expansion of consciousness, they have little registered or noticeable effect upon the unevolvedPsychology2, 720:to think. The Aquarian inspiration is being registered by all who come under the influence [721] ofRays, 83:realizations of the over-shadowing Christ as He registered the Voice which is heard at the third,Rays, 106:the same measure of recorded recognition and of registered existence. It will be obvious to you,Rays, 108:when all of these three are appreciated and registered in a moment of time within the orbit ofRays, 130:to point to a wider horizon than that usually registered by disciples and I use these broadRays, 151:the combined forces of the planetary life as registered by the perfected individual. They willRays, 220:outer group. When the response of the Master is registered in the group consciousness and HisRays, 265:when monadic influence can be consciously registered and when the antahkarana is in process ofRays, 299:growth which - when attained - indicates a registered consciousness of unity; this is somethingRays, 313:express this concept) makes itself felt, but is registered only by the soul of the initiate and onRays, 313:on the level of soul consciousness; it is never registered by the man on the physical plane who isRays, 339:of every initiate. This final dual activity is registered by the initiate of the highest degreesRays, 361:of energies and influences which can now be registered by Him, owing to His increasing monadicRays, 373:have made contact with their souls, and this is registered in the Hierarchy. The triangle is,Rays, 390:in such a manner that complete rightness is registered in the initiate's consciousness and He knowsRays, 403:and to a form of cosmic contact which is registered by the Master from the point at which He standsRays, 433:or preserving in his brain consciousness the registered facts of several worlds or planes ofRays, 433:a straight continuity of consciousness can be registered and held which comes directly from theRays, 433:must involve the brain consciousness; the facts, registered upon the subtler planes, must beRays, 433:upon the subtler planes, must be correctly registered, recognized and interpreted simultaneouslyRays, 436:factor no longer controls, the interpretations registered by the brain are infallibly correct. IRays, 463:soul perceives by the soul itself. This is later registered by the lower mind. This soul perceptionRays, 493:therefore himself invocative. His life effect is registered upon the higher levels of consciousnessRays, 513:Words. It is the thought behind the form, the registered feeling anent the words, and theRays, 531:because the higher initiations are not registered by the mind (with its ability to reduceRays, 531:brain, but they reach the brain and are there registered via the antahkarana; the results of theRays, 531:taken place, the initiations will no longer be registered as factual ceremonials on earth or asRays, 547:possible. The results of these developed and registered contacts are finally seen in the completeRays, 569:implemented by the ray energies, must be registered in the physical brain and recorded by theRays, 570:to life and a new [570] world of thought are registered by the initiate. This will be equally trueRays, 577:one of great difficulty. The energies being registered, made active and finally used, are steadilyRays, 584:been - mass initiation, even when individually registered and recorded. Thousands of aspirants inRays, 585:initiations are individually administered and registered, and are undergone consciously and with anRays, 588:pours through him, focusing the will-to-good, as registered by the Hierarchy, and the sense ofRays, 664:arts began to flourish; color and beauty were registered. In our more modern Aryan race, the lightReappearance, 58:(Shamballa) for thousands of years. They have registered the fact that, for the first time in humanReappearance, 75:will bring about right human relations. Humanity registered (unconsciously, of course) the firstTelepathy, 4:principle or truth. Several minds have registered it. It is usually stated, however, in a wide
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