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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGISTERING

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Astrology, 7:you are today unconscious, or at least only registering and sensing the inner reality in which youAstrology, 413:Several lives may, therefore, be given to the registering of the effects of these energies upon theAstrology, 462:soul aspect of the triangle and is always the registering agent of consciousness. It is, therefore,Astrology, 504:manifestation of a solar Logos and is likewise registering a sensitive response to the quality ofDiscipleship1, 14:of the soul but not of the subconscious; the registering of messages from the soul or from otherDiscipleship1, 86:later that they have been left behind as far as registering the new truths is concerned. To thisDiscipleship1, 123:occasions when this happened? Training in the registering of offered and accepted aid is sometimesDiscipleship1, 334:these four at separate times, noting results and registering any response. The statement which youDiscipleship1, 461:realization; then instead of the constant registering of that which is seen and heard, there willDiscipleship1, 625:require the practice of visualization and the registering of color. The ancient pomp and ceremoniesDiscipleship1, 651:that you add to your usual diary notations, a registering of Ideas. You will find it fruitful andDiscipleship1, 665:of the basic harmony, but with the personality registering the conflict more definitely and moreDiscipleship1, 734:and the Hierarchy. It is basically a question of registering essential unity and the cessation ofDiscipleship2, 27:The resultant effects, reactions, and the registering of any realization must be noted for the twoDiscipleship2, 51:have been primarily [51] occupied with the registering of the more phenomenal results and with whatDiscipleship2, 67:with recognizing hierarchical planning, with registering world need, and with responding (faintly,Discipleship2, 73:of visualization will be evoked and aid you in registering what I say. Here are the phrases amongDiscipleship2, 134:the effort of all of you has been towards the registering of soul contact and the expression ofDiscipleship2, 422:can introduce him. Seeing, recognizing and registering the vision and recording the expansion inDiscipleship2, 488:the achievement of old age, they find themselves registering static condition, or what they deem toDiscipleship2, 549:if not from the angle of the soul), new in his registering of a sense of power which relation toDiscipleship2, 621:and so discover the cause of your "aloneness" by registering daily your effect upon people. ThatDiscipleship2, 743:planned thinking, and not simply a sensitive registering instrument. Through right meditation, theExternalisation, 119:physical life was strong; the deductive or self-registering life was practically nil. The life ofExternalisation, 186:into intuition. The significance of God, the registering of man's divine potentialities, and theGlamour, 14:drawing on the resources of your memory. The registering of old information and knowledge anent theGlamour, 173:later stages of human unfoldment - capable of registering the nature or function of being. BecomingGlamour, 231:the astral plane. These are all symbolic ways of registering the inner reality and are an attemptHealing, 92:of rebellion which colors all the life, and the registering of violent emotional reactions. TheseHealing, 192:- in the interim of adjustment - whilst they are registering and expressing themselves, there willHealing, 247:sutratma, and to return as consciousness to its registering source. In this process andHealing, 379:gradual development of more sensitive modes of registering and recording subtle phenomena will comeHealing, 611:unto himself" - or any nation either; they are registering the fact that it is simply common senseIntellect, 103:Very little real thinking follows upon the registering of information, and no clear formulation ofIntellect, 122:mind is a theatre or rather a cinematograph, registering anything that happens to come along; and,Intellect, 129:begins to demonstrate a new activity. Instead of registering and storing up in memory the contactsIntellect, 143:soul in gaining a right record and an accurate registering of its knowledge. Then, following uponIntellect, 160:in the desire or feeling body, we have the registering of joy, of happiness, and the experience ofIntellect, 169:must do his uttermost to live up to them. This registering of a constant pouring in of vital forceMagic, 15:philosophy, psychology or elsewhere is but the registering by the mind (and subsequently by theMagic, 57:impressions from the realm of spirit and of registering them in his physical brain. It is statedMagic, 65:If you are vibrating in many directions and registering thoughts from all sides, this law will beMagic, 170:two ways: in full waking consciousness or by the registering of the interview on the physical brainMagic, 200:and so familiar that it fails to call forth a registering response - he feels that the teacher hasMagic, 227:and formulates its own thought forms, as well as registering those of others. The stage wherein theMagic, 294:possess as yet an apparatus inadequate for the registering and recording of those infiniteMagic, 313:days, the lesson of sex and the intelligent registering of pain had a place in the schemes of thoseMagic, 316:careful study. Sensitive. There is always a registering of all impressions by the sensitive astralMagic, 316:as generally understood, there is nevertheless a registering of the originating cause which soughtMagic, 316:on the emotional body. Simple reaction. The registering or the refusal to register or respond to anMagic, 424:scientific basis. There is as yet no conscious registering of mental activity during such times,Patanjali, 276:is like an immense photographic [276] film, registering all the desires and earth experiences ofPatanjali, 313:thus contact them in full waking consciousness, registering those contacts with his physical brainPatanjali, 412:of an intermediary, of a sensitive plate, registering either that which pours into it from above orPatanjali, 414:as said before, capable of a dual function, registering contacts from one of two directions andProblems, 135:the world in their countless millions are registering a deep spiritual need, are conscious of theProblems, 136:famine in large areas of the world and yet are registering with equal dismay the famine of thePsychology1, 12:Ponder on this, seek to fit yourselves for the registering of these ideas, and train yourselves toPsychology1, 13:Many are as yet in [13] the initial stage of registering an awareness of a field of expressionPsychology1, 14:solar system. When this happens, there is the registering of a state of being which lies beyondPsychology1, 31:said, an embodied Life, expressing quality and registering that quality in consciousness or asPsychology1, 58:consciousness; there is a sensory apparatus, registering reaction to the environment; there is aPsychology1, 97:and of danger. All over the world aspirants are registering contacts hitherto unknown, are seeing aPsychology1, 97:aware of an expansion of consciousness. They are registering a world of phenomena - often astral,Psychology1, 196:the note sounded by all beings, and of registering the hidden motif of all appearing. ThePsychology2, 328:or manasaputra) doing three things: Consciously registering the desire to incarnate. This is thePsychology2, 502:a dream which is, in reality, no more than the registering of a sight or experience which wasPsychology2, 565:today it indicates two powers: An instinctual registering of some situation, some call and somePsychology2, 574:synchronously with its subjective counterpart, registering impressions from the head center and thePsychology2, 607:if one so desires - one related to the physical registering of the light in the head and the otherPsychology2, 607:the other to the acquiring of knowledge. This registering of light within the periphery of thePsychology2, 608:organ of vision, the eye. The sensing and the registering of this light in the head can lead to itsPsychology2, 608:correctly understood or controlled, just as the registering of the energy of power (coming from thePsychology2, 608:when not consecrated or refined. Again, this registering of the light falls into certain definitePsychology2, 609:plus the life thread at the moment of death. The registering of this inner light often causesPsychology2, 613:controlled by the third ray, will be found. The registering of the mystical vision with itsPsychology2, 741:It can be greatly helped by the discovery, registering and education of the men and women of goodRays, 203:human mechanism of thought proves incapable of registering them. What, for instance, do the wordsRays, 288:the mind. The initiated disciple is beyond registering triplicity and is occupied with the dualityRays, 295:the true need in form, appropriate to the registering capacity of humanity at this moment. Rays, 361:life - as He knows it - prevents Him from registering this energy of pure cosmic love as He laterRays, 463:of the soul by the personality, but the registering of that which the soul perceives by the soulRays, 543:development of sensitivity to contact, and the registering of "that which is other than the SelfRays, 544:from the Ashram and from the Master, as well as registering eventually the energies of all theRays, 658:that there exists the possibility of a conscious registering and recognition of divine intent and aRays, 690:of so high a quality that there is nothing of a registering mechanism in the initiate's equipmentRays, 690:mechanism in the initiate's equipment capable of registering its admission and circulation throughReappearance, 128:that livingness - bringing into activity those registering and those recording cells within theReappearance, 143:famine in large areas of the world and yet are registering (with equal dismay) the famine of theSoul, 145:different way of looking at phenomena, of registering the shadows on the screen - of [146] which weTelepathy, 41:of correct telepathic reception is ever the registering of an impression; it is generally vague atTelepathy, 59:is made. Impact is something more than simply registering contact. It develops into consciousTelepathy, 82:These impressionable instruments are capable of registering tamasic impressions, coming from theTelepathy, 92:of himself and through learning the art of registering. The clearer and the more deeplyTelepathy, 92:aid towards a wider and deeper insight. This registering of his own expanding environment - withTelepathy, 102:he much prefers that idea to the idea of registering impressions from his own soul or from theTelepathy, 103:his magnetic aura will be capable of registering impression from the subhuman kingdoms in nature.Telepathy, 116:who use the sacral center as the major registering organ. The magnetic aura (when this is the case)
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