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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REGULAR

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Autobiography, 69:where I could endure it no longer. There was no regular dentist then in the cantonment where I wasAutobiography, 167:of writing for the Tibetan, I had to write at regular hours and it was clear, concise, definiteDestiny, 12:- you will see that there has been a regular and rhythmic progression toward unity and synthesis inDiscipleship1, 13:work. First of all, all disciples practice regular and daily meditation. These meditations are eachDiscipleship1, 364:and attention to practical, loving, efficient, regular service. Your progress in the outerDiscipleship1, 408:meditation work. Seek as far as possible to be regular in its daily effectiveness. Let nothing butDiscipleship1, 416:balance. It will come more easily if you live a regular, organized life, move with greaterDiscipleship1, 723:interest in him. The Master is receiving regular reports (based on certain charts) from the seniorDiscipleship2, 11:advanced chela and that "the Master is receiving regular reports (based on certain charts) from theDiscipleship2, 305:prismatic colors; these radiate from the sun in regular rhythmic bands and produce a marvelousDiscipleship2, 638:way of approaching one's declining years and the regular procedure with the great majority. SeeDiscipleship2, 754:to do it twice daily, when convenient. I set no regular time. A year's steady practice (withExternalisation, 18:practice of the Presence of God, and of ordered regular meditation carried forward systematicallyFire, 838:and does so invariably; this will be a regular proof that the instrument is in range with theFire, 970:facilitated if the "shadow," or the man, pursues regular meditation, cultivates the habit of aHealing, 650:the hands, applied one after the other in a regular time rhythm. They pass through the hands, butInitiation, 13:pulsating life can be clearly seen beating in regular rhythm; [14] a vision of the LogoicInitiation, 69:at night, if in incarnation. Apart from these regular gatherings, in order to receive directInitiation, 69:to the Master for his progress, handing in regular reports. Karma is largely the arbiter of thisIntellect, 108:and focus it at will on any subject. The regular unremitting work of daily concentration graduallyIntellect, 216:Nine - The Practice of Meditation Next, the regular meditation work is attempted, and a certainIntellect, 223:no more than see that our breathing is quiet and regular, and will then withdraw our thoughts fromIntellect, 228:control. The breathing is noted as rhythmic and regular. Visualization of the threefold lower selfMagic, 54:progress has its drawbacks, and that a steady, regular, persistent endeavor will carry them furtherMeditation, 62:Then let the aspirant note if his breathing is regular, steady and uniform. Should this be so, letPsychology1, 349:of the second ray are dynamic and recur in a regular rhythm at this time and during the twenty-fivePsychology1, 352:cycles, and produce a steady heartbeat and a regular rhythm in the solar system. The three rays ofPsychology1, 358:not often that two rays follow each other in a regular numerical sequence, such as is nowPsychology1, 365:through ritual, or through the imposition of a regular rhythm, for rhythm is what really designatesPsychology1, 365:of trains, of ocean liners and of mails, and the regular broadcasting of the radio organizations, -Psychology2, 133:demonstration of the above changes becomes more regular and less spasmodic and the effects of thePsychology2, 158:of a definite formula of breathing, and regular concentration upon a specific center would releasePsychology2, 450:and - from [450] the time angle - of almost regular occurrence. But this is not the case where the
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