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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REITERATION

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Bethlehem, 121:His divine powers for selfish ends by the quiet reiteration of His divinity - a divinity which wasDiscipleship1, 16:character requirements and - tiresome as the reiteration may be - I urge upon you the cultivationDiscipleship1, 27:(to use an ancient occult phrase) for the reiteration of the known ideal, or to tell you again whatDiscipleship2, 50:by all the group members. Hence my constant reiteration of the need of love between the groupDiscipleship2, 134:and there is nothing to be gained by a constant reiteration of the familiar. I am, secondly, [135]Education, 77:sins, imposed upon children by the constant reiteration of "No," by the use of the word "naughty,"Externalisation, 443:I shall not dwell. Nothing is here gained by reiteration except the growing burden of aHealing, 3:I wish to enunciate the truth that the constant reiteration by certain schools of healers that theHealing, 645:this must not be forgotten and needs frequent reiteration. As we have earlier seen, there are threeHercules, 3:been surmounted, and must avoid the tiresome reiteration of that basic rule of life, which has beenMeditation, 39:of all briefly recapitulate, for the value of reiteration is profound. We have taken up briefly thePsychology1, 35:Let us be perfectly clear even at the expense of reiteration. In this treatise, though we may touchPsychology2, 183:character requirements, and tiresome as the reiteration may be, I urge upon you the cultivation ofPsychology2, 483:based on autosuggestion. The constant reiteration of the voiced, but unrealized, fact of divinityPsychology2, 668:general public for it is only through constant reiteration that men learn, and these things must beRays, 687:constantly be remembered (and hence my constant reiteration) that our seven planes are the seven
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