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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - REJECT

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Astrology, 7:to me whether modern astrologers accept or reject these presented ideas. I will endeavor to giveAstrology, 19:and their capacity to attract, to respond, to reject, to absorb and to transmute is entirelyAtom, 40:of the ability of the microbe to select and reject, and in the course of his remarks he says: "WhenAtom, 41:ability of the atom to choose its own path, to reject and to select, and showed that naturalAtom, 41:- energy, intelligence, ability to select and reject, to attract and repel, sensation, movement,Autobiography, 250:of truth. A member of the school can accept or reject the fact of the Masters, of the Hierarchy, ofAutobiography, 274:This leads to three happenings: The old groups reject those who respond to the newer esotericAutobiography, 287:this, that or the other truth; and if they reject what some of us believe and accept, we feel thatBethlehem, 8:on Initiation We are free to choose and to reject; but let us see to it that we choose with eyesBethlehem, 204:point of view of the "carnal man" to do, or to reject, certain things, and when we choose theDestiny, 8:an idea becomes an ideal, humanity can freely reject or accept it, but ideas come from a higherDiscipleship1, 16:to work and learn, in freedom to choose or reject, in observation and in techniques. All have theirDiscipleship1, 373:with pride and understanding; the second you reject with pride and no understanding. Before you canDiscipleship1, 413:put frankly before you, leaving you to accept or reject my suggestions as may seem best to you.Discipleship1, 691:focal point of energy of the group. If you would reject all criticism, if you cultivate the joy ofDiscipleship1, 782:or presentation of truth; he can accept or reject the fact of the Masters, of the Hierarchy, ofDiscipleship2, 167:recognize no subjective or inner world, and who reject the concept of an inner world of causesDiscipleship2, 516:needs a certain note of quality. Learn to reject and thus discriminate the best. Externalisation, 148:of the race, but will be free at all times to reject that impression and to proceed as theyExternalisation, 256:they apparently placidly accept for others and reject for themselves will be changed into the goodExternalisation, 463:world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish, materialistic motives and philosophy andExternalisation, 589:that the orthodox Christian will at first reject the theories about the Christ which occultismExternalisation, 628:women of goodwill and spiritual inclination must reject the thought of their relative uselessness,Fire, 474:Enormous physical magnetism, [474] Ability to reject false magnetism, Capacity to absorb solarFire, 1044:meet each other. They seek a greater intimacy or reject with hatred any more approach. Some passHealing, 473:you have confidence in my knowledge, or to reject them as fantastic, unverifiable and of no momentHercules, 11:struggling to work subjectively and trying to reject the lure and the pull of the outer tangibleHercules, 148:it can become an energy that causes a man to reject the form for the sake of the life whichMagic, 330:They despise the tradition of the past; they reject the old formulations of truth; and because asMeditation, 271:he has learnt to throw off automatically, and to reject immediately, every thought and desirePsychology1, 38:to separate, and to distinguish, to choose or to reject, with all the implications conveyed inPsychology2, 332:in two ways. The soul now begins definitely to reject the form, and the man, through whom the soulPsychology2, 741:that the over-active minds of many will reject it on the ground that it is too simple, and yet theReappearance, 21:world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish materialistic living and to begin to treadReappearance, 118:experience the factual nature of this return reject earnestly the foolish and improbable details,Reappearance, 176:of goodwill and of spiritual inclination must reject the thought of their relative uselessness,Soul, 144:practical import to demonstrate as truth or to reject as false the arguments put forward in thisSoul, 157:may be a mistaken idea of spiritual demands, reject the normal marriage state, and pledgeTelepathy, 115:can be so handled and dealt with that it can reject much that might otherwise impinge upon it, pass
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