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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATE

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Healing, 135:the occult point of view. I shall not attempt to relate the esoteric attitude of healing, itsHealing, 140:vehicle into relation with each other; they also relate the man to the etheric [141] body - bothHealing, 142:modern medicine. Much, however, has been done to relate the glandular system to the blood.[143]Healing, 146:plus dynamic effectiveness. They serve to relate the initiate to all parts of the planetary life,Healing, 146:to the Hierarchy; the Buddhas of Activity relate him to the third aspect of divinity, that ofHealing, 178:hoping that some research may follow which will relate this subject of the centers to theHealing, 187:gland. Students will find it interesting to relate all these triplicities to the three major rays:Healing, 203:in mind that this diagram is simply an effort to relate in pictorial form the centers, the glandsHealing, 221:importance of the glandular system, and to relate, as far as is just and wise, some of the orientalHealing, 276:in the New Age will eventually know enough to relate these various ray forces to their appropriateHealing, 338:but medical science must go a step further and relate the glandular system to the inner centers. Healing, 444:interval of active living, they fail to relate death and sleep. Death is, after all, only a longerHealing, 493:but also for the group; within the group they relate one to the other in time and space. Only inHealing, 533:source from whence the trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect and know the pointHealing, 547:the will works, and with this in your mind, relate the information given you anent Law One in theHealing, 550:source from whence the trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect and know the pointHealing, 577:he must use thought power. He must be able to relate cause and effect; the relating agent is everHealing, 589:so tenuous an emanation that it must perforce relate itself to the two higher aspects and becomeHealing, 691:of high degree. But now there is nothing more to relate, to report or to transmit, and - as theHealing, 698:line 2-4-6. By an act of the will he will then relate the soul energy, via the desired vehicle,Hercules, 122:The three rulers of the sign Virgo definitely relate it to eight other signs, as has been noted,Hercules, 131:concrete and the abstract he stands, trying to relate the two. Always there is a [132] discrepancy,Initiation, 172:endeavor, and thus meditating, the student must relate this present solar system to the precedingIntellect, 171:of cases could be proved, were people willing to relate their experiences, but too many refrainIntellect, 191:come from those who are Knowers, and who can relate their experience of divinity in such a way thatMagic, 21:in his environment, and finally he learns to relate these aspects of himself to the similar aspectsMagic, 158:the three factors which the disciple needs to relate if he ever aims to become an active and potentMagic, 287:will comprehend at once. To Will. These words relate to the ultimate achievement, when, by an actMagic, 495:interval of active living, they fail to relate death and sleep. Death, after all, is only a longerMagic, 501:plane existence and the happenings which they relate whilst in trance and of which they usuallyMagic, 532:mental apprehension which will enable them to relate past and present and anticipate the future.Patanjali, 40:Students should bear in mind that these stages relate to soul activities, to egoic realization andPatanjali, 82:Heavenly Men, and the centers above enumerated relate to the energy of the seven Heavenly MenPatanjali, 128:the hindrances, avidya and sense of personality, relate to man, the synthesis upon the physicalPatanjali, 181:of right breathing or of posture as they relate to the triple aligned and coordinated lower man,Patanjali, 181:from wrong acts. These are five in number and relate to the relation of the disciple (or chela) toPatanjali, 182:called the "religious observances" because they relate to the interior life of the disciple and toPatanjali, 183:from all sense contacts. The next two means relate to the mental body and the final one to the realPatanjali, 184:This covers a man's physical acts as they relate to all forms of divine [185] manifestation andPatanjali, 188:takes. The words "internal and external purity" relate to the three sheaths in which the self isPatanjali, 275:when they claim to know who they are, and to relate the past lives of their friends? They arePatanjali, 285:chains him. The signs or portents referred to, relate primarily to the mental world, where the realPatanjali, 384:the path of purification, whilst the methods relate to the final stages of that path, and to theProblems, 26:which bring water under control, or which relate all parts of this vast country through roads andProblems, 39:thus gained enable the man of culture to relate the world of meaning (as inherited from the past)Problems, 62:in its various branches or philosophy - he will relate it all to the Science of Right HumanProblems, 65:and wiser groups, plus effort on their part to relate the world of meaning to the world of outerPsychology1, 12:same. The effort to synchronize effort does not relate so much to the time element as to unity ofPsychology2, 270:therefore divide humanity into three groups and relate humanity to the three major approaches. a.Psychology2, 296:of energy, forming one great life stream. These relate a human being to the three aspects orPsychology2, 296:should notice how the rays of the personality relate them, within the sphere or periphery of theirPsychology2, 301:sun", and in the general scheme of things. These relate him to the planetary whole and give muchPsychology2, 375:is form, activity, substance, and desire. Can I relate these and fashion thus a form for God? WherePsychology2, 403:are based upon the fact of their failure to relate the many points of view to each other. The samePsychology2, 464:focusing and attitude which attempts to [464] relate itself to that which lies beyond thePsychology2, 485:of prime importance - all these differentiations relate to grades of work and not to grades ofPsychology2, 502:horror can, for instance, induce a person to relate, quite innocently, a dream which is, inPsychology2, 504:confronted with the inability of the patient to relate his dream correctly. What is presented toPsychology2, 623:be felt as the "will to circulate, the will to relate and the will to express" makes its presenceRays, 35:of Christ, "Life more abundantly." These words relate to contact with Shamballa; the result will beRays, 69:The function of the Custodians of the Will is to relate the Council, the Hierarchy and Humanity,Rays, 89:both of Humanity and the Hierarchy, He can relate them both to Shamballa. This He does through aRays, 92:the personality to the soul), He now seeks to relate more closely, with the aid of the Buddha, theRays, 98:earlier considered are general in nature and relate to certain broad themes or demanded hypothesesRays, 121:convey the needed teaching. They will seek to relate the One, the Monad, to the personality, and toRays, 150:Each of these rays has its seven subrays which relate it to all the other rays. These seven raysRays, 152:initiate as his consciousness is expanded. They relate to: The work which the initiate mustRays, 217:prior to initiation. We shall find it useful to relate these qualities to the various phrases orRays, 243:related to the power to think and consciously to relate cause and effect. It is a process on theRays, 267:informing Life of the constellation Libra; They relate these two great centers of energy to ourRays, 312:composed of the will quality of the Monad and relate the soul to the emanating Monad. The firstRays, 319:stupendous words with which we have been dealing relate to the cooperation of the initiate with theRays, 323:of the individual aspirant. I will endeavor to relate the seven Ray energies to the five and theRays, 325:the mode and method whereby the initiate could relate in one great fusion or at-one-ment not onlyRays, 358:anything in the three worlds; He can, however, relate cosmic sources with planetary and solarRays, 399:to the realm of divine Mind. Four of the Paths relate the advancing Master to the Heart of theRays, 419:and impression. This impact and this impression relate to the bringing together of substance andRays, 466:present point in human evolution is the need to relate - consciously and effectively - theRays, 467:of Probation. But to build the antahkarana is to relate the three divine aspects. This involvesRays, 470:and the consequent evocation, which eventually relate soul and personality and soul and monad. ItRays, 472:the egoic lotus. [472] The other two threads relate themselves directly with the Triad, and henceRays, 474:cables," speaking symbolically, which will relate the planetary centers and present the mediumRays, 488:his astral, or sensitive vehicle. This does not relate to the emotions. Imagination is, as youRays, 546:Center of the Ashram. Students would do well to relate these four stages to the Six Stages ofRays, 594:to collate information, rightly to interpret and relate that information, and to create the neededRays, 622:the true heroes. The factor that must and will relate the Principle of Conflict to the expressionRays, 660:as instituted by the planetary Logos, men must relate them to the great crises which have occurredRays, 660:neither you nor I can know practically anything) relate to the initiations of those methods andRays, 688:time the significance of the will and uses it to relate the head center and the center at the baseRays, 734:- with dynamic energy and, in a mysterious way, relate them to each other so that a [735] newRays, 759:centers: the Hierarchy and Humanity, and to relate them both in a new and dynamic manner to theReappearance, 29:the world of spiritual recognitions. It did not relate to death [30] but to life; it had noReappearance, 49:- along certain lines - we already have. Let me relate some of the things He did which we can do,Reappearance, 88:work of Christ, during the Piscean Age, was to relate humanity to the Hierarchy of the planet; inReappearance, 88:planet; in the Aquarian Age, His work will be to relate this rapidly growing group to that higherSoul, 50:understanding of humanity. Some psychologists relate all human reactions - physical, emotional andSoul, 63:proofs several of the phenomena I am about to relate; but whether there be or be not in the worldTelepathy, 104:the source of the impression; he must be able to relate it to some field of demanded information,Telepathy, 152:are like an intermediary web or network. These relate the etheric body as a whole to the entireTelepathy, 185:nevertheless a secondary activity which is to relate the second and the third Centers to each other
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