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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATED

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Astrology, 361:When Gemini, Scorpio and Mercury are correctly related we shall see the United States moving alsoAstrology, 361:of the Earth and Venus. The Earth is peculiarly related to the "brother whose light is waning," forAstrology, 361:is material or substantial; Venus is closely related to the "brother whose light grows strongerAstrology, 362:From certain angles, these are related to the Personality of our planetary Logos: The Earth -Astrology, 382:a very complex aggregation of forces, being related not only to Aries with its cosmic contacts, butAstrology, 384:These factors of expression have ever been related to these two since the night of time, becauseAstrology, 391:or orthodox planet, Venus, this sign Taurus is related to Gemini, Libra and Capricorn. It is ofAstrology, 391:of interest to note that Taurus is, therefore, related to the Mutable Cross by a linking stream ofAstrology, 400:field of knowledge. "Our Lady, the Moon" is related to all these and before the great disruption inAstrology, 411:such as a change in the axis of the Earth is related to an initiation of the planetary Logos.Astrology, 411:Zodiacal energies pass through Shamballa and are related to the first Ray of Will or Power andAstrology, 411:energies pass through the Hierarchy and are related to the second Ray of Love-Wisdom or (as it isAstrology, 411:impinge upon and pass through humanity and are related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence andAstrology, 413:human family in this world crisis because it is related to the entire question of consciousAstrology, 415:triangles and will refuse to lose sight of the related triple energies, they will greatly simplifyAstrology, 416:The energies coming from the Great Bear are related to the will or purpose of the solar Logos andAstrology, 416:The energies coming from the sun, Sirius, are related to the love-wisdom aspect or to theAstrology, 416:of that Great Being. This cosmic soul energy is related to the Hierarchy. You have been told thatAstrology, 417:of the Great Bear - constitutes with Aries a related line of force; only one point of Aries -Astrology, 417:with Leo and Capricorn (see Tabulation VIII) is related to Pluto. Therefore the entire cosmic webAstrology, 419:into being through the medium of these three related groups and our solar system. As hinted by meAstrology, 420:Personality aspect. These three energies will be related, therefore, to the three aspects ofAstrology, 421:streams of conditioning energies will be seen related to each other and to our Earth and these fallAstrology, 422:repeat that what I shall have to say will be related to present world conditions, to humanity, andAstrology, 425:zodiac fall into two groups of signs, and their related synthesis has much to do with the ScienceAstrology, 426:of Triangles. They are: [426] 1. Seven signs related to the unfoldment of planetary consciousnessAstrology, 426:Hierarchy, the Human Hierarchy. 2. Five signs related to the unfoldment, in time and space, of theAstrology, 426:Scorpio Capricorn Pisces These five signs are related in the planetary sense to the five greatAstrology, 426:glands are to the human being. They are related to five centers. All these appearances, expressionsAstrology, 427:constellations. These pour through certain other related constellations and planets into the threeAstrology, 427:center is here omitted because it is primarily related to the physical body and its expression ofAstrology, 436:of initiation plus a crisis of destruction (related primarily to the mineral kingdom) paralleled byAstrology, 437:souls, with the fifth kingdom in nature as it is related to the fourth. It is this triplicity ofAstrology, 454:between the planetary sacral center (which is related to the third kingdom in nature, the animalAstrology, 454:I would like here to refer because they are related to the Science of the Triangles. You shouldAstrology, 454:you that the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge is related to the ajna center and, therefore, in thisAstrology, 465:indication of which constellations are primarily related to the unfoldment of consciousness and toAstrology, 468:these four constellations are considered and related: The Sun - The Soul The Moon - The FormAstrology, 468:the phenomenal worlds and is also closely related to Karma. It concerns the first precipitation ofAstrology, 472:crises but are more definitely and specifically related to the unfoldment of the individualAstrology, 476:in mind. [476] These seven crises can also be related to the seven centers in the vital or ethericAstrology, 478:statements: The Science of Triangles is related to the total expression of the divine triplicity ofAstrology, 478:On our planet, the Science of Triangles is related to the three major aspects, as they expressAstrology, 478:in the treatise that the Science of Triangles is related to spirit and synthesis. I would remindAstrology, 481:various triangles as they are discovered to be related in time and space. Under the will of DeityAstrology, 482:factors producing the shift in the Earth's axis. Related to this triangle is a secondary one withinAstrology, 483:You have, therefore, through these related triangles, the appearance of Shamballa and Humanity -Astrology, 489:It means also that the planets which are related to these two rays will be very active and,Astrology, 489:and, therefore, of astrology itself; it is also related to the rays, the constellations, theirAstrology, 503:mysteries of initiation. It deals with and is related to the spiritual status of the planetaryAstrology, 508:Again, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer and is related to the fourth ray, and rules the fourthAstrology, 511:the endower of mind plus the embodied soul, are related and active in this house. The light ofAstrology, 511:I hope suggestive - of the centers as they are related to [512] the planets, viewing these planetsAstrology, 513:we know which rays - in this world cycle - are related to the different planets. As given earlier,Astrology, 524:Great Britain and the United States are closely related and that this relation makes certainAstrology, 524:potently; and that India and Great Britain are related through the first ray personality of GreatAstrology, 529:Jamaica and Madras which are all subjectively related in a manner unforeseen by students atAstrology, 537:These are curiously and most mysteriously related to the fourth kingdom in nature and therefore toAstrology, 542:the other a spiritual objective. Capricorn is related, as you have been told, to initiation; [543]Astrology, 548:ray energy and this is, as you know, peculiarly related to the fourth [549] kingdom in nature, theAstrology, 559:Crosses are, in their totality of manifestation, related to the three basic energies which broughtAstrology, 563:be noted that there are seven forms of light, related to the substance of the seven planes. TheseAstrology, 563:of light of the twelve Creative Hierarchies, related each of them to one or other of the twelveAstrology, 582:be about My Father's business?" That business, related by Him to the first divine aspect, the MonadAstrology, 583:Nature of the Will These three aspects are all related to the three divine expressions of spirit,Astrology, 583:Shamballa energy is, therefore, that which is related to the livingness (through consciousness andAstrology, 591:through a study of the seven rays and their related constellations and their transmitting agents,Astrology, 596:of Will or Power. This ray is outstandingly related to that aspect of will which conquers death. ItAstrology, 599:atoms of which all forms are made. It is closely related to the first solar system even whilstAstrology, 600:have not as yet the faintest idea. An ideal is related to the consciousness aspect as far as humanAstrology, 600:as far as human beings are concerned. An idea is related to the will aspect. This ray embodies aAstrology, 600:relationship of the will and desire. Desire is related to consciousness. Will is not. We are not,Astrology, 601:the Father, to the Monad, to the One. It is related, consequently, to the Will and not toAstrology, 602:and why certain constellations and planets are related to certain rays and transmit into the centerAstrology, 606:the cause of the thought-form building faculty, related to the creative urge. Ray VII. - That whichAstrology, 622:of distribution" (if I may so express it) is related to the will which produces inevitable union,Astrology, 627:one form. This second ray is, therefore, closely related to Virgo and its lowest aspect is motherAstrology, 631:Subtraction, Abstraction and these three are related (as far as man is concerned) to the firstAstrology, 641:with the solar system these three groups are related to the Logoic Spiritual Triad -Astrology, 648:'The Dragon of Wisdom'." (C.F. 1162) Tabulations Related to Astrology The Rays and the PlanetsAstrology, 676:man and therefore the five kumaras. It is related to the Ocean God. It personifies solar fire."Astrology, 694:Grades. This again is a planetary scheme closely related to ours. Its planetary Logos is in a moreAutobiography, 7:and in their souls and all the intricacies of related experiences almost staggers me. I want toAutobiography, 19:and the La Trobes of Baltimore are, therefore, related to me, though I have never looked them up.Autobiography, 40:experiences should never be discussed or related. This is fundamentally true and no trueAutobiography, 41:such experiences. But with deliberation I have related the two above subjective events (or was theAutobiography, 71:fact that India and Great Britain are closely related and have much karma to work out together andAutobiography, 102:by marriage who was at the wedding and who is related to half of England took me aside when I saidAutobiography, 163:it quite clear that the work I do is in no way related to automatic writing. Automatic writing,Autobiography, 226:these years all the three girls married. As related, Dorothy married a Captain Morton, six monthsAutobiography, 238:great crises in the life [238] of the Christ, related in the New Testament, are also the same. WhenAutobiography, 274:interest in those things which are esoteric and related to the Hierarchy emerges. These disciples,Autobiography, 290:no desire to be a competitive organization with related loyalties to local lodges, local meetingsBethlehem, 34:of the individual, and study those episodes related in the Gospel story which vitally concern theBethlehem, 75:in a very few words. Only one episode is related, and that is the one in which Jesus, havingBethlehem, 103:state of initiation. All life's happenings are related to the carrying forward of the life task.Bethlehem, 148:of [148] Deity Itself. The physical body is related to the third aspect of divinity, the Holy GhostBethlehem, 149:revelations. The very simplicity of the story as related in the Gospels has a majesty and aBethlehem, 164:interest to compare a somewhat similar story related in The Bhagavad Gita, wherein Arjuna has hadBethlehem, 220:of which He had felt assured, was found to be related to feeling. That feeling He must also
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