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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATED

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Healing, 107:and circulation, for these two are closely related. The nervous system is controlled principallyHealing, 111:is illness or discomfort or disease which is not related to the final dissolution, the causesHealing, 116:in this incarnation. As each center is related to one or other of the glands, and these in theirHealing, 118:is then intelligently explained and related to the existing condition, and the man is consequentlyHealing, 121:into that of the soul. They [121] are primarily related to energy, its inflow, its assimilation orHealing, 121:system, via the directing brain. Those which are related to the respiratory system and have anHealing, 125:The heart and the blood are esoterically related, and symbolically define the pulsating life of theHealing, 126:feel. He realizes that the cyclic condition is related to the pairs of opposites and is part of theHealing, 130:other of the [130] personality vehicles to its related center (i.e., the astral force and itsHealing, 130:with the respiratory or breathing system are all related to the heart, and therefore concerned withHealing, 130:opposite, the Sacred Word, the OM, is intimately related. It might be said [131] in the words of anHealing, 132:sound of the OM, and the Sound itself, are all related to vibration and its differing and variedHealing, 132:process of creating vibratory activity. They are related but distinct from each other. One isHealing, 132:are related but distinct from each other. One is related to Time and the other to Space and (as theHealing, 136:the nature of abstract propositions, and unless related to this fifth Law will remain somewhatHealing, 142:glands These three systems are very closely related to each other and constitute an interlockingHealing, 147:- the energy of active intelligence. It is related to the personality by the creative thread ofHealing, 147:creative activity), just as the head center is related to the center at the base of the spine. AnHealing, 148:The first aspect of will or power and purpose. Related to the pineal gland. The Right Eye - theHealing, 148:- HIERARCHY. The second aspect of love-wisdom. Related to the pituitary body. The Left Eye - theHealing, 148:- HUMANITY. The third aspect of intelligence. Related to the carotid gland. When these three eyesHealing, 149:and - curiously enough - it is closely related to the sixth ray, just as the head center isHealing, 149:ray, just as the head center is essentially related to the first ray. The sixth is peculiarlyHealing, 150:seeks to comprehend the centers, interiorly related within the etheric body, related at the sameHealing, 150:interiorly related within the etheric body, related at the same time to the subtler bodies, to theHealing, 152:is the man in time and space." This center is related to the first initiation and develops greatHealing, 152:are three centers in the human being which are related to and the major expression of the third rayHealing, 153:human development and consciousness. It is related to the personality by the creative thread, toHealing, 153:monad by the sutratma or life thread. It is not related to any of the divine aspects by theHealing, 155:of the pituitary body, thus bringing into one related system the entire area of the throat and ofHealing, 155:the carotid gland. This gland is more closely related [156] to the thyroid gland than it is to theHealing, 158:the term. The heart center becomes essentially related to the personality when the process ofHealing, 165:itself. The three glands in the head are closely related to the soul or psychic nature (higher andHealing, 169:rapidly awakened. This center is peculiarly related to two other centers: The heart and the ajnaHealing, 170:These lower centers are not so specifically related to initiations as are the centers above theHealing, 177:center. The sacral center is therefore closely related to matter, and there is a flow of energyHealing, 182:law, spirit and matter meet, and life is related to form. It is therefore the center where theHealing, 183:built and the Monad and Personality are thereby related, even if it is only by the most tenuousHealing, 184:energy which feeds matter is poured. Another is related to the path of consciousness and ofHealing, 185:fire, solar fire and fire by friction, and are related in their usage to the three stages of theHealing, 187:do. The three centers in the head are also related to this triple channel: The medulla oblongataHealing, 188:the head. These groups and triplicities are all related in time and space to the triple spinalHealing, 189:nervous system The endocrine system are closely "related to each other and constitute anHealing, 193:it in this manner) and are not so definitely related to the herd or mass condition, They ariseHealing, 193:the persons themselves, and though they may be related to the mass diseases, they are based onHealing, 196:and consequently the network of nerves, are related primarily to two aspects of man's physicalHealing, 199:loosely called mental diseases, and which are related to the brain, are little understood as yet.Healing, 200:the instrument of direction, and is closely related to the pituitary body and the two eyes, as wellHealing, 200:this involves the formation, activity and related interplay of the following triangles of force:Healing, 200:of the head center. The pituitary body, related to the ajna center. The carotid gland, theHealing, 203:being expressing itself perfectly through the related monad and personality (which is brought aboutHealing, 204:call the physical man. Therefore, the group of related factors with which we have been dealing mustHealing, 204:consequently, three factors: The centers, their related glands, and the group of organs for whichHealing, 205:right direction to its precipitation (the related gland), then the form responds and ill healthHealing, 206:process) to stimulate or affect the healer's own related glands or produce action in the connectedHealing, 207:the area diseased. This is usually done via the related gland, though it is not always so. PonderHealing, 209:in a balanced manner, nor are they properly related through intensive radiation; in no human beingHealing, 209:There are two reasons for this, and both are related to the cerebro-spinal system: The head centerHealing, 210:eyebrows and conditioning the pituitary body, is related to the entire life of the integratedHealing, 210:lotus) conditions the pineal gland and is related to the life of the soul and - after the thirdHealing, 213:from the center, via the nadis, will be safely related and brought into a synthetic functioningHealing, 221:are the oldest on our planet, and which are related to the fast dying out Lemurian types; NegroesHealing, 226:scarcely human and when they were so closely related to the animal kingdom that we call them by theHealing, 231:themselves, culminating in the great war (as related in The Secret Doctrine) between the Lords ofHealing, 237:We have spoken of one basic widespread disease related to the physical body; we have dealtHealing, 239:centers. Cancer is a disease most definitely related to the centers, and it will be found that theHealing, 239:increase of energy pouring through the related bodily substance. This energy and theHealing, 239:area. One of the main sources of cancer as related to the sacral center, and therefore to the sexHealing, 240:stored up by the centers which is not directly related to the endocrine system; it penetrates, byHealing, 242:and the objective effects. The two must be related. The activity - excessive or inadequate - of theHealing, 245:in nature and eternally present, is closely related to the influence of the first ray. It is thatHealing, 247:cause are a deep mystery and are specifically related to the various kingdoms in nature, and to theHealing, 267:- by the fact of birth and education - he is related and with which he should assimilate. It willHealing, 270:make clear to you that the fundamental cause is related to energy, to its presence in excess as itHealing, 273:as they are to be found in the centers and their related fields of activity. [274] Healing, 277:charts of the soul and of the personality can be related to each other; then the etheric body willHealing, 277:These astrological findings will not only be related to the personality and the soul charts, butHealing, 290:of the self-conscious developing man, Karma, related to the life of the disciple, HierarchicalHealing, 295:be remembered that the seven imperfections are related to the sevenfold nature of the One in WhomHealing, 307:you will have no free flow of force, the gland related to the center will be definitely affected,Healing, 311:perceive, two existing factors, and these, when related and stimulated, produce the appearance ofHealing, 312:in awareness and the disease are not remotely related to each other. I would remind you, as well,Healing, 334:independently of form. It is therefore closely related to the planetary physical body. It is theHealing, 336:of light? The eyes and the soul are closely related and - speaking in the language of occultism -Healing, 338:working through certain centers, plus the related endocrine system, with its relation to the bloodHealing, 377:used today is that which is only physical and related to and inherent in the physical and ethericHealing, 379:say that electricity and photography are closely related because the human being is electrical inHealing, 383:three basic diseases; they, in their turn, are related to a definite misuse of the energy of theHealing, 408:three worlds. It then concerns form only, and is related to those vehicles of expression which areHealing, 433:highest expression of that Law, and is therefore related to the will aspect of Deity, as also theHealing, 434:manifestation) three phases or aspects, each related to the three divine aspects: It relates lifeHealing, 445:is a deep and largely unrealized truth. It is related to the entire process of death, and might beHealing, 461:of etheric substance, are two which are closely related to and in the region of the lungs. It is onHealing, 466:There is one connected with the stomach; it is related, therefore, to the solar plexus, but is notHealing, 488:desire and inherent emotion are, at this stage, related to the animal nature and the physical bodyHealing, 492:These three seeds are in a peculiar manner related to the permanent physical and astral atoms, andHealing, 492:the returning man will find his place. It is related to the quality of that future environment andHealing, 492:the incoming energies will circulate and is related in particular to the special one of the sevenHealing, 493:and space. Only in the lower three shall those related find their true existence. When soul knowsHealing, 502:stages in the evolutionary process; it is related to the principle whereby the soul identifies
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