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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATED

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Healing, 532:and Applied Note: Certain of the Rules are related to certain of the Laws and will be considered byHealing, 532:a list of the ten laws and - where a rule is related to a particular law - to give it with thatHealing, 534:right direction to its precipitation (the related gland), then the form responds and ill healthHealing, 536:each other, for several of the Rules are closely related to a Law which controls the healer. FromHealing, 538:us now study Law One; it has no Rule attached or related to it, as it is a basic statement,Healing, 547:considered, and how beautifully they are related to each other. The mastering and grasping of oneHealing, 551:psychological causes. [551] This first rule is related to that entire section of the teaching andHealing, 564:the human kingdom. It is essentially a law related to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, and it wasHealing, 568:of an urge to betterment. These urges are not related to the expression of the will-to-good or toHealing, 568:greater or less degree), but they are definitely related to the expression of something closer toHealing, 571:blended and fused energies of the personality; related to this third eye as it awakens and comesHealing, 592:give indication of the type of problem which is related to one or other of these two categories;Healing, 594:is established. "That which is above is now related to that which is below, but that which is belowHealing, 602:physical trouble is stomachic, for instance, or related to the liver, the healer will direct hisHealing, 612:[612] it is that which is fundamentally related to some form of sensitivity; it is that to whichHealing, 614:right direction to its precipitation (the related gland), then the form responds and ill healthHealing, 616:other three will later be revealed, and one is related in a peculiar sense to the healing qualityHealing, 616:to your attention because this truth is directly related to this seventh law. We have seen, inHealing, 618:understood. The entire subject is closely related to the art of healing; one of the effects of theHealing, 618:friction is located) is the stimulation of the related gland and its increased activity. The glandsHealing, 619:focused, and as [619] it passes outward into the related gland, it takes on the quality of theHealing, 619:from the one source in this solar system, is related to the energy which we call Love, and thisHealing, 623:forms a coherent, conscious, living whole. Related to these centers, and reacting in strict unisonHealing, 624:have a most definite effect upon the allied or related gland, and therefore upon the secretionHealing, 627:and from thence into the blood stream, via the related gland. Forget not, the truth remainsHealing, 628:every part [628] of the human body. The seven related centers, each specifically qualified and eachHealing, 628:the blood stream. Both are in fact so closely related and allied that, in action, it is not easyHealing, 629:simple and direct, and in its implications related to the subjective nature and the objective form.Healing, 629:the more simply is it expressed. Abstruseness is related to the ignorance of the student - not toHealing, 643:of the healer, founded on two groups of related aspects in the healer's personality, and indicatingHealing, 644:the two techniques which govern the two sets of related faculties. This class of healer is muchHealing, 657:flooding with soul energy through the medium of related auras is, all of it, directed as oneHealing, 665:to the spiritual Hierarchy; this is related to the fact that all our planes are composed ofHealing, 666:the meaning of my words. They are, however, related to the words in the Great Invocation which say,Healing, 670:Hierarchy also employs harmlessness, but it is related to the will-to-good and involves the use ofHealing, 671:to retreat. This triple episode is symbolically related, but is factual in nature. Little thoughtHealing, 690:which make up the one Sound, but which are not related to the seven sounds which compose theHealing, 691:incarnation for the first time. This is closely related to the abstruse subject of the permanentHealing, 696:By means of this, he becomes connected with or related to the governing soul and personality rays.Healing, 696:The ray in the personality vehicles most closely related to the second ray (for which all theHealing, 697:rays that may be. This secondary triangle is related to the primary triangle by an "act ofHealing, 698:of that center within his etheric body which is related to his soul ray. Process three. He then,Healing, 702:of five hours of most careful preparation, related to his mind, the thinking apparatus. I mean notHealing, 709:of it that you will understand; it is entirely related, as far as our theme is concerned, to manHealing, 713:theme of this volume, an entirely new language related to energy and force is already in theHercules, 42:in Taurus and Gemini, in Scorpio and Pisces, are related at greater length. They were drastic inHercules, 74:been regarded as the symbol or the element related to the Christ plane, called in the TheosophicalHercules, 116:of the Myth The story of the myth related that the great Presiding One recognized that this laborHercules, 175:the eagle, is regarded as being as closely related to Capricorn as to Sagittarius. You have theHercules, 176:of the group; your feelings and desires are related to the group. You no longer live in the animalInitiation, 44:whence it came. Ever since he left the earth, as related with approximate accuracy in the BibleInitiation, 56:Ezra as Jeshua, taking the third initiation, as related in the book of Zechariah, as Joshua, and inInitiation, 153:committed to the initiate. 4. Forty-nine Words related to the forty-nine subplanes or Fires. TheseIntellect, 149:of reputable witnesses and the similarity of the related occurrences seem to indicate something inIntellect, 155:of the illumined state. True illumination is related to the intellect, and should be - in itsMagic, 34:when the spirit aspect and the matter aspect are related to each other. [35] The soul therefore, isMagic, 44:itself. The three glands in the head are closely related to the soul or psychic nature (higher andMagic, 86:for the first initiation. A list of these related situations might here be given showing them inMagic, 212:the pineal gland with the third eye. They are related, but not the same. In The Secret DoctrineMagic, 284:marvelous apparatus of sensation, is closely related to the emotional or astral body. The contactMagic, 285:and energies - some purely physical, others related to the Anima Mundi, the World Soul, and othersMagic, 291:groups with which the aspirant has to deal are related entirely to the form side. The third andMagic, 361:place; certain egos came in, as you know, as related in the Secret Doctrine and in a Treatise onMagic, 361:mind; or that aspect of the mind which is related to the world of ideas. The intuition or pureMagic, 369:and terminologies must perforce be personal and related to the world of the senses. Does theMagic, 424:during the hours of sleep. The dream life as related is as full of illusion as any of the moreMagic, 435:sets the pace or tempo of his life, and is related to the quality of his personality. It governs,Magic, 462:insect peril, will be [462] found to be related to the inflow of unused and unrecognized energyMagic, 501:whole performance is below the diaphragm and is related primarily to animal sentient life. In theMagic, 505:phenomena which are of no real moment, are all related to the vital body, to pranic emanations, andMagic, 532:into another differentiation. It is not self-related. Subhuman forms of life suffer and undergoMagic, 555:holds the clue to the mystery of Being. It is related to karmic activity and on it the Lords ofMagic, 572:also the understanding of which force is related to a center. This consequently involves theMeditation, 207:the ray involved. Blue-indigo, being cosmically related, and not simply analogous, may be usedPatanjali, 190:desires, aspirations and feelings, and thus is related to the desire or astral plane. It deals withPatanjali, 224:control of the life currents must be seen to be related to karma, opportunity and form; there areProblems, 28:and to its own deeds and enactments, is closely related to every other nation, and of this fact theProblems, 46:whole which we call Humanity are most closely related. This needs emphasizing. These twoProblems, 56:- should be considered and the man or woman related still more definitely to the world as a whole.Problems, 80:the problem of peace and happiness is primarily related to the world's resources and to theProblems, 88:into two major categories; these are so closely related that it is well-nigh impossible to considerProblems, 100:the keeping of numerous physical laws and rules related to physical cleanliness; they go so far asProblems, 102:by the Jewish treatment of their enemies, as related in The Old Testament. The fate of the Jews inProblems, 149:of mankind. It is larger because it is related to the Whole and not to individual man alone and hisPsychology1, 7:essential groups to which their soul ray is related. We shall therefore, if possible, endeavor toPsychology1, 45:the perfume of flowers. Perfume and radium are related, being emanatory expressions of ray effectsPsychology1, 45:The third ray is, in its turn, peculiarly related to the animal kingdom, producing the tendency toPsychology1, 50:based on the formation of the hierarchy, and related to the second ray. Lower Expression:Psychology1, 89:by love. These two groups of rays might be related to each other as follows: Rays 1. 3. 7 are thePsychology1, 95:the Hindus call it, to which their own minds are related and of which their mental bodies are anPsychology1, 121:general tone throughout the Aryan age, is also related to the same reason. The influence of thePsychology1, 133:of the seven rays, and are closely related to and governed by them all. The following tabulationPsychology1, 185:urge to know and the urge to teach are assuredly related and a part of the natural process ofPsychology1, 218:as can be seen in our tabulation, are not so related. It will be of value if we now analyze ourPsychology1, 226:and organized vehicles and dynamic power are related and unified, then we shall have a fullPsychology1, 239:It must not be forgotten that these rays are related to each other, and in the great interlacingPsychology1, 240:time in different parts of the world, are also related to this "initiation by fire" of a kingdomPsychology1, 243:These stages are latent in all of us, and are related to the seven principles of man. They willPsychology1, 250:of God, they are pre-eminently impersonal and related to the whole. I have touched on this as IPsychology1, 400:that antedates the history of the Jews as it is related for us in the Old Testament. The original
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