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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATED

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Rays, 236:and also towards that which is rooted in and related to the past, which is crystallizing,Rays, 241:of the divine expressive purpose. This is related to the will-to-good which is, in its turn, aRays, 243:the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. It is related to the power to think and consciously toRays, 243:solar system or will be found in the next. It is related to an aspect of the creative intelligence,Rays, 244:secret underlying the purpose of Sanat Kumara is related in a peculiar sense to the cyclicRays, 245:goals. This fifth purpose is therefore closely related to the whole theme of "the garment of God"Rays, 246:determination. When, however, the initiate has related these phases of consciousness in his ownRays, 254:the Hindu and the Buddhist - will be intimately related, whilst the Mahommedan faith will be foundRays, 257:"perfecting" when the triad within his head is related, and love, will and intelligence areRays, 257:and so carefully chosen and interiorly related that all its members are initiates, all have createdRays, 258:salvation of humanity in any sense at all. It is related to an active Appearance which will, underRays, 265:same thing, but that is not so; fusion is ever related to the conscious merging of soul andRays, 269:Other planets and other constellations are also related to the human family, but their relation isRays, 269:is more aggressively (if I might use that word) related to the three subhuman kingdoms; with theseRays, 269:of Activity Who create a triangle, closely related to the planet Saturn. The triangle of the threeRays, 270:needed energy and to which They are uniquely related through Their individual karma. These twoRays, 270:the human body and (esoterically considered) is related to the subject under consideration: TheRays, 271:it are then dimly but increasingly sensed. It is related to the interplay between Shamballa and theRays, 273:being created by a mere handful of people are related to that basic triangle. A third type ofRays, 274:center) are [274] all functioning and unshakably related, thereby constituting a triangle of lightRays, 281:transforming of the personality, but is uniquely related to the interior work of the Hierarchy andRays, 283:tuned in with that to which they are irrevocably related. This identification is therefore theRays, 284:the seven Ashrams upon the seven Rays; they are related also to the seven initiations, to the sevenRays, 288:with life-energy as it affects or is related to matter-force, with spirit and substance. TheRays, 288:in the evolutionary process; his knowledge is related to the faculty of the intuition and to thatRays, 288:mystical terms; the knowledge of the aspirant is related to that aspect of divinity which we callRays, 290:This high point of attainment of the Christ - as related in the Gospel story - was reached inRays, 305:worlds. These motives for destruction are all related to desire, to emotion and also to aspiration,Rays, 306:higher destruction which we are considering is related to the destruction of certain forms ofRays, 307:in the three worlds; this is much more closely related to desire and aspiration than to pure will,Rays, 310:the distortions. This fourth word is closely related to the fourth initiation in which the causalRays, 311:are apt to forget that the Spiritual Triad, related as it is to the Monad in much the same way asRays, 311:the same way as the threefold personality is related to the soul, expresses the three major aspectsRays, 312:to say) subject his personality; they are related instead to the work which he has to render. ThisRays, 331:here the Masonic purpose because it is closely related to the restoration of the Mysteries and hasRays, 333:and that which its Members will accomplish is related also (and primarily) to the interior life andRays, 335:and planned activity of the Hierarchy is related to spiritual incentives which have their roots inRays, 335:hierarchical mysteries and are not in any way related to the Mysteries which will concern [336]Rays, 337:period wherein experience in the use of the related potencies takes place. This occupies theRays, 343:remembered. Such people thus being trained and related are, from the angle of the initiation to beRays, 350:solar system. They were principles entirely related to matter and substance, and were at that timeRays, 354:Master Jesus. This symbolism and its meaning are related to the three Crosses which stood side byRays, 354:figures humanity itself is portrayed and also related to the Hierarchy, and this "pictorial event"Rays, 355:the Christian Church has confused the two and related both of them without discrimination to theRays, 356:four initiations. Four of these initiations are related to the "door of initiation" as occultlyRays, 356:of which we are familiar; these four are related also to the electrical "fire by friction" of whichRays, 356:called the Resurrection and the Ascension) are related to the second so-called "door." This door isRays, 357:coming from the cosmic mental plane. The related stream of energy can therefore be seen to be from:Rays, 361:being one of the septenates, are necessarily related to the seven rays, they are not ray paths, norRays, 361:into consideration. They are more definitely related to the seven cosmic planes than to the sevenRays, 362:and His eventual decisions are closely related to the Ashram which He controls. It is not easy forRays, 364:of a higher level of contact) to the next; it is related to the power to see the vision, even ifRays, 367:evolutions which are reached, controlled and related from one or other of these three majorRays, 368:the third initiation. The planetary center is related to the three fires (electric fire, solarRays, 372:of each of the three divine centers. The four related septenates, enumerated above, eventuallyRays, 373:Ray of Will or Power, through its Ashram, is related to Shamballa, that the Master Morya is theRays, 375:the divine will, as understood in Shamballa) are related to the second ray as it manifests throughRays, 377:Persistence is a quality of life and related to immortality, whilst determination is the lowestRays, 382:demonstrating great activity, much more closely related than ever before, and ready now to enterRays, 383:Ashram is second ray in quality. Invocation is related [384] to radiation. Evocation is related toRays, 384:is related [384] to radiation. Evocation is related to magnetism. These are two points worthy ofRays, 392:to Shamballa - is a major undertaking; it is related to the development of understanding the Will,Rays, 402:how three types of astral energy are therefore related: The astral force of our planet, distinctiveRays, 402:the work of the Triangles which I initiated is related; the function of these Triangles is inRays, 406:It is over these bridges that the will of the related spiritual Identities is projected, producingRays, 413:various books that the Sun, Sirius, is closely related to our planetary Life; much is known in theRays, 415:veiled - Lucifer, Son of the Morning, is closely related, and hence the large number of humanRays, 416:lowest aspects of this cosmic freedom, which is related to certain great evolutionary developmentsRays, 418:Now. Its "Blue Lodge" with its three degrees is related to the three major groups of Lives onRays, 419:and purposes are not, therefore, in any way related to humanity - a fact which men are apt toRays, 431:unrelated in primitive man, occasionally related in average man, and closely related in theRays, 431:occasionally related in average man, and closely related in the spiritual man. These glands areRays, 432:gland in the [432] medulla oblongata, becomes related to other glands and centers. The brain, asRays, 437:will be negated; it is at present so closely related to past and future. The dual life of theRays, 440:in two worlds or states of awareness; i.e., that related to pure existence, to the untrammelledRays, 442:the meaning of visualization as it is seen to be related to a growing responsiveness to that whichRays, 459:abstract mind and the lower concrete mind are related by the triple cable. It is to this processRays, 459:It is to this process that our studies are related; earlier experience in relation to the threeRays, 459:as the egoic memory. This lower concrete mind is related to the knowledge petals of the egoic lotusRays, 459:Through conscious, creative work, it can be related to the manasic permanent atom or to theRays, 461:worlds of human accomplishment. It is therefore related to the second aspect of the Spiritual TriadRays, 465:totality of the divine aspects because they are related to the antahkarana and must become definedRays, 473:Monad-Soul-Personality are being more directly related than has hitherto been possible. One reasonRays, 473:pointed out a goal and indicated a Way. I have related (in consciousness) the Hierarchy andRays, 503:egoic vehicle is a reflection of and closely related to the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad.Rays, 519:the least understood laws of the universe, being related to the Life principle, of which we know asRays, 526:divine nature, deeply hidden in mankind - all related hitherto to consciousness and toRays, 533:the Masonic Work. The ceremonial aspect can be related to the degrees of Entered Apprentice and ofRays, 535:fifth and sixth initiations are as definitely related to the second aspect of love-wisdom as itRays, 536:the Sun, i.e., the solar Logos, are mysteriously related, and it is through this sustained relationRays, 542:the lower concrete mind and the higher mind are related in such a manner that the lower mind is notRays, 545:at a moment of great tension or in a crisis (related to his service activities), there may occur aRays, 548:that of Decision). This initiation is related to the throat center and also to its higherRays, 550:in the life of our planetary Logos. It is related to the interplay between the planetary Logos andRays, 557:the initiate in a position to control certain related energies and enables him to becomeRays, 557:each initiation gives him understanding of the related energy and of its field of activity; eachRays, 558:the medium of the third Ray of Aspect, are related more definitely to the Hierarchy, and thereforeRays, 558:definitely to the Hierarchy, and therefore are related to the first five initiations. The Rays ofRays, 558:initiations. The Rays of Aspect are essentially related to the life or will aspect of divinity; theRays, 558:aspect of divinity; the Rays of Attribute are related to the consciousness aspect. Every human
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