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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATES

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Astrology, 25:of the etheric body to the incoming energies. It relates finally the lowest center at the base ofAstrology, 100:of Mercury, for the seventh ray is the ray which relates spirit and matter and brings togetherAstrology, 126:which "brings all together" and - in this case - relates the two fishes and binds them together inAstrology, 126:consequently of the second ray force which relates soul and form and brings the two together, andAstrology, 137:the quality and nature of Aquarius [137] which relates and binds together into one working andAstrology, 137:pairs of opposites - spirit and matter - and relates them to each other, producing eventually oneAstrology, 150:hidden at any stage upon the path of evolution relates the individual to Uranus. When the man isAstrology, 153:and and of the world's places and it, therefore, relates man to the mineral kingdom; it is also theAstrology, 173:and esoterically for a hidden planet. Saturn relates Capricorn to the previous sign Aquarius, uponAstrology, 173:wheel, and Jupiter, exoterically understood, relates Capricorn to Sagittarius upon the reversingAstrology, 200:in the life of the disciple. [200] Aquarius relates humanity to the Pleiades and therefore toAstrology, 247:Ray of Ceremonial Magic - God the Father. He who relates. The Source of Duality. He who perceivesAstrology, 265:Christ has two. One cosmic initiation which relates a man to Sirius. The relation of Virgo to eightAstrology, 273:Aquarius. This is of peculiar importance for it relates the form building aspect with theAstrology, 321:of Cancer and its subjects. The Moon, however, relates Cancer to two other signs and these form aAstrology, 322:related by the same planet. The unveiled Neptune relates Cancer to no other constellation or sign,Astrology, 333:The Protector The Light 7. Libra, Keynote: Libra relates the two in Gemini Unbalanced fiery passionAstrology, 354:from all form contact as we understand it - and relates soul and spirit, and this again in twoAstrology, 355:crises: Individualization and Initiation. It relates humanity in an unique way to Gemini. In theAstrology, 356:upon the Earth. It is because Venus thus [356] relates certain pairs of opposites that she has beenAstrology, 357:constellations. In the case of Gemini, it relates our small planet to Virgo (Mutable Cross), toAstrology, 359:of the Zodiacal Constellations Mercury, as it relates Gemini to Scorpio and to our planet, has aAstrology, 360:add: [360] The influence of Mercury, as it relates Aries and Gemini to our Earth, establishes inAstrology, 360:in Libra. The influence of Mercury as it relates Virgo and Gemini is to condition the soul withinAstrology, 360:in Capricorn. The influence of Mercury as it relates Scorpio and Gemini is to inaugurate that finalAstrology, 391:soul and in its highest with spirit. Self-will relates man to form; the will of God relates theAstrology, 391:Self-will relates man to form; the will of God relates the soul of the man to the spirit. It takesAstrology, 412:this point up as the whole science of Triangles relates entirely to subjective energies as theyAstrology, 416:relation to humanity. This triangle of forces relates one of these major constellations, one of theAstrology, 436:fosters the growth of the intuition and relates the inner spiritual man to the outer human being inAstrology, 489:our Earth in a great synthesis of energies; it relates our solar system to the larger whole and ourAstrology, 518:to the particular, it is essential that humanity relates its own mechanism to the greater mechanismAstrology, 538:organizations and the eleventh House. It relates the Leo influence to Aquarius. Capricorn - Ruler:Astrology, 635:the Secret Doctrine - (Third Edition) Mythology relates to astronomical, theogonical and humanBethlehem, 41:those who normally function there. Initiation relates to consciousness and is merely a word whichBethlehem, 73:for the blessing of God. Myrrh or bitterness relates to the mind. It is through the mind that weBethlehem, 218:utilizing the symbolism of these two persons, relates them to each other, and practically says:Destiny, 87:Love-wisdom, via the Sun and Jupiter. This again relates Italy to the second ray soul of GreatDestiny, 88:dominant in Great [88] Britain and again closely relates the two countries. Of this there is oneDestiny, 139:ray - love-wisdom. The second initiation, which relates the solar plexus to the heart, humanity toDiscipleship1, 39:by love of humanity and its welfare, which relates science and religion and brings to light theDiscipleship1, 87:center, when adequately radiatory and magnetic, relates disciples to each other and to all theDiscipleship1, 155:This is a true feeling, and the only thing which relates you to the Jewish race is the fact thatDiscipleship1, 367:of life and truth. When a disciple sees and relates his individual dharma and his groupDiscipleship2, 17:thought." We have started upon one formula which relates the heart, the higher head center, and theDiscipleship2, 198:as well as conscious Identification. It relates (in an indissoluble unity) the so-called lower orDiscipleship2, 199:highest form - it is the mode of contact which relates the highest Beings on our planet to theDiscipleship2, 245:my group of "practicing chelas," and the other relates to your capacity to contact me at will - aDiscipleship2, 321:words but by the very [321] nature of that which relates them. This is not an obvious relation butDiscipleship2, 345:V... Deals with the first aspect, with the Will. Relates to divine Purpose. Shamballa. FormulaDiscipleship2, 369:directs the energy. Involves the physical plane. Relates to the first initiation. Concerns the ajnaDiscipleship2, 369:the Law of Sacrifice. Involves the astral plane. Relates to the second initiation. Concerns theDiscipleship2, 370:eye is to man. [370] Involves the mental plane. Relates to the third initiation. Concerns the headDiscipleship2, 370:Involves the buddhic or intuitional plane. Relates to the fourth initiation. Concerns the throatDiscipleship2, 370:supernal can be known. Involves the atmic plane. Relates to the fifth and sixth initiations.Discipleship2, 374:studies, the revelation accorded to the initiate relates to the carrying forward of the divine PlanDiscipleship2, 438:it) is revealed to him; this subconscious mind relates him to all the four kingdoms in nature. ThisDiscipleship2, 457:into cyclic manifestation is the one [457] that relates the new and incoming spiritual energy andDiscipleship2, 477:therefore, referred to in Statement 2, relates primarily to the long-distance view the soul [478]Discipleship2, 615:This is enough on this distressing subject. It relates at present only to this life, but it has itsDiscipleship2, 644:your earlier years. This crisis of opportunity relates ever to life service. This is true in spiteDiscipleship2, 719:it can and does draw out soul energy, and relates it [720] rapidly and immediately to the brain.Education, 43:in a tangible physical world. The man of culture relates the world of meaning to the world ofEducation, 96:minds of men with religious matters. But that relates only to theme. The science can be applied toEducation, 96:it is one of the many ways to God; it relates the individual mind eventually to the higher mind andEducation, 143:and with the forces by which the individual relates himself to other individuals or to groups. ForExternalisation, 15:Schools and Disciplines Our second question relates to the work of the esoteric schools orExternalisation, 53:concept, and belonged to the then new age. This relates them to the second ray. Rule by dictators,Externalisation, 100:individual who has for himself seen the vision relates himself to the group which is conscious ofExternalisation, 223:and Their trained helpers. This spiritual life relates the thought-form to the waitingExternalisation, 552:channel. Conditions the inflow of power energy. Relates the will-to-good to goodwill. Creates newExternalisation, 577:among other things, of science and of that which relates and brings into expression the duality ofExternalisation, 585:but the value of this attitude is that it relates them, in consciousness, to many others, similarlyFire, 53:is a factor as yet but little comprehended; it relates to the health aura and to that radiationFire, 338:akasha. The Spirit employs buddhi in all that relates to the psyche, that relates to the soul ofFire, 338:buddhi in all that relates to the psyche, that relates to the soul of the world, to the soul of anFire, 338:The Spirit employs will or atma in all that relates to the essence of all, to itself, consideringFire, 502:Levels: In the selective work of the adept as it relates to planetary manifestation, and theFire, 886:It affects the lunar bodies, and therefore relates to the lunar Lords or Pitris, causing aHealing, 73:is one which is close to the solar plexus, and relates it to the center at the base of the spine,Healing, 146:Activity. The Buddha, in a most peculiar sense, relates the initiate to the second aspect ofHealing, 148:family, are fused and blended. The head center relates the monad and the personality. The ajnaHealing, 148:the monad and the personality. The ajna center relates the Spiritual Triad (the expression of theHealing, 153:"bridge," the neck itself is the symbol, as it relates the head - alone and isolated - to the dualHealing, 158:orientation, concentration and meditation) which relates the personality to the soul, and thus toHealing, 429:physical body, via the solar plexus center. This relates the man to the entire astral plane, andHealing, 433:its rhythm and cyclic life processes and relates its varied parts to each other. It is the majorHealing, 434:each related to the three divine aspects: It relates life and form, spirit and matter - the thirdHealing, 466:is one which is close to the solar plexus, and relates it to the center at the base of the spine,Healing, 542:via the following triangle of energy: This relates the vital body of the healer to that of theHealing, 560:with the etheric body, they have nothing which relates the emotional nature to the physicalHealing, 583:The main point to bear in mind is that this rule relates entirely to the physical plane (dense andHealing, 598:There is also a secret meaning here which relates to the seven rays as they express themselves inHealing, 627:along the line of force or the channel which relates and links all the centers and connects thoseHealing, 674:own plane. On the higher Way of the Master, it relates to that identification which supersedes theHealing, 676:disciple, is of a very high order. It also relates to the will of the soul, emanating from theHealing, 708:its significance. Its elementary interpretation relates in reality to the central and major causeHercules, 18:all his actions. Whilst in the cradle, history relates, the lusty infant killed two serpents, againMagic, 231:at the end. The phrase "the one who meditates" relates to the soul. Arjuna, the aspiring disciple,Magic, 262:working out of the involutionary group soul. It relates to our contacts, not just exterior, but on
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