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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Astrology, 25:the head center. This is a correspondence to the relation of the Earth to the Sun. Think this out.Astrology, 27:a new approach, or point out an unsuspected relation and from the standpoint of the Ageless WisdomAstrology, 28:constellations which are to be found active in relation to our solar system and which, from theAstrology, 28:(using the word in a technical sense) in relation to the external life, environment andAstrology, 37:under Scorpio. This chart is drawn up in relation only to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human.Astrology, 37:Hierarchy, the human. It is not drawn in relation to the other planetary manifestations. [38] Astrology, 45:one. This mystery is incident upon the relation of the fifth Hierarchy to the five liberatedAstrology, 45:Hierarchy to the five liberated groups. This relation, in connection with our particular planet,Astrology, 45:in the third volume of The Secret Doctrine. The relation of the fifth Hierarchy to a certainAstrology, 46:the constellation of the Dragon has the same relation to the ONE greater than our Logos as theAstrology, 46:fires. A clue to the mystery lies also in the relation of this fifth group to the two contractingAstrology, 49:with His lowest principles. They hold the same relation to the Logos as the dense physical bodyAstrology, 59:side, therefore, study the horoscope only in its relation to the following three entities: TheAstrology, 60:part of our study will be occupied with the relation of the six constellations in the upper half ofAstrology, 67:unrelated to any other of the signs. [67] The relation between the other constellations through theAstrology, 77:must be based upon a deeper understanding of the relation of the planets - sacred and non-sacred -Astrology, 78:etheric and physical bodies and their physical relation. A center in the chest related to theAstrology, 80:Two Initiations (Disciples) Ordinary man and the relation of these three Crosses to the twelveAstrology, 85:Representatives and to Whom They stand in the relation of prototype. The seven Planetary SpiritsAstrology, 101:of Initiation. [101] Therefore, we have in relation to Aries and the life of the soul, which thereAstrology, 114:we are going to consider the planet Pluto in relation to Pisces. This affinity has only stated aAstrology, 115:This duality of Pisces must be studied in relation to its three keynotes which are Bondage orAstrology, 121:of God, the incarnating Christ, though it is, in relation to this Cross, the Cross of the planetaryAstrology, 129:Venus is exalted in Pisces is connected with the relation of Pisces to the sign Gemini, of whichAstrology, 129:which Venus is the esoteric ruler, and also in relation to the fact that Venus is the Earth's alterAstrology, 130:interesting field of research to be found in the relation of The planet Venus - ruler of theAstrology, 132:One. Through Mercury, the mind is illumined and relation is established between personality and theAstrology, 136:twelve signs, it is interesting to trace the relation of consciousness to the preceding sign and toAstrology, 136:signifies two vibrations. It is here that its relation to Pisces emerges, for just as Pisces on theAstrology, 136:substance. There is consequently an astrological relation between the band of stars in theAstrology, 142:entirely upon his own axis and in respect and relation to himself, and is all the time theAstrology, 146:significance of this? It consists in the relation of Aquarius to Capricorn and of the Fixed CrossAstrology, 147:mysteries of initiation. It is tied up with the relation between Leo and Aquarius, for Leo isAstrology, 149:Mercury and the Moon. You can here see the relation of astrology to the normal or to the reversedAstrology, 154:The mystery of the Sphinx, connected with the relation of Leo and Virgo, and tied up with theAstrology, 154:of the higher and the lower mind and their relation to each other. [155] The mystery of the LionAstrology, 155:discovered when the right time has arrived, the relation between the horned animals of the zodiacAstrology, 163:the potency of Leo. Initiates are brought into relation to the world disciples through theAstrology, 164:which is the human family. Saturn, in a peculiar relation to the sign Gemini, makes this possible.Astrology, 168:came together in Aries. This balance and this relation of the great opposites, spirit and matter,Astrology, 182:treatise could be written on the subject of the relation of the opposites in the zodiacal circleAstrology, 184:wherein [184] the polar opposites both appear in relation to each other - one as the sun sign andAstrology, 185:which will bring the personality into right relation to the soul, for that is essentially the taskAstrology, 193:man. Certain of the signs are in very close relation - through the inflow and the outflow of energyAstrology, 199:the life of the Hierarchy; Mars is potent in relation to Scorpio and Saturn in relation toAstrology, 199:is potent in relation to Scorpio and Saturn in relation to Capricorn. This involves the intensifiedAstrology, 200:to Taurus in an unusual manner. The key to this relation is to be found in the word desire,Astrology, 202:exceedingly rare. We have also brought into relation to our solar system another constellation,Astrology, 206:basic importance: [206] Category I Sex - the relation of the pairs of opposites. These can beAstrology, 207:when the personality eagerly enters into this relation with the Angel, recognizes itself as theAstrology, 209:through Conflict, the latter having a peculiar relation to the mode of human development and theAstrology, 210:The pairs of opposites were thus brought into relation with each other. In Scorpio, with the sameAstrology, 211:When we come to study the Hierarchies and their relation to the signs, certain points which are atAstrology, 212:natures are concerned); it has regarded the sex relation as one of the primary evils in the worldAstrology, 216:must eventually recognize can be found in the relation of the orthodox, the esoteric and theAstrology, 217:and birth is ever the intended result of the sex relation. Father-spirit and Mother-matter whenAstrology, 218:Scorpio and Aquarius are also in a peculiar relation to each other through the planet Mercury whichAstrology, 220:being the door to incarnation, has a close relation to Scorpio through Neptune and Mars, both ofAstrology, 223:the astrologer can then place the other rays in relation to him and his probable experience. TheAstrology, 223:sought to refer is the constant use of the word "relation" or "relationship" and analogous phrases.Astrology, 234:remind you, however, that the herd instinct in relation to sex has its basis either in normal andAstrology, 234:can be seen correctly. When the basic "sex" relation is finally established and soul and bodyAstrology, 243:for sacrifice and service. A study of the relation of this Hierarchy to that of the human egos, theAstrology, 244:justice; the second aspect manifests as the relation between the pairs of opposites (of which theAstrology, 246:creative process is concerned. It is through the relation of the three aspects of the third divineAstrology, 247:Aquarius - Objective - Inclusion - Service. This relation is established by the three rulers:Astrology, 247:stars of evolution and also bring into relation with them three planets which are peculiarlyAstrology, 254:the opposite pole of spirit and stands for the relation of these two after they have been broughtAstrology, 258:Savior. The stage of Initiation. Throughout this relation and as a result of the steady unfoldmentAstrology, 258:runs the theme of service. In Gemini, the relation between the great duality of soul and bodyAstrology, 259:with the non-sacred planet, our Earth. The relation with which we are concerned is that of theAstrology, 265:initiation which relates a man to Sirius. The relation of Virgo to eight signs has, therefore, aAstrology, 267:of the planets and of the constellations. This relation exists between beings and is founded on aAstrology, 269:of the Rishis of the Great Bear. Here again, in relation to our solar system, do we find anotherAstrology, 270:of the dualism of manifestation in their relation to the seven Rishis. Provide the negative pole toAstrology, 271:Through Mercury, Virgo comes into close relation to three constellations - Aries, Gemini, andAstrology, 272:of the Zodiacal Constellations In this triple relation of three major constellations, one clearAstrology, 272:definitely a sign of duality and signifies the relation of these two major energies in the human orAstrology, 276:of the Science of Triangles - it concerns the relation of the individual to the mass of humanityAstrology, 278:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations The relation existing between Virgo and Pisces (between theAstrology, 278:the disciple, Virgo and Pisces stand in the same relation. Pisces consummates the work carriedAstrology, 278:Aries - Beginning - Cardinal Cross. Gemini - Relation - Mutable Cross. Taurus - Desire - FixedAstrology, 294:is the activity of the self-conscious unit in relation to its environment or the development ofAstrology, 295:begins the arduous task of conditioning it in relation to the divine plan and purpose and at theAstrology, 297:- cosmically and systemically. Hence the triple relation of the Sun to Leo which is unique in ourAstrology, 299:of Sirius, which thus brings Sirius into close relation to Leo. Leo, in the cosmic sense (and apartAstrology, 303:as the individual etheric body is in conscious relation with the etheric body of humanity, theAstrology, 304:discovered in the planetary interrelation, the relation between four constellations, plus manyAstrology, 306:These charts are most interesting. The relation of Leo to Cancer, through Neptune, has already beenAstrology, 306:"heart of the Sun" - produces awareness of the relation of the higher self and the lower self. ManAstrology, 313:soul. In these words, you have established the relation which exists in the mind of God betweenAstrology, 313:I think not, because the synthesis of the final relation is beyond the average grasp and itsAstrology, 314:this essential triplicity appears clearly in relation to each other. In Capricorn, the sign ofAstrology, 316:comprise the Cardinal Cross, or understand the relation which exists between the four major divineAstrology, 321:our studies and investigate these signs in the relation which they assume as we study them inAstrology, 327:which divinity is seeking full expression. The relation of the fourth ray to the fourth kingdom inAstrology, 333:Keynote: Gemini moves towards Libra Mutation of relation Orientation of Right relation "I serveAstrology, 333:Libra Mutation of relation Orientation of Right relation "I serve myself" "I serve my brother" "IAstrology, 334:The above tabulation gives you a new and inner relation of the signs to each other and one whichAstrology, 337:through the door of Capricorn. It is also in the relation of these two signs to each other that you
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