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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Astrology, 344:Virgo and Pisces have also been considered in relation to this sign, because all these four signsAstrology, 349:Great Bear, to the Pleiades and to Sirius. The relation is essentially a sixfold one, and here youAstrology, 350:the soul. I would also remind you again of the relation between Gemini and Masonry to whichAstrology, 351:student can trace with moderate facility in relation to humanity, but it applies equally to allAstrology, 352:in Gemini, as now it is in Pisces, there was a relation between the waxing and the waning moon, dueAstrology, 353:- higher and lower - of the etheric body and its relation to and responsiveness to theAstrology, 353:the soul and the brain and establishes right relation between the lower self and the higher self;Astrology, 355:Just as Venus was potent in producing the relation of such pairs of opposites as the fifth kingdomAstrology, 356:of men with sex and the sex life and with the relation of the physical opposites, male and female. Astrology, 356:situation in the solar system and a unique relation. The cosmic line of force from Gemini toAstrology, 366:I would like, however, to touch upon the relation of Gemini to the physical form, for it is soAstrology, 366:the dissolution (under Pluto) of the separative relation which exists for so long between them. ItAstrology, 376:hidden in this sign, owing fundamentally to the relation of the Pleiades to the constellation, theAstrology, 376:Shamballa force, the establishing of a peculiar relation or alignment between the constellation,Astrology, 380:to the conscious recognition of the right relation of the dualities in Gemini. Ponder on this. InAstrology, 383:the Ageless Wisdom. [383] Venus holds a unique relation to the Earth, different to that of anyAstrology, 383:and this, therefore, brings about a much closer relation between Taurus and the Earth than perhapsAstrology, 383:Earth than perhaps exists in any other zodiacal relation where our planet is concerned. In sayingAstrology, 383:Venus and the Earth have a very close karmic relation and a very definite dharma to work outAstrology, 383:voicing it thus, I but step down and distort the relation, but until men can think in simpleAstrology, 383:it is not possible to add. To understand the relation of Venus and the Earth, I would have youAstrology, 383:eventual revelation. This revelation as to the relation of the Earth's alter ego to the world ofAstrology, 385:light. Sex is then seen to be in truth only the relation of the lower nature to the higher Self; itAstrology, 386:war, Vulcan is concerned along with Venus in the relation of man to man, and of man to the mineralAstrology, 386:the mental energy of humanity, establishes relation between man and man, between nation and nationAstrology, 386:nation and nation whilst Vulcan establishes relation between the fourth kingdom in nature and theAstrology, 388:initiation because it is the mystery of the relation of Father, Mother and Child. The birth of theAstrology, 407:Crosses and referred, again very briefly, to the relation of the signs to the centers; we gave mostAstrology, 411:Logos. Students can here note, therefore, the relation to the individual life as it shifts itsAstrology, 416:great interest, which has a special and peculiar relation to humanity. This triangle of forcesAstrology, 419:- Constellations Behind these concepts of the relation existing in time and space between theAstrology, 422:and he sees all life and form in their true relation and can comprehend, and even occultly "see,"Astrology, 422:Representatives and to Whom They stand in the relation of cosmic Prototype. The seven [423]Astrology, 424:effects and thus demonstrating that intricate relation which unites the human atom to the greatAstrology, 424:macrocosm will, therefore, be helpful, and the relation of a cell or atom in one of the abdominalAstrology, 424:Purpose. In the evolutionary effects of this relation of Life to Form is to be found also theAstrology, 424:is to be the real reward of our efforts) the relation of the three basic energies affecting ourAstrology, 427:turn, a macrocosmic triangle of energies in relation to the individual human being upon the planet.Astrology, 434:man's use will be found illuminating and their relation to the heart and throat will proveAstrology, 434:and Shamballa; further back still lies a relation to the cosmic centers of the Great Bear, SiriusAstrology, 441:same time, it will be obvious to you that, in relation to these simple triangles, certainAstrology, 441:summarizes the preceding pages and indicates the relation between four triangles of energy. ThereAstrology, 442:or brings into being. This has a peculiar relation to Humanity. It is the birth of the two types ofAstrology, 442:bringing Shamballa and Humanity into a closer relation, via Capricorn, active through Mercury. AtAstrology, 444:But they forget that karma fulfils itself in relation to the form nature upon which it expends itsAstrology, 445:as never before. This can come through a closer relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity.Astrology, 449:in nature. Humanity is of peculiar importance in relation to these triangles because it is theAstrology, 454:prove each other but only when seen in relation to the greater cycle. Humanity was at one time theAstrology, 466:of the pairs of opposites is clearer to him. The relation of the Mother-aspect (as embodied in theAstrology, 467:Conflict and are, therefore, in a peculiar relation to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human,Astrology, 468:as they constitute one substance. But, in its relation to esoteric astrology, it is possible toAstrology, 468:certain fundamental interpretations of this relation which will enable the astrologer to work outAstrology, 472:Pisces has, however, at this time a unique relation to the seven constellations which produce theAstrology, 478:It is through the squares or the quaternial relation that the form aspect is brought into relationAstrology, 478:relation that the form aspect is brought into relation and adequacy to the will of Deity,Astrology, 480:the astrologers of the future will emphasize the relation and the interrelation of triangles. TheAstrology, 481:the tabulation. In that tabulation is given the relation between the rays and the constellationsAstrology, 483:and three minor energies brought into close relation; this is analogous to the two major rays andAstrology, 483:Humanity: Scorpio, Sirius and Mars. These, in relation to our Earth, produce the four streams ofAstrology, 485:today exceedingly active and working in close relation with each other. They are the three signsAstrology, 489:Earlier in this treatise, I gave you the relation between the rays and the constellations andAstrology, 489:or through a triangle of energies. This relation is the basis of the entire Science of TrianglesAstrology, 491:through Capricorn, on a much smaller scale, in relation to the world disciples. CapricornAstrology, 492:human evolution, this major triangle governs the relation of humanity, through the mind, to theAstrology, 493:the Hierarchy. Soul Expansion - Recognition of relation. The work of the Fellow Craft - TheAstrology, 494:must bear in mind that: Gemini - expresses the relation of the pairs of opposites as they swing theAstrology, 499:the basic Science of Relations. This subjective relation will be both vertical and horizontal,Astrology, 499:will grow with each decade. Then the relation of life to form, of spirit to body, of the soul toAstrology, 504:He is establishing an esoteric "understanding relation" with all that lives within the body ofAstrology, 506:Two divine aspects are in process of intimate relation. The disciple brings about this relationshipAstrology, 507:Scorpio. The reason for this is that there is a relation between Mars and Pluto analogous to thatAstrology, 508:casting the horoscope, because it indicates a relation and a possibility which can be (though itAstrology, 509:in this house: "I am the eternal cause of all relation. I am and I exist." The dualism of theAstrology, 517:through which we are now passing, in the relation between the centers and the rays and, therefore,Astrology, 518:either that his seven centers are in close relation to the planetary centers and that he isAstrology, 524:United States are closely related and that this relation makes certain realities and activitiesAstrology, 526:will give much light to the inter-human relation. Three great countries hold the destiny ofAstrology, 529:individual in the waking consciousness. A new relation established between men which will be basedAstrology, 529:with a wider horizon the destiny of humanity in relation to its group units, large and small. TheAstrology, 531:purpose, hitherto unknown. 3. Research into the relation of the planetary centers to the systemicAstrology, 531:man will some day establish an intelligent relation to the whole of which he is a part and thisAstrology, 531:and man will be whole. I cannot give you the relation of the planetary centers to the human centersAstrology, 537:and constructive. Twice before has this relation and intensification of vibration occurred: At theAstrology, 547:able to say anent these constellations and their relation to our planet at this time, I trust IAstrology, 549:This, therefore, brings into a close relation four great constellations, each of which has aAstrology, 549:constellations, each of which has a peculiar relation to the dualities with which man has aAstrology, 549:diagram is descriptive of the nature of that relation: When visualizing these diagrams, the symbolAstrology, 555:interests and which concern humanity in its relation to the solar forces and not just to theAstrology, 561:begin to think in terms of synthesis or of the relation of the four streams of energy, flowingAstrology, 579:to our last discussion upon the zodiac and its relation to the seven rays. We have been occupiedAstrology, 581:of Love. If that is so, their problem in relation to the Will will naturally be still moreAstrology, 583:and form) of humanity; we need not consider its relation to the rest of the manifested world; itAstrology, 587:the use of the will, its nature, purpose and its relation to what you understand by the human will.Astrology, 587:is a mature consideration to be given to the relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, carriedAstrology, 589:Representatives and to whom they stand in the relation of Prototype. These seven planetary SpiritsAstrology, 591:and the particular will stand revealed, but in relation to the whole. It should be possible,Astrology, 595:process of: Transmission. Reception. Absorption. Relation and Living Activity. The method is one ofAstrology, 597:are entirely apart from the consciousness of relation or the realization of unity. It is the factAstrology, 604:connection with our Earth. They do not apply in relation to others of the planets in our solarAstrology, 607:as yet possible to the finite mind of man: The relation of the three constellations to the rays
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