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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Discipleship2, 323:well) the setting in motion by humanity and in relation to its own destiny, the Law of Cause andDiscipleship2, 331:brings far greater numbers of disciples into relation with the Hierarchy. In the case where aDiscipleship2, 340:i.e., the present attitude. Here you have, in relation to the initiate, a situation which includesDiscipleship2, 341:my one effort is to indicate the relation between initiation and revelation." Four ideas emerge forDiscipleship2, 343:the individual and the part are always viewed in relation to an expanding and inclusive whole. OneDiscipleship2, 344:that these words, symbols and forms have relation (a progressive relation) to the initiation forDiscipleship2, 344:symbols and forms have relation (a progressive relation) to the initiation for which the discipleDiscipleship2, 345:all that is here communicated is strictly in relation to initiation. The revelations accorded (ofDiscipleship2, 346:which he - under law, according to ray, and in relation to one of the seven Paths - will eventuallyDiscipleship2, 348:is concerned. The mystery of the eye and its relation to light (esoterically understood) is veryDiscipleship2, 358:but with a growing sense of responsibility, of relation and of direction. As they work for the PlanDiscipleship2, 359:a closer and more [359] vitally contributory relation to the Ashram to which he belongs. Discipleship2, 360:approach to this problem of human planning: Its relation to the Plan, as it has been communicatedDiscipleship2, 360:of the planning as it materializes on Earth in relation to the time factor. Three things emerge inDiscipleship2, 361:terms of the Plan. He grasps eventually that in relation to humanity, the planning of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 365:ever with the point within the circle and its relation to other points which condition theDiscipleship2, 365:It concerns life-transference and has relation to the presentation of opportunity. Discipleship2, 365:4. Transition from chaos to ordered Beauty. Relation of the world of effects and the world ofDiscipleship2, 365:world of effects and the world of meaning. Then relation to the world of causes. The nature ofDiscipleship2, 367:and the setting in motion - by humanity and in relation to its own destiny - of the Law of CauseDiscipleship2, 370:with the seven centers (if brought into relation with all that I have given you in A Treatise onDiscipleship2, 370:task of the Hierarchy to demonstrate this. The relation of the microcosm to the macrocosm can neverDiscipleship2, 372:revelation. There is much to be considered in relation to tension as the forerunner of initiationDiscipleship2, 375:Point of Revelation has necessarily an unique relation to the physical plane, to the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 388:My one effort is to indicate the relation between initiation and revelation. Hint VII. - One of theDiscipleship2, 390:imposed?" [390] You will note immediately the relation of this hint to the first one given. TheDiscipleship2, 395:his own experimental spiritual life and in relation to the work which he may be doing underDiscipleship2, 396:The disciple then begins to study himself in relation to this "all-enveloping Entity," to ascertainDiscipleship2, 397:words and can only be understood if brought into relation with the previous revelation, involvingDiscipleship2, 398:you that three words should be considered in relation to the Points of Revelation: Procedure,Discipleship2, 399:These words should be carefully studied in relation to the second, the third and the fourthDiscipleship2, 399:and guard the initiate. This dual procedure in relation to the crucial moment in each of theDiscipleship2, 400:this initiatory process and its new function in relation to the Monad - throws fresh light upon theDiscipleship2, 403:called "the doctrinal structure underlying the relation between knowledge and wisdom." ThisDiscipleship2, 403:for which we have, as yet, no word. In relation to consciousness, we speak constantly ofDiscipleship2, 403:we speak constantly of initiation; in relation to this new process of simultaneous perception andDiscipleship2, 411:MY one effort is to indicate the relation between Initiation and Revelation." In the past, it wasDiscipleship2, 417:you as a group are concerned, is to indicate the relation between Initiation and Revelation. ThereDiscipleship2, 420:the individual and the part are always viewed in relation to an expanding and inclusive whole." LetDiscipleship2, 423:of these words and upon what they signify in relation to the human being. You will see, therefore,Discipleship2, 432:the ability to work with these energies in relation to the Plan, even if only a tiny part of thatDiscipleship2, 432:falls into three parts: That in which a relation is set up between the initiate-disciple [433] andDiscipleship2, 435:physical plane. A developed wisdom then grows in relation to God Transcendent. The initiate now hasDiscipleship2, 437:realizes for the first time a threefold "lighted relation": a triangle composed of the light of theDiscipleship2, 444:always found an easy problem of inner contact, relation and integration. When, however, theDiscipleship2, 445:expression of this higher aspect of the will, in relation to the three rays of aspect on which allDiscipleship2, 448:action in your personality life, in your group relation, and in your service to humanity? A generalDiscipleship2, 451:karma and service, and for discreet decisions in relation to your activities upon the Path. It isDiscipleship2, 455:which you would never regret. And as for your relation to me, my brother - naught can change that.Discipleship2, 459:hard (as you have ever done) to render their relation to humanity inclusive and they struggle toDiscipleship2, 465:as I remain in close touch with world affairs in relation to their immediate working out, whilstDiscipleship2, 466:Ashram in order to draw you into a very close relation to myself and to the group. Such a definiteDiscipleship2, 466:and to the group. Such a definite and close relation [467] produces healing and strengthening; itDiscipleship2, 467:stimulation of the other centers being noted in relation to the effect upon the head center. TheDiscipleship2, 471:strains due to the deep interior life of soul relation; these bring with them their own uniqueDiscipleship2, 478:Stage I. The Diadem. The establishing of relation between: The heart center and the head center.Discipleship2, 478:lesser triangle of energy or of "lighted, living relation" is established: heart, head and ajnaDiscipleship2, 479:next undertaking is a conscious establishing of relation with others through: The focusing of theDiscipleship2, 479:The Sandals on the Feet. Reflect more now in relation to yourself, and ponder upon the Path inDiscipleship2, 482:made it difficult for you to set up any major relation with other people. Yet, my brother, littleDiscipleship2, 485:is taken into consideration by a disciple in relation to people contacted, it is of enormousDiscipleship2, 488:and there is still the recognition of relation with (as on earth) the assumption of responsibility.Discipleship2, 491:as they affect your daily life expression and in relation to others with whom you live and work,Discipleship2, 494:an interesting combination and produces a close relation and a line of least resistance inDiscipleship2, 500:to be undertaken; day by day seek a deepened relation with me, with my Ashram, and with your groupDiscipleship2, 505:and interior withdrawing or abstraction. The relation of these three activities or three attitudesDiscipleship2, 506:therefore, and think each of them out in relation to each of the three planes in the three worlds,Discipleship2, 516:- I.S.G-L. September 1943 MY CO-DISCIPLE: My relation to you is slightly different to that which IDiscipleship2, 517:purpose. It is in this connection too that your relation to F.B. and A.A.B. is no idle or temporaryDiscipleship2, 520:between the differing aspects of the will: the relation of your individual self-will to the lovingDiscipleship2, 521:will have to come under review, and their relation to soul motive. The result of this entireDiscipleship2, 524:Hierarchy, and regain your early enthusiasm in relation to us and our work. Then again resume yourDiscipleship2, 540:of this life you must earnestly aim at a closer relation to me and to my Ashram, for that is yourDiscipleship2, 540:within the scope of your decision and it is in relation to time that you must do some carefulDiscipleship2, 541:instructions and hold with steadfastness your relation to the life of the group. This is all I haveDiscipleship2, 548:and with an effort to bring it into a closer relation with the soul, and therefore with the Ashram.Discipleship2, 549:new in his registering of a sense of power which relation to the Ashram always conveys, and new inDiscipleship2, 555:and unshatterable inner fellowship. The inner relation of the group to me and to the Ashram andDiscipleship2, 556:involve close thinking about the soul and its relation to the personality, but it is a great dealDiscipleship2, 558:effects of earlier relationships so that to that relation the word "finis" can be written.Discipleship2, 558:Disciples should remember that when a karmic relation has been recognized upon the physical planeDiscipleship2, 558:whether the karma entailed was temporary or the relation enduring. One possibility is thatDiscipleship2, 558:spiritual identification takes place and the relation can then never be broken, or the transactionDiscipleship2, 576:concerned with certain of the centers and their relation. This I will increasingly do. Most of theDiscipleship2, 578:also in the sphere of Shamballa, and has small relation in the first instance to humanity at all.Discipleship2, 582:You would find it useful to make a study of the relation of the second ray to the seventh, forDiscipleship2, 585:the working off and termination of karma in relation to some people, and secondly, the attainmentDiscipleship2, 587:the ashramic aura of some of its members; such a relation is brought about by the construction ofDiscipleship2, 593:to divinity has, as you can see, a definite relation to the new world religion and can eventuallyDiscipleship2, 595:The fourfold form must assume triangular relation. Ponder on this. [596] The objective of the PlanDiscipleship2, 596:of events and as part of my final planning in relation to the work preparatory to the coming of theDiscipleship2, 608:in your mind and you will be pondering upon the relation existing between the various Ashrams.Discipleship2, 609:directorate of the Hierarchy and in the basic relation between the Ashrams (as, for instance, allDiscipleship2, 609:Point there is a coming and a going; there is relation and contact; there is increased opportunityDiscipleship2, 610:little diagram can be applied also to the relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity - the NewDiscipleship2, 610:history, this design will also depict the relation of Shamballa to the Hierarchy. It can also beDiscipleship2, 611:the Master K.H. was aware of you and of your relation to him. That it had been decided, in view ofDiscipleship2, 613:you in another "field of failure." Your place in relation to my work in the world is wellDiscipleship2, 613:duties is placed in a particular and peculiar relation to you. Why, my brother? Because, as aDiscipleship2, 613:of K.H., you can and do, by the fact of your relation to these aspirants and students, bring them
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