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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Externalisation, 563:effort to set up a closer and more understanding relation with Shamballa. This involves: AnExternalisation, 564:at this time the most concerned. 2. Today, the relation of Shamballa to the Hierarchy is closerExternalisation, 565:Hierarchy; this has established a new type of relation between the Hierarchy and humanity. HithertoExternalisation, 565:between the Hierarchy and humanity. Hitherto the relation was dependent upon recognition, byExternalisation, 565:aspirants, of the nature of their position in relation to the Hierarchy; today, the recognition ofExternalisation, 567:Initiation. Therefore, my brothers, the closer relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, theExternalisation, 567:and Humanity - are in direct and unimpeded relation, for today the alignment is correct andExternalisation, 571:falls into three phases or stages, as far as relation to mankind is concerned: First. The presentExternalisation, 579:and all that produces phenomena is energy in relation to forces, or forces as they are directed byExternalisation, 586:the intended work. The situation, therefore, in relation to the consciousness of disciples in theExternalisation, 588:of man should be increasingly taught. The relation of the individual soul to all souls should beExternalisation, 602:of the distortion of His teaching and its remote relation to man, [603] we have not yet done thoseExternalisation, 633:in 1949 was quite unknown to A.A.B. and has no relation whatsoever to the fact that her health isExternalisation, 633:her health is precarious. It has, however, some relation to the fact that she has resumed moreExternalisation, 633:a new form of human relationship. This new relation resulted in mutual understanding and a mentalExternalisation, 640:my books (which will then be finished) and the relation which I now hold to you and to all theExternalisation, 647:of the labor movement - a movement bringing into relation the workers of the world. It isExternalisation, 658:therefore in time and space but having no relation to the inner spiritual import. The true monasticExternalisation, 675:can be brought into cooperative and relation with an ashram upon the physical planeExternalisation, 675:all that I am here giving you anent energy is in relation to the human kingdom and to nothing else;Externalisation, 676:Ask me not how this can be; ponder on the relation of this dual and simultaneous appearance byExternalisation, 681:divorced from the usual Christian concept of the relation of Christ to the individual aspirant. TheExternalisation, 681:the teaching which is given in my books. Their relation to me is symbolic of the type of relationExternalisation, 681:Their relation to me is symbolic of the type of relation which disciples and aspirants can and doExternalisation, 681:ashrams in a measure or rhythm of telepathic relation. From this unified and central position aExternalisation, 681:central position a rapidly deepening telepathic relation will inevitably be established andExternalisation, 689:the present reorientation of the Hierarchy, in relation both to Shamballa and to [690] Humanity,Externalisation, 690:to him in the bonds of affection and of karmic relation. As disciples proceed from initiation toFire, viii:these limitations will disappear. The personal relation of the disciple to the Master remains, butFire, xii:the true psychology. It is an elucidation of the relation existing between Spirit and Matter, whichFire, xii:existing between Spirit and Matter, which relation demonstrates as consciousness. It will be foundFire, 5:the outer [5] manifestation, the result of the relation of the other two. The three aspects ofFire, 44:sense the sumtotal of existence. It provides the relation between the life and the form, betweenFire, 55:They are situated at a spot which stands in relation to the physical body as the physical sun toFire, 58:of fiercest internal burning, but has little relation to the flames or burning gases (whateverFire, 65:elementals and devas, and then deal with the relation of the Personality Ray to this internal fireFire, 73:that all that has been dealt with has been in relation to matter, and for the whole of this firstFire, 74:the realization that the personality Ray, in its relation to the fire of matter, is directlyFire, 76:of causes which He set in motion earlier in relation to His six Brothers, the other planetaryFire, 80:the etheric body forms the archetypal plane in relation to the dense physical body. The thinker onFire, 80:body. The thinker on his own plane stands, in relation to the physical, as the Logos to His system.Fire, 81:"Prana, or the vital principle, is the special relation of the Atma with a certain form of matterFire, 81:Atma with a certain form of matter which by the relation of Atma, organizes and builds up as aFire, 81:up as a means of having experience. This special relation constitutes the individual Prana in theFire, 89:effect of the action of the glands, and their relation to the assimilation of the vital essences byFire, 89:points: The functions of the etheric body. Its relation to the physical during life. The ills orFire, 97:Motion - Fire by friction The fire of mind, the relation between. THE MACROCOSM (objectiveFire, 97:up the consideration of its function and its relation to the physical body. The two may wisely beFire, 135:with the [135] nervous system of the man, but in relation to the matter in hand, they are notFire, 146:and their influence via the Sun, and, in relation to our planet, via Venus. This subject of theFire, 146:Manasaputras came into objective existence in relation to the human and deva hierarchies. In thisFire, 147:thoughtful brooding over the Personality and its relation to the Ego, who is the love aspect andFire, 147:who is the love aspect and who nevertheless in relation to manifestation in the three worlds is theFire, 156:the entire ring-pass-not of the solar system in relation to its cosmic environment. Force flowsFire, 165:the top of the head, which is the crown, and has relation with the atmic plane. We do not deal withFire, 172:A brief sentence has its place here owing to its relation to this subject. Another sentence is alsoFire, 186:thinking correlating faculty is lacking, as the "relation between" the self and the not-self is butFire, 193:The details of the philosophy of sound in its relation to the devas who preside over the subtleFire, 196:marking the correlation of ideas, or the relation between; it parallels the coming of Mind, both inFire, 219:The details of the philosophy of sound in its relation to the devas who preside over the subtleFire, 239:is an evolution standing at a middle point in relation to the other evolutions. On one side of himFire, 243:of apprehension, and concerns primarily the relation of the Self to the not-self, of the Knower toFire, 244:Son Mother. Monad Ego Personality. The Self The relation between The Not-Self. The Knower KnowledgeFire, 247:from the seven into the three. Its group relation. Its development of consciousness, orFire, 250:into the three and later into the one. His group relation. His development of consciousness, ofFire, 255:under Law and consequent development. His group relation. His development of consciousness and ofFire, 258:of our system and its movements in space in relation to other constellations. Magnetic stimulation,Fire, 258:subjection to the Law of His Being. By His group relation. By His unfoldment of Consciousness, theFire, 261:our lower four, our higher three, and the relation between them, the principle of mind. Here weFire, 271:on the Planes of the Triad - this in relation to all the cells in His body. He developedFire, 272:worlds during the first solar system, again in relation to the cells in His body. Man is repeatingFire, 272:major planes of the solar system are in the same relation to Him cosmically as the physical planeFire, 277:body, or with the rotation of a solar system. In relation to the human being, this might beFire, 277:consciousness during any one incarnation. In relation to a Heavenly Man it might be considered asFire, 277:a chain, or the period of one incarnation. In relation to a solar Logos it might be considered asFire, 280:marriage. This idea is comparatively simple in relation to a human being, and can be seen in dailyFire, 281:here dealt a little with time and space in their relation to a specific center of consciousness; weFire, 284:interaction create a cycle period which has a relation to the "ONE WHO IS ABOVE OUR LOGOS." ThisFire, 288:- Has to do with non-duality. Deal with the relation of Atma in man to the Logos. The Gnosis orFire, 288:Two - Introductory Questions IX. What is the Relation between: The ten planetary schemes? The sevenFire, 294:all thinkers and its synthesis emphasized. The relation of the cell to the group, of the group toFire, 295:in the form, the apprehension by the Self of the relation of the form to Itself, and of its slowFire, 295:the order of cosmic consciousness as man is in relation to solar consciousness. He is but a cell inFire, 296:Units The seven Heavenly Men, considered in relation to the Entity of Whom the solar Logos is aFire, 302:process of involution. He holds a position (in relation to a Heavenly Man) analogous to that heldFire, 303:cycles will be better comprehended and their relation to the physical. When it is realized that theFire, 304:the general concept here laid down is studied in relation to the schemes, and other forms ofFire, 305:concluded and it must be apparent that the relation between the aforementioned manifestations is ofFire, 313:man, and makes him active in two ways: In relation to the matter of which his vehicles areFire, 313:matter of which his vehicles are composed. In relation to the units which form his group. Third,Fire, 324:as we already know; the astral is negative in relation to the buddhic plane. When the polarity ofFire, 334:but are only to be predicated in [334] relation to the lesser bodies which are included in theFire, 335:that we will not pause to consider it. In relation to the animal kingdom it might be said that theFire, 347:unrecognized by exoteric science as having any relation of an intimate nature to our solar system,Fire, 350:126. 30 "The Secret of the Pleiades and of their relation to the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear,Fire, 350:Initiation, though the fact that there is such a relation is now exoteric." H.P.B. speaks of it inFire, 350:is the conscious apprehension of the Self of its relation to all that constitutes the Not-Self, andFire, 355:Heavenly Man of our scheme, and particularly in relation to that special incarnation of His whichFire, 356:In order to clarify the idea of manas and its relation to a human being it is necessary to pointFire, 366:and fullness. The same procedure can be seen in relation to a Heavenly Man and His body of
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