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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Fire, 368:Such an event transpired in this round in relation to the center which our planetary Logos [369]Fire, 369:development or importance, or their position in relation to the central planet, the sun, or to eachFire, 375:polarity, and I pointed out that a similar relation underlies the relation of the Pleiades and theFire, 375:out that a similar relation underlies the relation of the Pleiades and the seven schemes of ourFire, 375:seven schemes of our solar system, and also the relation of Sirius and the system itself. This,Fire, 375:varying at different stages; according to their relation to each other, the differentiated force ofFire, 378:Then we considered it more specifically in its relation to the individual Heavenly Men, and finallyFire, 380:and astronomy, and the consideration of the relation existing between our system and otherFire, 380:in the vast arc of the heavens. It bears on the relation of the various suns with their circulatingFire, 381:as a unit, of the astronomical and orbital relation of the Sun to the planets. The systemicFire, 390:scheme, Mars, Mercury, into such a position in relation to each other that the following resultsFire, 397:The fifth order - Intelligence, Manas - The relation between. Fire, 410:B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor Relation. Another outstanding feature that is theFire, 410:that is the result of our studies is that of relation. The realization of this in future years willFire, 410:atom) within the solar ring-pass-not, and of the relation existing between: A scheme and theFire, 410:points for us to grasp; though this whole relation is governed by the law of Attraction andFire, 411:sense. When these three factors: Position, Relation, Limitation, are studied within the system, theFire, 411:will be brought out. As regards cosmic position, relation and limitation, little can be said, asFire, 417:that the sequence of numbers has no reference or relation to place or time, nor to sequence ofFire, 417:to handle this immense subject primarily in its relation to MAN, leaving the student to work outFire, 420:greater group will be approaching. Broadly (in relation to man) it might be stated that: "I am"Fire, 429:and both will come to a realization of the close relation existing between the two, and thus theFire, 431:so immediately understandable wherein lies the relation between these complexities of entities. WeFire, 439:This is what is beginning to happen in relation to this sixth Ray of Devotion. Egos who are on thatFire, 442:with its function and aim. Second. Its work in relation to: The animal kingdom. The human kingdom.Fire, 449:numerals. Each planet (or spiritual plane) has relation to a metal and a color. These again are inFire, 449:through the seven cycles of solar systems. Their relation to the Words of the present solar systemFire, 453:purpose will be to study the etheric body, its relation to the dense physical body, and itsFire, 458:as follows: 1. The animal kingdom holds the same relation to the human kingdom as the denseFire, 458:the esoteric point of view and as regards its relation to mankind) the mother aspect, prior to theFire, 492:of all that obstructs. This is effected, in relation to man, at the Judgment separation, but itFire, 497:group, and have a closer and more peculiar relation to it than have the builders or devas in anyFire, 500:far as he is able to work out analogous ideas in relation to the Heavenly Man and the solar Logos: Fire, 504:Causal Body The subject of the egoic Ray and its relation to the second fire is one of vital importFire, 524:this term is used in the sense of negative in relation to solar electricity. When man has found outFire, 566:schemes? What is the purpose lying back of the relation existing between our Earth and Venus? IsFire, 584:body. It is the buddhic principle, and its relation with the lower permanent atom of the Triad isFire, 591:demonstration in the next, or fifth round. In relation to this fourth round the following facts mayFire, 605:the significance of these figures, and their relation to each other as the triple division of aFire, 612:point to emphasize. These deva activities in relation to Self-Consciousness (which is theFire, 613:A Heavenly Man holds an analogous position in relation to a planetary scheme. He is the centralFire, 645:of deva substances which was never intended. The relation of man to the lower kingdoms, andFire, 658:differentiate them into groups and study their relation to: The various entities who are the soulFire, 664:this connection: [664] The physical sun, and its relation to prana and the etheric body. TheFire, 664:astral body. The central spiritual sun, and its relation to the Spirit or atma in man. (S. D., II,Fire, 664:D., II, 250, 251.) The heart of the sun, and its relation to the lower and higher mental bodies,Fire, 680:The question of these Fire Dhyanis and their relation to man is a most profound mystery, and theFire, 681:The devas of the lower mental levels in relation to [682] man work through the mental unit, andFire, 682:who ensoul that matter, especially in their relation to man, The Egos or the self-conscious unitsFire, 683:you may consider them as standing in the same relation to the spiritually regenerated and releasedFire, 683:place and purpose of the mental plane, and its relation to the planetary Logos and a solar Logos.Fire, 693:atom of the solar system, which holds the same relation to the logoic physical body as the humanFire, 693:both human and logoic, may be gathered from the relation of the permanent atoms to the rest of theFire, 702:body, to the heart center particularly, and its relation to these gaseous elements. The heart willFire, 721:wisely," in the occult sense of the term. It has relation to the polarization of the Logos in HisFire, 725:Who can be seen appearing in the schemes, has relation to the heart center of a planetary Logos,Fire, 725:with any particular Hierarchy but only in relation to the total system. They produce the blendingFire, 727:time of its densest physical appearance, and has relation to the transference of deva impulse fromFire, 731:intensification of "fire by friction." It has relation to the achievement of Brahma, and marks aFire, 731:in the intensification of "solar Fire." It has relation to the achievement of Vishnu, and marks aFire, 732:subplanes of the: Cosmic physical plane, in relation to a solar Logos and to a planetary Logos.Fire, 732:a planetary Logos. Systemic physical plane, in relation to man. This connotation has been preservedFire, 733:the Spirit. It has, therefore, to do with the relation of the greater devas as They carry out TheirFire, 734:be apparent to the student that it concerns the relation of the Holy Spirit to the Mother in theFire, 734:in the production of the Son, and then the relation of the Son to the Mother. If the ideasFire, 734:the question of pralaya, we are studying the relation (in time and space) of the positive energy ofFire, 734:alone manifestation is possible. Through this relation, existence on the objective planes can beFire, 734:law of the system is that which governs the relation of all atoms to the aggregate of atoms, and ofFire, 738:mystery of the 777 incarnations and concerns the relation of the unit to his group on the egoicFire, 739:manipulate from cosmic levels, and a conscious relation with the six other centers in the planetaryFire, 743:lives for the good of the race. They stand in relation to the totality of the schemes as the OccultFire, 745:the position of the Kumaras and Their relation to the planetary Logos almost an insuperable one, itFire, 750:of the egoic impulse. This process has a curious relation to the obscuration, or fading out, of theFire, 752:and He works directly as the Initiator (in relation to man) through Sanat Kumara, and with theFire, 767:egoic impulse, based on desire and on the relation of the second aspect to the third aspect or ofFire, 785:type of force. This can be clearly seen in relation to the etheric body which circulates the vitalFire, 786:the student to work out the correspondences in relation to the system and the planet, and givingFire, 792:moment - Concerns an egoic group, and its relation to the whole. These are the greater periods ofFire, 798:now take up the consideration of karma in its relation to the act of reincarnation. As we are wellFire, 824:to which we have access and which are grouped in relation to this subject into the three groups,Fire, 830:the comprehension of the real meaning of the sex relation, of the meeting and merging of the pairsFire, 834:Angels may become somewhat elucidated, and their relation to the planetary Logos and to the solarFire, 846:system. This entity has the same analogous relation to the deva evolution as the mysteriousFire, 859:figure twelve is met with, showing a definite relation to the basic psychic lotuses on egoicFire, 861:and transmuters of force, and bear the same relation to Him as do the physical centers to a humanFire, 882:- Has to do with non-duality. Deals with the relation of Atman in man to the Logos. There are fourFire, 891:scheme of things can only be described as having relation to the grosser planetary functions.Fire, 893:the kundalini, or serpent fire, is known, this relation will be better understood, and the historyFire, 894:the subject of the third eye is studied, and its relation to the spine, and the spinal currentsFire, 898:of each plane in the solar system, and their relation to each other. Herein will be found oneFire, 899:lines of force. This planet has also a vital relation to the sixth logoic principle, or Buddhi, andFire, 900:under the impulse of desire. The true relation between the astral plane and the physical plane willFire, 908:evolved men everywhere to evade the marriage relation, and confine themselves to creation upon theFire, 908:will be withheld. Laxness in the marriage relation, due to this particular cause, is only seenFire, 909:the line of making escape from the marriage relation more difficult, but will take effect at theFire, 917:of this present one. It is here - in the relation between positive electrical energy in itsFire, 923:2 becomes easier of comprehension when the close relation between the four cosmic etheric planesFire, 934:Students are here recommended to trace the relation between the solar and cosmic planes in thisFire, 935:four groups, and each group has a curious karmic relation to one of the four kingdoms in nature:Fire, 935:and herein is to be found a clue as to the relation between all sea and watery forms to the animal.
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