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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Healing, 700:We will not consequently consider more than the relation of the rays controlling the healer and theHealing, 702:act accordingly. The problem then is whether the relation between healer and [703] patient will beHealing, 703:personality to soul and vice versa. When the relation is that of personality to personality (andHealing, 703:out to the subtler realms of being. Where the relation is that of the soul of the healer to theHealing, 713:about by the activity of the first ray in relation to the incoming seventh ray and has itsHealing, 714:when in contact with force, or of the soul in relation to substance, is completely unknown orHercules, 8:will be non-mathematical and which will have no relation to the casting of horoscopes. It willHercules, 11:in nature; that he was the Self in close relation to the Not-Self; he had to experiment with theHercules, 36:Law; at the close, Law; for Cepheus has a close relation with the first and the last sign of theHercules, Note t:desire, takes a body. Thus the idea of the relation of the Self and the not-Self, in order toHercules, 49:longer be prostituted to selfish desire, and the relation between the sexes will be governed byHercules, 52:to the word is, to refrain from the marriage relation. Many young men and women, driven byHercules, 52:itself with the form? May not the real marriage relation, of which the physical plane relation isHercules, 52:marriage relation, of which the physical plane relation is but the symbol, be that of the union ofHercules, 52:its right obligations. It will recognize the relation that it should hold to other human beings,Hercules, 66:p. 163) Gemini stands, secondly, for the relation between. It governs, therefore, language,Hercules, 86:therefore, for birth into incarnation, or, in relation to the aspirant, for the new birth. TheHercules, 89:astrological symbol for the sign Cancer has no relation at all to the crab. It is composed of twoHercules, 100:to note that this famous labor has no relation to the lion's skin which Hercules always wore. ThatHercules, 100:body. These four we have seen brought into relation to the involving soul, in the four precedingHercules, 100:type of matter which would enable it to be in relation to the world of ideas. It clothed itself inHercules, 102:has been achieved. The appropriateness and the relation of the fifth Commandment to the fifth laborHercules, 104:the symbol of the lion or kingly soul, and its relation to the matter or Mother aspect. It may,Hercules, 109:cave and there master it. But, relatively, in relation to the myriads of human units, they haveHercules, 135:careful study of these three: law, first aspect; relation between the pairs [136] of oppositesHercules, 173:Now we enter upon three signs that have no relation to his personal achievements. He is free. He isHercules, 174:so can work universally on labors that have no relation to himself whatsoever. He works as aInitiation, 12:the point of view of the Ego, or Thinker, or his relation between them. In the Hall of IgnoranceInitiation, 30:way of illustration, and an attempt to show the relation [31] of the Hierarchy to its planetaryInitiation, 45:with the fostering and strengthening of that relation between spirit and matter, life and form, theInitiation, 45:Lords; you have the self, the not-self, and the relation between synthesized in the unity ofInitiation, 47:other Masters hold similar posts in relation to the great oriental faiths, and the variousInitiation, 69:reports. Karma is largely the arbiter of this relation. Just at present, owing to the great need inInitiation, 109:Form Life Mind. The Not-Self The Self The relation between. Body Spirit Soul. [110] Or, in wordsInitiation, 111:this book anent the Lodge of Masters and their relation to the applicant for initiation, whilst theInitiation, 118:impossible to express in words, and concerns the relation of the electrical point of fire, which isInitiation, 120:insight into the specific group purpose, and its relation to other groups. He can now work withInitiation, 133:Initiator to the Three who stand in triangular relation to the throne of office. They receive it inInitiation, 147:of a profoundly solemn nature concerning his relation to his other selves, the Lodge of which he isInitiation, 160:to that great Existence who stands in the same relation to the Solar Logos as the latter does toInitiation, 170:karma in the three worlds can be negated. The relation of that hierarchy of spiritual beings whoInitiation, 172:lower nature, and therefore to balance it in relation to the higher, to read the records andInitiation, 173:The true name of our Planetary Logos and his relation to the Solar Logos. "The Marriage of theInitiation, 173:that constellation. On a lesser scale, and in relation to the microcosm, the following subjects areInitiation, 173:between the Ego and the personality is seen. The relation of the two evolutions, human and deva, isInitiation, 176:is the conscious apprehension by the self of its relation to all that constitutes the not-self, andInitiation, 188:about this Path, and the curiously close relation between it and the Pleiades can only beInitiation, 202:of long standing. Ability to work in harmonious relation. Superficially, this may appear one of theInitiation, 203:personality, so that [203] the esoteric group relation may become possible upon the physical plane.Initiation, 204:duly and wisely participating in the marriage relation. An initiate cultivates a peculiar attitudeIntellect, 30:go beyond the academic training of the mind with relation to physical plane living. Intellect, 54:- Chapter Three - The Nature of the Soul The relation of the soul to the Oversoul is that of theIntellect, 54:of the part towards the Whole, and it is this relation and its consequent recognitions, whichIntellect, 54:to which the mystics have always testified. Its relation to the human being is that of theIntellect, 56:is himself. Through it, he later discovers his relation to the universe; he finds that his physicalIntellect, 57:above. The subject of the vital body, its relation to this universal energy, and its seven pointsIntellect, 82:and unified and brought into harmonious relation with each other and with the soul, their creator,Intellect, 86:himself to demonstrate the fact of the mind, its relation in the two directions (to the soul on theIntellect, 87:or common sense, and governs its use [87] in relation to the world of the earthly life, of theIntellect, 87:the soul and the physical brain. The first relation is developed and fostered through sound methodsIntellect, 109:and no following of chance ideas which emerge in relation to the object of thought. The seedIntellect, 109:effect in service upon some other person or in relation to some spiritual work, or in some phase ofIntellect, 120:structure of this organ, and on its reciprocal relation to the other parts of the Whole, a relationIntellect, 120:relation to the other parts of the Whole, a relation which has many gradations." - Fischer, Ludwig,Intellect, 156:it is a state wherein the mind is brought into relation with God, and the longer that condition canIntellect, 194:after knowledge. The self, the not-self, and the relation between the two, are known as one fact,Intellect, 219:tell it to keep quiet. Some of the postures have relation also to the nervous body and that innerIntellect, 230:negative to this divine Reality. The positive relation is becoming possible. But - this seems toIntellect, 232:upon the seed-thought and have a definite relation to the chosen idea upon which we seek toIntellect, 257:a tendency to nausea, for there is a close [257] relation between the emotional nature and theIntellect, 259:A home that is based upon a true and happy relation between a man and a woman, upon mutual trust,Intellect, 259:that can be given to the world at this time. A relation that is based on physical attraction andMagic, 7:correspondences insofar as they demonstrated the relation of the part to the whole, and of the unitMagic, 14:has enabled man to arrive at much truth in relation to the three worlds. The scientific method is,Magic, 14:the three worlds. The scientific method is, in relation to the [15] mind of humanity, playing theMagic, 15:prolonged concentration or meditation) plays in relation to the individual. Through it rightMagic, 18:the organism. This energy has a primary direct relation with the three parts of the organism whichMagic, 20:and a comprehension of their functions and group relation, we can arrive at an understanding ofMagic, 21:in other forms of divine manifestation. Correct relation between forms will result in theMagic, 21:in function and yet are unified and brought into relation through the medium of the nervous systemMagic, 27:the divine consciousness in man is to study the relation of the mind and the brain and note whatMagic, 27:instrument of the mind; then study the relation of the soul to the mind and what eventuates whenMagic, 33:be grasped: one is the aspect of the soul in relation to the fourth kingdom in nature, i.e. theMagic, 35:is neither spirit nor matter but is the relation between them. The soul is the mediator betweenMagic, 47:of Rays - certain groupings of the seven rays in relation to our planet. A Hierarchy of Lives,Magic, 47:the purpose and plan of the solar Logos in relation to the five planets involved. Magic, 48:Cooperating in the plan of the solar Logos in relation to His (if one may use a pronoun in speakingMagic, 48:for us, if we could but grasp it, in the relation of the sun to the moon. "The Solar Lord with hisMagic, 58:Just as in the past the instrument and its relation to the outer world has been the paramount factMagic, 58:as the outer worlds. Man has included in his relation only the form side of the field of averageMagic, 71:macrocosm. It can be elucidated in two ways in relation to the light it mentions. Reference is madeMagic, 74:this second rule, we must note that a conscious relation has been established between the soul andMagic, 74:with its reflection. The correspondence to this relation, or synchronizing vibration isMagic, 74:Mind - Brain Pineal Gland - Pituitary Body The relation also between the centers, and theirMagic, 74:himself). It is also symbolized for us in the relation between the Eastern and the WesternMagic, 76:of this rule will fall into two parts: The relation between the soul and the personality. This willMagic, 83:flesh, connected with the emotions, or having a relation to the mind. The war, again, hasMagic, 85:of the second Rule we will deal first with the relation of the soul to the personality, primarilyMagic, 85:principle of mind, and on this ground their relation becomes possible. The man's work with his mindMagic, 86:of the Hindrances Thus, again, we have a relation established between a positive and a negative
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