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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Magic, 86:here be given showing them in their progressive relation on the path of evolution. The relationMagic, 86:relation on the path of evolution. The relation between male and female physical bodies, called byMagic, 86:female physical bodies, called by man, the sex relation, and deemed of such paramount importance atMagic, 86:is with this that the race is now engrossed. The relation between the astral body and the physical,Magic, 86:desire for the acquisition of the tangible. The relation between the mind and the brain, whichMagic, 86:indicate the importance. Much progress in this relation has been made during the past fifty years,Magic, 86:They will be the automatons of the mind. The relation between the soul and the personality, whichMagic, 87:into the world of the soul. With this [87] relation, the mystics and the occultists concernMagic, 87:and the occultists concern themselves. The relation between the centers below the diaphragm andMagic, 87:from the standpoint of the form, so in the relation between the solar plexus and heart is theMagic, 87:perfectly through the emotional nature. The relation between the two head centers, or between theMagic, 87:the eyebrows and the center above the head. This relation is set up and stabilized when soul andMagic, 87:when soul and body are a functioning unit. The relation between the pineal gland and the pituitaryMagic, 87:the pituitary body as a result of the above. The relation between the higher and the lower mind,Magic, 88:however, only concerned with the setting up of a relation between soul and body and beyond thisMagic, 88:largely in its own world and concerned with its relation to spirit, and with this the man, workingMagic, 99:Note this difference. Humanity is macrocosmic in relation to the subhuman states of consciousness,Magic, 128:identity. Of what moment is it? My province in relation to the group is to give needed assistanceMagic, 145:to take these three vital words and trace their relation to all embodied thought forms - a cosmos,Magic, 163:line of thought is followed by a human being in relation to his brethren. It breeds hatred,Magic, 170:3. Certain factors, governing the Master's relation to the disciple, are gradually recognized andMagic, 182:discipleship. Interest for the data available in relation to the Adepts is more potent than theMagic, 185:factors to be considered separately and in their relation to each other. First, are there suchMagic, 197:centers are already awakened, and functioning in relation to the form aspect, but are not yetMagic, 198:center swings into creative work, a definite relation is set up and there is an interplay of energyMagic, 205:the personality, and in the understanding of the relation of the two head centers and their mutualMagic, 212:his triple instrument. There is an interesting relation between these three "directions ofMagic, 215:these concepts down to practical expression in relation to the Rule under consideration, it can beMagic, 225:will negate form-life as we understand it. In relation to the human unit, the secret of liberationMagic, 226:plane we will deal with its functions and the relation of the disciple to its activities. Let usMagic, 237:path is learning a similar lesson in relation to his astral body, its focus, its desires and itsMagic, 247:occult unfoldment and esoteric knowledge, the relation between the personality and the soul isMagic, 248:the brain cavity where the magical work must, in relation to the physical plane, be carried out.Magic, 260:such a strong inner integrity and subjective relation between workers in all fields in all parts ofMagic, 281:standpoint of the work which the soul does in relation to its instrument, the human being, and weMagic, 281:of that form-building which the disciple does in relation to his service for the Hierarchy. Back ofMagic, 283:outer plane, the esoteric basis for all group relation, and it is the understanding of theseMagic, 284:The cerebro-spinal system works in close relation to the chitta or mind stuff. Therefore we haveMagic, 287:words 'Let the Mother know the Father'. It has relation to the marriage in the Heavens. To Dare.Magic, 288:each of the ray methods. These can be studied in relation to the above tabulations and inMagic, 291:Nature, whilst the work of the Hierarchy, in its relation to the human kingdom, is to transmitMagic, 311:on the involutionary arc, who holds the same relation to the planetary Logos as the astralMagic, 312:very potent influence. On account of this close relation, they produce two types of desire or ofMagic, 321:employed by an individual human being, plays in relation to the Great Whole. We have noted theMagic, 322:the extent of the inner contact, and in direct relation to the clarity of the channel linking theMagic, 335:and of power, must inevitably demonstrate the relation between forms, which is another term forMagic, 339:the formulation of ideas concerning God and His relation to man, concerning divinity, eschatologyMagic, 357:can be grasped more easily in a larger sense in relation to humanity than can their effects in anMagic, 357:of pain and a subsequent process of analysis, of relation plus memory and visualization, man hasMagic, 358:his right to inherit. The Old Commentary says in relation to these two characteristics of manMagic, 391:I seek but to give a few thoughts which have relation to the coming age, and which will enable manMagic, 392:in form. It is awareness of identity in relation to other identities, and this is equally true ofMagic, 407:activities we [407] now have a humanity in close relation, though not at-one, and a humanityMagic, 410:said of the religious and political groups. In relation to the many nations and the myriads of menMagic, 422:and the mind also into a close and established relation, but as yet the lowest aspect of thisMagic, 423:The second requirement which will establish relation between the working disciples in this group isMagic, 430:fact that the occultists are numerically few in relation to the masses of humanity, and also toMagic, 439:it will be found that each line will function in relation to another line, and the trends of theMagic, 449:energies. It will be noted that the formula has relation to the thought-form, the words of power toMagic, 455:mind of the divine Creator and thus enter into relation with each other. The form is theMagic, 459:respond; they [459] concern themselves with the relation between the form aspect and the life urge.Magic, 476:is obvious that already the nature of speech in relation to embodied ideas is being somewhatMagic, 489:poisonous attitude, governed by an idea. His relation to his own soul and the strength of theMagic, 496:as its controlling agency, and through the close relation of the endocrine system to the bloodMagic, 501:continuity of consciousness and there seems no relation between their physical plane existence andMagic, 503:the physical and astral planes in such a close relation that they will in reality constitute oneMagic, 505:Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death In relation to the technique of dying it is onlyMagic, 506:when the fact of the soul is recognized and its relation to the body has been scientificallyMagic, 519:two soul interludes - that which concerns the relation of mind and brain. Through an intenseMagic, 524:understood, and who stand in a closer relation to man. Men are not yet equipped to comprehend theMagic, 525:part that the fourth kingdom in nature plays in relation to the whole, and the purpose for whichMagic, 525:We must study this from the standpoint of the relation of the fourth kingdom to the whole, and notMagic, 526:something, inherent in matter (when brought into relation with spirit), which awakensMagic, 526:fire, and fire by friction, and their purpose in relation to each other is summed up for us in theMagic, 528:endeavor; the disciple is learning to do this in relation to group purpose, and the initiateMagic, 529:and he becomes at-one with, and enters into relation with his soul, then he automatically shiftsMagic, 546:Himself as a human being; His fellow man in relation to himself and the Whole; The fourth kingdomMagic, 548:has a different meaning on each plane and in relation [549] to the seven stages of consciousness asMagic, 550:energy which we usually call divine. This relation between the prototypal trinity and its plane ofMagic, 556:the groups of lives with which he has had relation and with which he again must work. Finally, heMagic, 568:from the nose to the heart and having special relation to the mouth and speech, the heart andMagic, 568:the medium of food and drink and has special relation to the stomach. Apana controls from the solarMagic, 568:of rejection and of birth, thus having special relation to the organs of generation and ofMagic, 568:nose and the top of the head; it has a special relation to the brain, the nose and the eyes, andMagic, 571:the real training for discipleship. Grasping the relation between these forces of nature which heMagic, 580:factors. Speed in this sense has no essential relation to time, though it is hard to find anotherMagic, 580:world of causes. It has, perhaps, essentially a relation to truth, for the truer an impulse is andMagic, 581:the process of force expression and the [581] relation between cause and effect is spontaneous andMagic, 634:to present any idea in its true and synthetic relation. It is again when the many thousands ofMeditation, 54:sense, stands for that which we term "the relation between", and is the creating intermediary, theMeditation, 54:Who wields the cosmic law of gravitation in its relation to our solar system, whilst on the lowerMeditation, 54:future, or that which we call Time. In direct relation to the lower vehicle it manifests asMeditation, 59:different subplanes of each plane, especially in relation to his own development. In the studyingMeditation, 199:watched. The centers will be studied in their relation to the streams of force contacted, and theirMeditation, 200:employed The great event on the planet in direct relation to the human race is the Wesak festival.Meditation, 208:of the fifth principle [208] of manas in its relation to the totality of the personality. Yellow,Meditation, 218:Consciousness Vehicle Vitality Self Not-Self Relation between 2. Ray of Love and Wisdom 1. Ray ofMeditation, 239:comprehension, analysis and intellect. It is the relation between life and form, the self and thePatanjalithrough those forms of concentration which have relation to the sense perceptions. 36. ByPatanjali, 16:of the reasoning powers of the mind in [16] relation to that not directly perceived. This is, for
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