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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Rays, 225:ground and the establishment of illumined group relation. This is revealed by the mind, functioningRays, 226:of the Word and establishing direct relation with Shamballa as an integral part of the Hierarchy.Rays, 240:The Buddha tried the same system, but the relation of His group was, in the first instance, to HimRays, 240:to guide and to become "fishers of men." The relation of the disciples of the Christ was onlyRays, 240:Age. 3. The third great change has been in the relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, and of thisRays, 242:to explain the dualism of all existence and the relation of spirit-matter, are by no means the realRays, 243:forms, produces color and sounds in harmonious relation, except the human; all of this type ofRays, 244:There will be, as you can well see, a close relation between this fourth purpose of Sanat Kumara,Rays, 244:of Harmony through Conflict. It is the balanced relation of these three, consummated at the fourthRays, 245:now concerned, because it is expressed in the relation existing between the significance of Desire,Rays, 246:be seen. It is only as human beings enter into relation with the Hierarchy and are graduallyRays, 252:problems and the intense earlier focus on the relation of the disciple and the Master. The keynoteRays, 252:and not this powerful emphasis upon the personal relation of the disciple to the Master and theRays, 253:It is of no use to use the esoteric planets in relation to the average man. Information about theRays, 254:Full Moons each year. This leads to a consequent relation being established between the work of theRays, 254:it, or if you exclude those who labor in relation to religious and other fields in a mannerRays, 257:are functioning in synthesis. Here we find a relation to the spiritual Triad and the three pointsRays, 258:of prophecy, but it is prophecy which has no relation to the salvation of humanity in any sense atRays, 259:in the Rule for Applicants. There is a definite relation between the two sets of rules and it isRays, 261:significance or meaning of group activity, group relation, and group initiation. He stands,Rays, 264:synthesis that the group must learn; it is this relation which they must begin to comprehend, andRays, 269:these three great Buddhas there is a basic relation, established aeons ago and steadfastly held,Rays, 269:are also related to the human family, but their relation is more aggressively (if I might use thatRays, 269:with these we shall not here deal. Their relation to the human kingdom has been covered by me inRays, 271:Ashrams at a certain Full Moon, and concerns the relation of the Ashrams as a whole to Shamballa,Rays, 272:here be of interest. Each of Them has a special relation to the three races which have been or areRays, 277:as follows: Brotherhood is an expression of the relation which the planetary Logos (on the cosmicRays, 277:plane in the three worlds. The sum total of the relation and of the relationships set up is,Rays, 279:the antahkarana in order to establish direct relation between the Monad and the personality,Rays, 283:and in the world of sentiency and in relation to the world of loving understanding, He stands theRays, 288:to "know thyself"; he is then told to know the relation of form and soul, and the area covered byRays, 288:is focused. The initiated disciple knows the relation of the periphery to the center, of the One toRays, 289:timing and of movement in space; it concerns the relation of the Hierarchy, working with the Plan,Rays, 289:love) to be employed, and the close and growing relation and interplay between the Hierarchy andRays, 290:actuated by intention. For the first time, the relation of the Will, which had hitherto expressedRays, 291:of Initiation, and of Identification. The relation between the listening of the aspirant and theRays, 304:by the personality and the soul) has little relation to that form of living awareness whichRays, 306:Therefore, it is connected primarily with the relation of Shamballa to the Hierarchy, and not withRays, 306:of Shamballa to the Hierarchy, and not with the relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity. This is aRays, 306:This type of destruction has only a secondary relation to the destruction of form life as you knowRays, 307:of which we so glibly speak has little relation, in reality, to the will itself; it refers only toRays, 308:of this will come if you consider the relation of the four subplanes of the physical plane, theRays, 311:forms in the three worlds, but it will have no relation to the individual and personal problems ofRays, 311:atmic aspect of the Triad, it will function in relation to races, nations, and the kingdoms inRays, 312:to pure will - we considered these five words in relation to the five initiations with which youRays, 312:all so theoretically familiar. The word Know, in relation to the initiate-consciousness, concernsRays, 314:in the true meaning of the term, which has no relation to emotion but to the cessation of the typeRays, 316:from the Sirian point of view, because the relation of the man "under discipline and in training"Rays, 329:The Aspirant and the Major Initiations The relation of the seven Rays to the Initiations TheRays, 330:rulers. This will facilitate research into the relation of the planetary centers to the systemicRays, 330:It would not be advisable for me to give out the relation of the planetary centers to the centersRays, 335:of men is, in reality, quite secondary in relation to the hierarchical crisis which we areRays, 336:effect of the rays upon the initiate and to the relation existing between the ray energies andRays, 338:increasingly can function as a divine creator in relation to the hierarchical Plan, as theRays, 338:with which he must himself be occupied in relation to the manifestation of the planetary Logos. YouRays, 338:Logos. You will note that I do not say in relation to humanity. The initiate works in many fieldsRays, 357:the plane of glamor in the three worlds. In relation to the mind, you have: The cosmic mentalRays, 358:will be found necessary to remember always the relation of our seven planes to the cosmic range ofRays, 362:students to shift their attention away from the relation of the Ashram to humanity as a whole, orRays, 362:to humanity as a whole, or to realize that this relation is secondary to the Master Whose primaryRays, 367:can be understood by you as evoking the same relation to the "unknown God" as your personality -Rays, 367:heart center of Sanat Kumara, and has a close relation to the deva evolution, hinted at by me in ARays, 368:as the Savior of all the subhuman kingdoms has relation to this fact. The ajna center of the LordRays, 371:plan. There is, as you will later see, a direct relation between the seven Paths and the sevenRays, 373:this group will increasingly assume potent relation between the units of life within its periphery,Rays, 373:so at the present time) with two functions in relation to the Ashram: One function is to enableRays, 374:at this point to refer back to the time sense in relation to the Hierarchy and its work, to which IRays, 378:the divine qualities or principles, and the relation of energy to force. With these clearly held inRays, 379:interplay of the whole. Aspirants are drawn into relation with the Ashram through its radiation andRays, 384:of radiatory force" was established, at first in relation to the second ray Ashram, and later toRays, 385:in the three worlds was still possible, and the relation between the man in the three worlds andRays, 386:what a tremendous crisis took place in the relation between Humanity and the Hierarchy - a crisisRays, 392:planetary Logos but (even more than that) it has relation to extra-planetary sources and energiesRays, 393:by the development of the intuition, and has no relation to the mind nature. This training inRays, 400:have not dealt with the work of the Hierarchy in relation to evolutions other than the human, forRays, 401:this essential energy, and because of His past relation to the Earth, He is part of the directingRays, 404:working on the second Path are working in relation to and in contact with certain great Lives WhoRays, 405:His activities will then be concerned with the relation of the energies of the Great Bear to theRays, 407:sense - a definite correspondence with and relation to the group of Nirmanakayas within our planetRays, 414:that there is a good and adequate reason for the relation and that the following esoteric events,Rays, 423:is therefore unique and apparent; it produces relation between our system, our planets and theRays, 431:said relatively little about the brain and its relation to the personality and the soul. It is notRays, 431:by three major glands which are found in close relation to the brain substance. These are theRays, 431:man, controls his physical vehicle. Where the relation is close between the three glands - as isRays, 432:the alta major center, and establishes a close relation with the heart and the heart center. As aRays, 434:human mind, because of their increasingly close relation to the physical brain, and because thereRays, 437:or for the creation of a channel of direct relation from the brain to the desired point of contact.Rays, 438:he demonstrates his livingness strictly in relation to the soul and the personality, and thereforeRays, 441:of his mental life and not with the life of relation between soul and personality. It is proper,Rays, 451:When this has been accomplished, a definite relation is established between the sacrifice or willRays, 455:marks the complete realization of this relation by the initiate. It enables him to say: "I and myRays, 458:reality; the eye doctrine is based on the dual relation between soul and personality. It involvesRays, 458:lies perhaps in the thought that hitherto the relation between soul and personality has beenRays, 459:our studies are related; earlier experience in relation to the three threads is logically regardedRays, 466:but the above will serve to indicate the relation of Monad-soul-personality as they expressRays, 466:and cooperation with divinity. Love. Attraction. Relation. The influence of the Soul. The HumanRays, 472:causal body, starts to dissipate, the line of relation or of connection can be and is direct. TheRays, 483:who is attempting to bring into a constructive relation the Monad and the human expression in theRays, 496:essentials, as they concern the soul and its relation to the personality, and the outer ones asRays, 497:in detail), the point where humanity stands in relation to the antahkarana. It might be said that
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