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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATION

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Reappearance, 93:forces of reconstruction are effective mainly in relation to those entities which we call nations.Reappearance, 99:His recognition that He Himself needed a deeper relation with that center which He always referredReappearance, 100:today and which holds the clue to the relation of the Christ and of the Buddha; it concerns aReappearance, 107:Christ. Thus the fundamental truths upon which relation to God (and, therefore, relation to ourReappearance, 107:upon which relation to God (and, therefore, relation to our fellowmen) is founded are always givenReappearance, 109:today or understanding; only a small minority in relation to the Earth's population are strugglingReappearance, 129:were also conscious of admittance into direct relation with the Hierarchy. At present, we useReappearance, 129:of the Christ is indicative of a closer relation between the outer and the inner worlds of thought.Reappearance, 150:of humanity. On the fact of God and of man's relation to the divine, on the fact of immortality andReappearance, 151:openly among men, and thus establish a close relation and a constant communication between humanityReappearance, 153:[153] with God and for a closer spiritual relation to each other. This work, when rightly carriedReappearance, 153:will enable humanity to grasp not only its relation to the spiritual life of our planet, the "OneReappearance, 153:our being," but will also give a glimpse of the relation of our planet to the circle of planetaryReappearance, 154:The establishing of certain major festivals in relation to the Moon and in a lesser degree to theReappearance, 155:divine purpose. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of May, as is at presentReappearance, 155:human relations. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It will be a dayReappearance, 158:growing demand for increased awareness of that relation; it draws forth the recognition of theReappearance, 158:an entirely emotional appeal. It concerned the relation of the individual to the world of reality,Reappearance, 182:The Buddha tried the same system but the [182] relation of His group was, in the first instance, toReappearance, 182:to guide and to become "fishers of men." The relation of the disciples of the Christ was onlySoul, 11:of our personality, presents the body-mind relation not only in a way unexpectedly rich inSoul, 31:physiological terms and effects, such as its relation to the growth of the body, to the hair,Soul, 44:glands do, in some form or other, it has a close relation to sex, and is also related to suchSoul, 47:upper portion of the heart, and, perhaps, has relation to nutrition and growth. It seems to beSoul, 50:when we consider the force centers and their relation to the glands. Of all the foregoing, and ofSoul, 80:as 'events' which they had somehow to bring into relation with physical movements. We accept bothSoul, 81:the Soul and its Location We get a hint of the relation between these three, spirit, soul and body,Soul, 90:the Science of Ethology has come into being. The relation of psychical qualities to the brain hasSoul, 105:between spirit and matter, and brings them into relation with each other." - Iyengar, P. T.Soul, 109:man (and one might consider it in like manner in relation to every state of being) is calledSoul, 111:for every part of the body and are in close relation to the nervous system in its three divisions,Soul, 112:in the integral individuality. Similarly, when a relation is affirmed between the function of theseSoul, 114:and throat center.) The central system has relation with the periphery through the thirty-oneSoul, 115:The two centers in the head have a direct relation to the faculties of mind and motion. TheSoul, 116:however, to control these functions only in relation with the manifestations of volition, feeling,Soul, 118:cardiac action, and respiration in ultimate relation with the Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura,Soul, 118:been assigned in special, even if not exclusive, relation with [119] various perceptive,Soul, 121:secretion has been isolated, and its action in relation to the bloodstream known, whilst thoseSoul, 142:which are, in their turn, figurative of the relation between soul and body. Sex magic relegates theSoul, 142:to the center below the diaphragm and to a relation between two persons on the physical plane. TheSoul, 142:a man's own nature, centered in the head and the relation is between the soul and the body, insteadSoul, 147:but specific investigation of the spine and its relation to the centers is as yet a new field ofSoul, 148:upon the individual human etheric body and its relation to the universal ether as is light itselfSoul, 155:it as the higher immediacy that is known in its relation to the lower immediacy - the merelyTelepathy, 2:of force or tiny streams of energy, held in relation to the emotional and mental bodies and to theTelepathy, 3:a resembling condition and a telepathic relation between disciples on the physical plane. No matterTelepathy, 16:around the solar plexus (though not in direct relation to that center as it exists as an instrumentTelepathy, 30:- so petty and unimportant when viewed in relation to the momentous issues of the present time.Telepathy, 40:and galvanizes the personality into a right relation to the soul, to the environment, and toTelepathy, Discip:the subtlety of the whole subject, of its close relation to energy impacts and of its groupTelepathy, 50:mind, the soul and the vital body. When the relation between the lower and the higher mind isTelepathy, 52:1. The Science of Impression - The will-to-be. Relation to the Spiritual Triad. Source of emanationTelepathy, 52:Invocation and Evocation - Love or attraction. Relation to the soul in all forms. Source ofTelepathy, 52:Science of Telepathy - Mind. Human intelligence. Relation to the personality. Source of emanation -Telepathy, 55:with what is inherent in man and in his relation to his environment and circumstances. The germ orTelepathy, 65:functioning; the first result of their relation is the appearance of that which will enable theTelepathy, 67:the effect of life-reason as it manifests in relation to the available and suitable environment.Telepathy, 70:the Science of Impression conditions the relation between senior and junior members in the variousTelepathy, 71:the Hierarchy - is based entirely on a sense of relation. Therefore only a certain level ofTelepathy, 77:(5%) of the teaching given, but this is in relation to the entire world and the percentage does notTelepathy, 79:consciousness. The animal kingdom has a peculiar relation to the fourth kingdom in nature, and theTelepathy, 79:kingdom which is largely being worked off in its relation to mankind today. The karmic entity -Telepathy, 80:The evil karma generated in any kingdom in relation to the "realm where dwelleth the planetaryTelepathy, 83: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Relation of the Human to the Hierarchical Center XII. RelationTelepathy, 83:of the Human to the Hierarchical Center XII. Relation of the Human to the Hierarchical Center TrueTelepathy, 84:two factors: [84] The Science of Impression in relation to mankind. The impressing Centers, as theyTelepathy, 84:cycle. We are to consider, therefore, the relation of the human center to the hierarchical centerTelepathy, 85: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Relation of the Human to the Hierarchical Center It might beTelepathy, 87: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Relation of the Human to the Hierarchical Center The ScienceTelepathy, 88:group telepathy, soul communication and direct relation with the Master - a relationship at thisTelepathy, 91: Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Relation of the Human to the Hierarchical Center You can see,Telepathy, 121:of conscious spiritual awareness. So it is in relation to the detail of the evolutionary process,Telepathy, 124:and the essential structure of our planet. The relation evoked is, as you can well imagine,Telepathy, 125:Center, the Agent of all the three Aspects in relation to the three subhuman kingdoms in nature,Telepathy, 128:to act as the major impressing agent in relation to the three subhuman kingdoms in nature; that isTelepathy, 135:it to be necessary to enlarge upon this basic relation; it is that which integrates the human soulTelepathy, 136:all the rays, and this must surely be obvious in relation to average and undeveloped human beings.Telepathy, 143:the underlying etheric body, as a whole and in relation to all physical forms. This form isTelepathy, 152:There is a peculiar and at present inexplicable relation between this system of nadis and theTelepathy, 160:heart and the throat) [160] the disciple is in relation with the three planetary centers. I wouldTelepathy, 167:the personality in the three worlds, and their relation to each other, always studying the subjectTelepathy, 167:studying the subject from the angle of their relation to one of the three major planetary centers -Telepathy, 167:a somewhat new concept; it creates a basic relation, making possible the fact that "as above soTelepathy, 168:Little has as yet been given out anent the relation of the four physical ethers and the four cosmicTelepathy, 168:cosmic ethers; there is nevertheless a direct relation between them, and this the initiatoryTelepathy, 168:the vehicles of humanity. There is also a direct relation between the four aspects of karma (theTelepathy, 177:this point. The existence of an etheric body in relation to all tangible and exoteric forms isTelepathy, 177:is composed of living energies, vibrating in relation to each other, yet owning their own qualityTelepathy, 178:in being but which preserves their position in relation to each other; yet each of theseTelepathy, 179:- based upon what I gave you herein in relation to the human centers - is correct and recognizable.Telepathy, 180:contact; livingness is the basis of every relation, even if this is not immediately apparent toTelepathy, 182:knowledge is available to you at this time in relation to the planetary Life, expressing itself asTelepathy, 184:but it concerns also the sense of relation of that recognized self or the "I" to all other selves.Telepathy, 184:This probably sounds entirely meaningless in relation to those conditions where the units of lifeTelepathy, 185:Triangle or central Triangle of Energies. In relation to Shamballa, this Triangle is composed ofTelepathy, 189:of the same quality - for it is the magnetic relation between the man and the idea which has made
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