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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIONS

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Discipleship1, 314:in life to the world of business, and of family relations play their part, enabling the sannyasinDiscipleship1, 322:service; therefore, serve. You know your group relations for this life; see that you are related!Discipleship1, 345:to bring their concrete mind to bear upon these relations, and often end by disturbing its rhythm.Discipleship1, 352:This leads to certain forms of hardness in your relations with those near and dear to you. DoesDiscipleship1, 370:ray. Ponder, therefore, upon the interior relations and the exterior effect of your ray forces asDiscipleship1, 379:difficulties engendered thereby in your group relations, you can most easily put the matterDiscipleship1, 417:ease and effortless expression into your daily relations. You will understand to what I refer. TheDiscipleship1, 494:- those in your own home, in your business relations and in all whom you meet and life and fateDiscipleship1, 541:you in my last instruction) no faltering in your relations and your duty to those you love and withDiscipleship1, 588:through the mind and controlling all group relations, making them intelligent and presenting to theDiscipleship1, 591:are limited by the time equation and, in our relations with them, have to work from this angle ofDiscipleship1, 595:provided that you establish and hold happy human relations with your chosen fellow workers, a deepDiscipleship1, 657:your thoughts, your work and service, and your relations to others are all built around yourself.Discipleship1, 669:rising tide of those who aspire to right human relations, knowing that the potency of love rightlyDiscipleship1, 683:where character discipline is imposed and right relations established between the personnel of aDiscipleship1, 685:and the evocation of good will and right human relations as the result of the activities of allDiscipleship1, 689:disciples are occupied is not the adjustment of relations between the inner spiritual man, the soulDiscipleship1, 731:world strife, it is this bringing about of right relations which presents the key to the immediateDiscipleship1, 731:One simple question arises here: How can right relations be established upon earth if the acceptedDiscipleship1, 732:idea and to preserve, among themselves, right relations, correctly, unanimously and unerringly?Discipleship1, 732:establish and hold among themselves these right relations. At this time, the problem is threefold.Discipleship1, 732:this time, the problem is threefold. These right relations must be fostered between: AcceptedDiscipleship2, 6:in any form vital enough to condition the group relations and to unite all into a band of brothersDiscipleship2, 8:can only become potent if certain personality relations are adjusted and inertia is overcome. Then,Discipleship2, 9:group a meditation intended to produce coherent relations and a conscious group interplay. I willDiscipleship2, 42:courage to adjust your lives - daily and in all relations - to the need of the hour and to theDiscipleship2, 59:into a New Age of cooperation and of right human relations or whether the materialistic groups willDiscipleship2, 77:to you in the light of our long personal relations. We have worked together for many years and IDiscipleship2, 81:and which infringed the principle of right human relations. It was a year of decision for theDiscipleship2, 89:move forward into greater light, better human relations and a newer happiness. The results of yourDiscipleship2, 89:levels in the Triangles and for right human relations through the medium of the Goodwill work.Discipleship2, 95:precede group effort and conscious group [95] relations. The factor entailed, therefore, is aDiscipleship2, 98:the future should consist in the following three relations: With your personality, in itsDiscipleship2, 114:group happiness or unhappiness, and other group relations. The following diagrammatic formDiscipleship2, 121:at this point in his training the following four relations are of major 'importance: The relationDiscipleship2, 138:and the exoteric rehabilitation of right human relations... The fourth stage of the meditation workDiscipleship2, 142:and service into conformity with the revealing relations will [143] (almost unexpectedly) produceDiscipleship2, 168:in their lives and the era of right human relations cannot be stopped. This is an era hitherto onlyDiscipleship2, 169:motives and the way to bring about right human relations, is now a major need; the motivating powerDiscipleship2, 169:be many decades before the idea of right human relations will have become the ideal of the massesDiscipleship2, 173:as a fixed intention to bring about right human relations. Discipleship2, 174:will give place to a longing for right human relations, to a determination to create a better andDiscipleship2, 188:and maintaining right spiritual and human relations. When in the attitude of meditation and usingDiscipleship2, 237:emphasis will be upon: The Law of Right Human Relations. The Principle of Goodwill. The Law ofDiscipleship2, 247:They concern what are called "the six [247] relations." Each of these relations must findDiscipleship2, 247:called "the six [247] relations." Each of these relations must find expression in attitude, inDiscipleship2, 260:his position by establishing right human relations and at the same time become a conscious,Discipleship2, 260:turn of the spiral - has to establish right relations with the Hierarchy and become simultaneouslyDiscipleship2, 271:grow out of the establishment of right human relations. Purpose can only be revealed and understoodDiscipleship2, 271:only be revealed and understood when such right relations are the firmly fixed habits of allDiscipleship2, 272:in process of grasping the need for right human relations to understand more than that a greatDiscipleship2, 350:eventuate in peace, security and right human relations. It is interesting to note that, from theDiscipleship2, 352:in the worldwide effort to establish right human relations. Initiation is no longer regardedDiscipleship2, 352:within humanity itself, producing right human relations and a consequent integration into theDiscipleship2, 429:a group of eager men, anxious to establish happy relations with humanity. In this, the Members ofDiscipleship2, 452:in the following way, holding the suggested relations in mind: Inhalation... Focus... LifeDiscipleship2, 469:group happiness or unhappiness, and other group relations. This may give you a needed hint. It is aDiscipleship2, 484:sensitive response to inner contacts and outer relations. It is the key to the development of aDiscipleship2, 492:rebuilding and the establishing of right human relations may (I do not say it will, for theDiscipleship2, 495:a correct interpretation of emerging facts and relations. I. Exercise prior to Meditation: StandDiscipleship2, 518:developed simplicity will be found to govern all relations. Simplicity and unity are related;Discipleship2, 520:to the fore in your consciousness the various relations existing between the differing aspects ofDiscipleship2, 525:not you will) that you repudiate as false all relations to glamor. You may declare that it touchesDiscipleship2, 544:in a half-realized inability to work out right relations with people, fretting and gnawing at theDiscipleship2, 579:be the establishing of the most loving "right relations" with all in your immediate environment.Discipleship2, 579:vision and source of activity. All the outer relations will then - both of the individual discipleDiscipleship2, 592:all the plans for world peace and international relations. Success is assured, though movements mayDiscipleship2, 615:It is not my habit to touch upon the relations on the physical plane of personalities; however,Discipleship2, 617:is necessarily duly arranged, the needed relations retained and the unneeded discarded. One of theDiscipleship2, 639:what are the duties and responsibilities and relations of that soul in all the three worlds ofDiscipleship2, 656:and not a cultivated kindness condition your relations with your fellowmen. Be not glimmered byDiscipleship2, 684:yourself from such personality reactions and relations and become stabilized in soul behavior. ItDiscipleship2, 704:and the need to work off certain karmic relations has increased your daily contacts, and at theDiscipleship2, 720:this injunction. One of the factors in ashramic relations which you need to find and express is theDiscipleship2, 729:this life, and demonstrate beauty in personality relations. You will thus release your mind fromDiscipleship2, 732:by your constant inner dwelling on your group relations. You did fail, my brother. But why stayEducation, 39:his own country but not a human being with world relations. World citizenship is not emphasized.Education, 45:that has hitherto militated against right human relations must and should be eliminated. In theEducation, 48:place as a social unit, and emphasize his group relations, thus fitting him for intelligent livingEducation, 57:politics and of government will be right human relations and for both of these education mustEducation, 63:which may bring about the new era of right human relations. They ask: Why omit political researchEducation, 74:textbooks be rewritten in terms of right human relations and not from the present nationalistic andEducation, 75:and form of manners which should govern his relations to the world of men, an ability to read andEducation, 77:is the recognition of failure to preserve right relations with the group) gets overlaid and is notEducation, 80:of idealism, its inculcation of wrong human relations and attitudes and its glorification of allEducation, 84:and broader sense as the Science of Right Human Relations and of Social Organization. This gives aEducation, 84:the Golden Rule will come about and right relations between individuals, groups, parties, nationsEducation, 86:the motives of goodwill and right human relations will be found. Finally, education should surelyEducation, 88:and a constant effort to foster right human relations. World Unity will be a fact when the childrenEducation, 88:will relate it all to the Science of Right Human Relations and try to give a truer perspective thanEducation, 89:can be trained in the Science of Right Human Relations and thus respond to the major objective ofEducation, 89:research work connected with correct social relations (communal, national and international) andEducation, 91:man, and in these three, you have right relations established between education, religion andEducation, 94:education should be basically concerned with relations and interrelations, with the bridging or theEducation, 94:The establishment of the Science of Right Relations is the next immediate step in the mentalEducation, 108:point of view of the existing fundamental group relations, envisaging the necessity to prepare theEducation, 116:entire attitude to life and to all his world relations. These changes are being self-initiated byEducation, 126:the hierarchy of human beings; it concerns the relations of the members of this hierarchy withinEducation, 130:and [130] rhythmically. It is the sense of right relations, carried forward consciously andEducation, 131:the way for the establishing of right and better relations, based upon the premises which I have
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