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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIONS

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Healing, 357:personal in their individual and inter-group relations. This may show itself in intense criticismHealing, 388:may also involve the restitution of harmonious relations with the patient's surroundings, withHealing, 404:time. The initiate uses the time factor in his relations and his dealings with those living uponHealing, 404:breaking of the laws governing right human relations have [405] imposed upon him. When theseHealing, 462:despair will no longer control. The friends and relations of the unconscious person will knowHealing, 645:the laying on of hands and the establishing of relations which affect the physical body, and whichHealing, 647:the devas are not upon the involutionary arc. Relations are established through affinity, but thisHealing, 668:misunderstanding down the ages of right human relations; the Law of Rebirth will eventually leadHercules, 42:some of the activities of Sex in its various relations. Law, the thought-impelled response of GodHercules, 50:differ. The legality or the illegality of relations varies. Different epochs and differentHercules, 66:departments, which concern themselves with human relations. First, it governs all education. ItHercules, 148:is a corrupting force. Many tragedies in human relations result from the uncontrolled desire toHercules, 161:and done. The moment we no longer set up wrong relations with people by the things we say thatInitiation, 120:and he sees somewhat what are the karmic relations between groups, units and himself; he is givenInitiation, 121:rapid approach to the final liberation. Group relations are consolidated, and the plans andInitiation, 121:intelligently. As this consolidation of group relations proceeds, it produces on the physical planeInitiation, 121:Two Revelations Having learned somewhat group relations, and having developed the ability to workInitiation, 146:This oath deals with his functions and with his relations to The Lord of the World, His immediateInitiation, 167:of the second aspect in form building, in social relations, and in family affiliations. He comes toInitiation, 167:He comes to the recognition of sex and its relations, but as yet views this force as something toIntellect, 13:wherein we function as men, sustain our human relations, and discharge our just obligations, thusIntellect, 68:way, though he uses the one term Mystic in both relations. His words form a most fascinatingIntellect, 126:He is beginning to get some realization of group relations. But more remains. Third: From theIntellect, 163:mechanism guided and directed in its physical relations and reactions by the apparatus of theIntellect, 169:intensely responsive to it; he senses his group relations and responsibilities and feels as if heIntellect, 258:in one man involve his abstaining from all sex relations in order to demonstrate to himself hisIntellect, 258:in his life promiscuous or illegitimate sexual relations. The aspirant to the [259] life of theIntellect, 259:and divinity can be expressed in all human relations. If a married man or woman cannot attainMagic, 5:as a preliminary step. Demonstrate the relations between the self and the sheaths which that selfMagic, 21:hidden in every form, and will produce right relations between the various parts of the innerMagic, 68:expedient, involving factors of physical plane relations of business and of finance, leading up toMagic, 86:and a negative vibration, and the study of these relations carries much information to the student,Magic, 94:wide efforts for the betterment of the internal relations of nations, religions and groups. EnoughMagic, 241:third group work primarily through commercial relations in the business world, and through the useMagic, 283:other groups and so make it harmonious in its relations with them? These questions warrant carefulMagic, 303:remains the same: the establishing of such close relations between the soul and the brain, via theMagic, 454:more definite form, they enter into peculiar relations with allied and neighboring forms, andMagic, 454:forms, and adjust themselves to varying relations of an internal nature with those forms, which inMagic, 462:by the Knowers will be the establishing of right relations between the four kingdoms in nature, andMagic, 462:between the four kingdoms in nature, and right relations between units and groups in the humanMagic, 462:family. A step in this direction is being made. Relations between the four spheres of activityMagic, 494:end, involving the termination of all human relations, the cessation of all physical activity, theMagic, 529:be primarily concerned with their higher group relations, with their return to the Father's home,Magic, 560:purpose meets with basic hindrances in the relations existing between its workers and disciples. InMagic, 574:in his arguments, using manipulation in his relations with his fellowmen, or be an interferingPatanjali, 22:condition of passive receptivity, with the sense relations cut off or atrophied, is not part of thePatanjali, 79:peace." We have seen that correct group relations and rhythmic living will produce that conditionPatanjali, 149:of body, and the form, both of vehicle and group relations, is painful to the soul, who is confinedPatanjali, 278:direct knowledge of the group activities and relations of a man's own ego. This, however, onlyProblems, 5:of new attitudes of mind regarding right human relations. In the recognition of the growth in humanProblems, 6:to implement) of establishing right human relations between men and between nations. The immediateProblems, 9:but inevitably into the stage where right human relations become of prime importance. Today a greatProblems, 10:same concept into the field of international relations. Thinkers throughout the world areProblems, 11:distrust and the disruption of right human relations. All nations are guilty of these qualities andProblems, 13:wherein the establishing of right human relations will be deemed desirable, not only from theProblems, 17:to think in terms of unselfish international relations and not solely in terms of the materialProblems, 17:attitude to France in terms of unselfish human relations, summarizes the psychological problem withProblems, 19:significance and the importance of right human relations? Can they then continue this educationalProblems, 19:the sense of caste into all her international relations just as the class distinction system hasProblems, 27:problem of humanity. The goal is right human relations; nations will stand or fall just in so farProblems, 27:God - is to see the establishment of right human relations. We are entering a vast experimentalProblems, 28:end of these chaotic conditions is right human relations. Every country also has much to contributeProblems, 28:will not be given in aid of right human relations. Every country must also receive from all otherProblems, 29:of its peoples. To foster the spirit of right relations. This is accomplished by the recognition ofProblems, 30:and generally effective - that of right human relations. Slowly but surely, this educationalProblems, 31:victory? The firm establishment of right human relations is already a determined part of divineProblems, 33:and acting which will lead to right human relations - those relations which are so essential toProblems, 33:which will lead to right human relations - those relations which are so essential to happiness, toProblems, 39:time but a world of beauty and of right human relations, a world in which children can indeed growProblems, 42:part in the work of securing right human relations throughout the planet. Whether we agree or notProblems, 43:of humanity into a [43] world where right human relations are regarded as essential to the peace ofProblems, 43:that has hitherto militated against right human relations must and should be eliminated. In theProblems, 46:textbooks be rewritten in terms of right human relations and not from the present nationalistic andProblems, 48:based upon failure to preserve right group relations, is not developed but if a child is handledProblems, 51:of idealism, its inculcation of wrong human relations and attitudes and its glorification of allProblems, 55:him for intelligent living and right social relations. Reading, writing and arithmetic, elementaryProblems, 56:helpfulness, brotherhood, right human relations and a belief in the reality of the world behind theProblems, 57:and broader sense as the Science of Right Human Relations and of Social Organization. This gives aProblems, 57:the Golden Rule will come about and right relations between individuals, groups, parties, nationsProblems, 59:the motives of goodwill and right human relations will be found. Finally, education should surelyProblems, 61:and a constant effort to foster right human relations. World Unity will be a fact when the childrenProblems, 62:will relate it all to the Science of Right Human Relations and will try to give a truer perspectiveProblems, 63:can be trained in the Science of Right Human Relations, and thus respond to the major objective ofProblems, 63:whilst undertaking research work into social relations and through the many organizations which areProblems, 65:spiritual man. In these three, you have right relations established between education, religion andProblems, 65:politics and of government will be right human relations and for both of these education mustProblems, 67:of the people of every nation in right human relations and the cultivation of the spirit ofProblems, 69:and will be formed to guarantee right human relations; they will not eventually be founded on powerProblems, 77:the Four Freedoms and to insure right human relations. If there is a realization that there shouldProblems, 77:a realization that there should be right human relations among nations, it is obvious that suchProblems, 77:relations among nations, it is obvious that such relations should exist also between capital andProblems, 81:be so potently changed that right human relations can be permanently established? TheseProblems, 81:now dominating into one in which right human relations will be the basic characteristic. This newProblems, 82:forward in its understanding of right human relations, an international group of men of goodwill -Problems, 83:humanity in the major undertaking of right human relations and in the possibilities immediatelyProblems, 85:freedom and a much higher level of right human relations. The sensitivity of these minorities, theProblems, 88:for right action, leading to right human relations. From the angle of our subject, the problem ofProblems, 103:deeply into the entire question of right human relations; it can only be solved on that inclusiveProblems, 108:them goodwill must be demonstrated. Right human relations must be firmly established between theProblems, 109:substitute the New Age methods of right human relations and intelligent cooperation, the sharing of
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