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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIONS

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Problems, 115:order and peace, which will insure right human relations; but they are, in turn, a tiny minority inProblems, 115:strong in the interests of right human relations that it can tie the hands of the selfishlyProblems, 115:the hope of establishing an era of right human relations within nations as well as internationally,Problems, 116:wishful thinking? Does the goal of right human relations, equal rights and opportunity for all menProblems, 116:so that the many steps to promote right human relations will be faced by legislators andProblems, 116:nature of an anti-climax: Establish right human relations by developing a spirit of goodwill. ThenProblems, 118:of adjustment: the establishing of right human relations. The technique or method to bring thisProblems, 118:understanding and in bringing about right human relations. The major need is an immediate campaign,Problems, 119:who are struggling to bring about right human relations and prove to them the potency of the forceProblems, 121:we shall see the establishing of right human relations and a new spirit of confidence, trust andProblems, 135:a spiritual vision, true values and right human relations. They are demanding teaching andProblems, 140:on the same platform of brotherhood and of human relations; they will recognize divine sonship andProblems, 146:world, in the effort to establish right human relations and as they become known as the directingProblems, 148:come through the establishing of right human relations and the cultivation of goodwill. ChurchmenProblems, 148:in the daily lives of men are right human relations thereby established and peace on earth canProblems, 152:cooperation and of a peace, based on right human relations, is becoming clearer in our minds. WeProblems, 164:to express goodwill and to establish right human relations (because of his divinity) will beProblems, 169:are being made to bring about better human relations. This, in the eyes of the spiritually mindedProblems, 169:taken to bring about security and right human relations. Spirituality is essentially theProblems, 169:is essentially the establishing of right human relations, the promotion of goodwill and finally theProblems, 171:will lead to the establishing of right human relations, to the substitution of cooperation for theProblems, 171:of a united effort to bring about right human relations, and of an educational process which willProblems, 173:group - are presenting a vision of right human relations which must constitute the standard for theProblems, 174:in their communities to establish right human relations. Security, happiness and peaceful relationsProblems, 174:relations. Security, happiness and peaceful relations are desired by all. Until, however, the GreatProblems, 176:- a peace based on security and right human relations. To further complicate the problem, it mustProblems, 176:in every nation must be educated in right human relations. Above all else, the children and theProblems, 178:of people are turning. Unity and right human relations - individual, communal, national andProblems, 178:form a world group, standing for right human relations and educating the public in the nature andProblems, 179:upon the principle of bringing about right human relations. Between the exploited and theProblems, 179:group, interpreting the meaning of right human relations, standing for the oneness of humanity andProblems, 179:voice will be heard on behalf of right human relations. This movement is already gatheringProblems, 179:into the principles which should govern human relations in world affairs is already past theProblems, 180:upon to stand for world unity, right human relations and who will try - in their own lands - toProblems, 180:of international understanding and right human relations. Thus many will find those who willProblems, 181:how to employ the will to establish right human relations will grow gradually out of the workProblems, 181:side of goodwill and on behalf of right human relations will be demonstrated as possible, and theProblems, 181:on a determination to bring about right human relations and on the recognition that the problemsPsychology1, 128:him with capacity. It governs the method of his relations to other human types and is responsiblePsychology1, 173:the wrecking of old political parties and trade relations had to play their part. It was determinedPsychology1, 173:is to enunciate those principles of national relations which underlie a world state or federation,Psychology1, 220:a whole can also be seen as having the following relations: [221] 1. Mineral kingdom base of spinePsychology1, 225:it is impossible for man as yet to see the relations, for the cycles covered are so vast, thePsychology1, 236:realization of the above three. It is the inner relations with which I deal in this treatise, [237]Psychology1, 245:It might be stated therefore that the planetary relations in this cycle are as follows: The mineralPsychology1, 248:in incarnation at any time will establish [248] relations between the kingdoms, increasing thePsychology1, 254:to the animal kingdom are: The problem of human relations and responsibility. The problem of animalPsychology1, 254:problem of animal individualization. a. Human Relations to Animals Only a few hints can as yet bePsychology1, 269:the prevalent promiscuity and the many illicit relations. There is also a psychological factor toPsychology1, 270:you have promiscuity and over-indulgence in sex relations, which are resulting (and have alwaysPsychology1, 272:and physical, of wrong attitudes and illusory relations which it will take several centuries toPsychology1, 274:and as a penalty for legal or illegal sex relations. Think of the horror unfolded in those words!Psychology1, 275:prostitution, ill-health, the seeking of illicit relations outside the home, neglected and unwantedPsychology1, 279:such as the expression of physical plane sexual relations for purely commercial objectives, thenPsychology1, 280:to sexual intercourse in many directions, and to relations and fusions which are not along thePsychology1, 283:centers of population, of an increase in sexual relations, but distinguished at this time by noPsychology1, 283:of the racial ideas on marriage and on sexual relations. This is due to the breakdown of ourPsychology1, 283:safeguard the family unit and to interpret human relations in a satisfactory manner. Out of thisPsychology1, 283:a religious one, except in so far as social relations are basically divine relations. It isPsychology1, 283:so far as social relations are basically divine relations. It is fundamental in its connotation,Psychology1, 287:Where this true marriage and these ideal sexual relations on all three planes are found, the rightPsychology1, 287:principles which will eventually govern the relations between the sexes, and provide, as aPsychology1, 294:life subordinated to the group purpose. Man's relations to others will then be intelligentlyPsychology1, 295:marriage, but a result of education in group relations, service and the law of love, as understoodPsychology1, 299:realities. The Law of Sex is the law of those relations whereby life and form are brought togetherPsychology1, 300:of ancient obligations, a recovery of old relations, an opportunity for the paying of oldPsychology1, 302:two laws. It is the Law of Group Life. Our group relations must be seen and acknowledged. Not onlyPsychology1, 304:a loose excuse for wrongdoing. I speak of sexual relations of the right kind, within the permit ofPsychology1, 304:an initiate than family life, with its enforced relations, its scope for adjustments andPsychology1, 306:and is forced to abstain from all physical relations and to live a strictly celibate life, in orderPsychology1, 323:adapt himself to his surroundings, to his group relations and responsibilities in such a way thatPsychology1, 359:is a citizen of God's world. The following relations between the sixth and seventh rays should bePsychology1, 362:the peoples. I could continue emphasizing these relations, but I have enumerated enough to show thePsychology1, 371:and the establishing of better and of closer relations. This will lead men to take advantage ofPsychology1, 381:all of you who work for world peace and right relations, for harmony and for synthesis. Psychology1, 390:with amazingly interesting results. Intuitional relations and the major intellectual cleavages arePsychology1, 390:I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man These relations are all on the form side and emerge out ofPsychology1, 390:emerge out of the personality rays. Many such relations will appear if the countries and their raysPsychology1, 400:in the world today, for intermarriage, illicit relations and promiscuity during the past fewPsychology2, 23:synthetic picture of man's unfoldment and higher relations. Its danger consists in the capacity ofPsychology2, 86:are, in essence, the energies controlling group relations; the powers, called superhuman, arePsychology2, 86:physical plane. The growing science of social relations, of social responsibility, or coordinatedPsychology2, 87:one of group love, group understanding, group relations and group conduct. Exoteric Name EsotericPsychology2, 114:to be found in this great task the following relations and groupings. These must be considered, andPsychology2, 130:coming from a right understanding of social relations and their study is not lacking. Much is alsoPsychology2, 130:par excellence, the technique of correct group relations, whether it be the right guidance of anPsychology2, 153:center. An understanding of these symbolic relations will do much to clarify the way of the soul inPsychology2, 164:world Sixth ray force The Law of Service. Right relations and right ideals 4. Pranayama The law ofPsychology2, 186:in the new group work) be based on egoic relations and not on personal attachments andPsychology2, 188:emphasis is held steadily on mental and egoic relations. Psychology2, 233:and will eventually control all our relations with each other, as we function in group units. ItPsychology2, 234:Later, we shall see much study done along these relations. This series of text books of occultismPsychology2, 243:and the factor of synthesis governs all soul relations. The soul is occupied not only with the formPsychology2, 255:law here considered is that which governs the relations between life and form, between spirit andPsychology2, 283:has hitherto been primarily occupied with the relations of the individual man to the soul and toPsychology2, 373:sixth and seventh rays have no such paralleling relations. 1 added to 1 equals 2, 2 added to 2Psychology2, 433:of places, clothes, and of personality human relations are imaginatively displayed, and thePsychology2, 435:man are cleavages in certain inherent or basic relations: [436] Found within the man himself, inPsychology2, 450:selfish hands. They are anxious for peace, right relations, the proper distribution of time and thePsychology2, 531:of divine relationship instead of human relations. But this whole subject is still interpreted in
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