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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RELATIONSHIP

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Fire, 96:fact which must also be brought out is the close relationship between all these evolutions ofFire, 116:physical, systemic, and cosmic, so that the relationship and the correspondences may be apparent,Fire, 119:They are based on a realization of the relationship between this fourth cosmic ether, the buddhicFire, 138:of this subject, such as the centers and their relationship to manas, the fire of Spirit and manas,Fire, 148:the Logos of our system. This is a spiritual relationship that tends to abstraction or to thatFire, 181:in the body of the Logos, bearing to Him a relationship identical with that borne by the MastersFire, 185:Before at all dealing with the centers and their relationship to the senses, it will be necessaryFire, 194:[194] of mind, the Thinker can then adjust his relationship thereto. Hearing gives him an idea ofFire, 198:taste, smell - and then briefly sum up their relationship to the centers, and their mutual actionFire, 219:and subplane. The Law of Repulsion, governs that relationship between atoms, which results in theirFire, 224:ask and study are the following: What is the relationship of the Son to the Sun? What is evolutionFire, 225:aspects of knowledge as exoteric? What is the relationship between The ten planetary schemes? TheFire, 225:Two - Introductory Questions I. What is the Relationship of the Son to the Sun? This questionFire, 227:the two electric poles are brought into definite relationship we have demonstrated, along the lineFire, 227:and of occult feeling, both heat and light. This relationship is brought about and perfected duringFire, 230:so below, is the occult law. Therefore, the relationship of the Son of the Father, and of theFire, 230:of the Mother, is to the Sun the same as man's relationship to the vehicle through which heFire, 237:other sacred books. A hint lies concealed in the relationship of the Pleiades to our earth, but notFire, 237:will it be more fully seen what is the exact relationship involved. 96 94 "Matter, it must beFire, 244:terms, but the above suffices to demonstrate the relationship between the threefold Logos, duringFire, 244:fact: The solar system embodies the above logoic relationship during evolutionary objectivity, andFire, 270:This is a basic fact in occultism, and the relationship between the cells in the human vehicles,Fire, 271:with His force. The human being realizes his relationship (as a cell in the body) to a Heavenly ManFire, 290:nature, or the achievement of accurate vibratory relationship with the other Heavenly Men Who formFire, 300:been endeavoring to answer has to do with the relationship between the schemes, chains, rounds, andFire, 300:in mind that these manifestations bear the same relationship to a Heavenly Man as incarnations doFire, 324:polarity of the ethers to each other and their relationship to the whole is comprehended, humanFire, 324:worlds, hence His freedom. Further, when the relationship of the negative form to the positiveFire, 328:the violet ray or hierarchy, has a special relationship to the buddhic plane. It must be borne inFire, 351:sight opened up for him the physical plane. The relationship between sight and mind is a very closeFire, 360:that He is endeavoring to accomplish, and the relationship of the human Hierarchy to Him, a greaterFire, 367:is deeply involved (as stated above) in the relationship existing between the Heavenly Man of theFire, 370:linked with the Heavenly Man of our scheme. The relationship of the Logos of Jupiter and HisFire, 398:of this lies hid the secret of the close relationship between man and the deva evolution, man beingFire, 404:in full display. We should ponder upon the relationship (a necessarily close relationship) betweenFire, 404:upon the relationship (a necessarily close relationship) between the fifth deva Hierarchy and theFire, 420:of his place within the chain and his relationship to the group of which he forms a part. "I amFire, 420:refers to a man's monadic consciousness, and his relationship to the planes of abstraction. ItFire, 424:mentioned above are somewhat realized, and their relationship to the adaptation of matter to SpiritFire, 432:races, and subraces according to their numerical relationship to the scheme of which He is theFire, 434:will bear pondering upon and the numerical relationship is not by chance. His was the power thatFire, 436:the place of our system and its electrical relationship with the seven constellations. We have nowFire, 472:the four already given, concerning primarily the relationship of the devas to man in the future,Fire, 525:higher three. It is also a mystery hid in the relationship between the four exoteric Kumaras (S.Fire, 563:place, we should not have had the fearful karmic relationship which now exists between the thirdFire, follow:than the mineral, and having a most esoteric relationship to the deva evolution. All these kingdomsFire, 571:the Law of Correspondences, we shall have a relationship in the Cosmos, similar to that existing inFire, 590:The Ray of Concrete Science has a peculiar relationship to the animal kingdom, in that it is theFire, 617:process and in the work of force direction, a relationship to his physical body similar to theFire, 617:relationship to his physical body similar to the relationship which groups of Egos on the mentalFire, 627:for the first time understand and utilize his relationship with the devas. It will see the fruitionFire, 634:interested in the physiological key lies in the relationship between the two great groups of devasFire, 634:body in health; there is an analogy also in the relationship between the devas of the astral plane,Fire, 656:they are the originating source bear the same relationship to them as the six principles do to theFire, 656:are permissible, and these deal simply with the relationship of man to these entities. He isFire, 662:point we will limit our consideration to the relationship of self-conscious units such as Man andFire, 667:are pointed out as they throw light upon the relationship of Man to the devas. The devas of theFire, 683:the Logos. The entire mystery is hidden in the relationship of the individual Monads who form theFire, 714:of groups, the polarity of the planets and their relationship to each other and to the Sun, theFire, 714:Sun, the polarity of the solar system and its relationship to other systems, the polarity of oneFire, 731:Man, and again to the Logos in His cosmic relationship. Individualization marks one stage of theFire, 733:condition is primarily one that concerns the relationship between Spirit and matter, in which aFire, 741:and cosmic pralaya, we might here consider the relationship of the Agnishvattas [742] (who causedFire, 801:the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, and Whose relationship to the solar Logos finds a faintFire, 813:of the next century to reveal to man his relationship to the third kingdom. His way is beingFire, 816:and lower Pitris are brought into a close relationship. This produces (upon the third subplane ofFire, 849:careful student that in this fact lies the true relationship between the various groups of Egos, noFire, 889:"army of the voice" unless he comprehends his relationship to that army, unless he apprehends theFire, 902:which is only an occult way of expressing a relationship of an intimate nature between the devas ofFire, 905:of metals becomes possible. They have a relationship to the mineral kingdom analogous to that whichFire, 915:these two groups, and will investigate their relationship to man and to the Heavenly Man withinFire, 990:and that the dual forces (resultant from that relationship) converge and play through that one ofFire, 1072:Neptune, the God of the Waters, has a curious relationship to our planetary Logos, and also to theFire, 1098:things. He should endeavor to ascertain the relationship between the universal mind (or theFire, 1144:formulas of the solar system. Compute the relationship between a unit of any degree and the greaterFire, 1152:out of the karma of a [1152] cosmic Life and the relationship existing between that particular LifeFire, 1185:animal kingdom are "blood brothers" and in their relationship and the esoteric interference of theFire, 1203:the karma of the solar Logos, and concerns His relationship to another solar Logos, and theFire, 1214:of cosmic processes. The same laws govern the relationship of these three factors as govern theFire, 1216:of group work. The individual consciousness of relationship is somewhat established owing to thereGlamour, 3:center in all forms, and thus again an essential relationship is established and the sense ofGlamour, 16:functioning together with a much increased inner relationship, and a "spirit of love" has been shedGlamour, 54:stand revealed to each other and their mutual relationship becomes then apparent. The mind of theGlamour, 74:and a realization of the true nature of the relationship existing between soul and form, betweenGlamour, 126:being, in no case an illusion. He discovers the relationship between himself as a personality, theGlamour, 127:its essential dualism. The recognition of the relationship between the pairs of opposites withGlamour, 134:a higher turn of the spiral) of that spiritual relationship which characterized the race in itsGlamour, 134:and the establishment of a renewed spiritual relationship (the idea) through training in rightGlamour, 135:place, eventually, to a recognized spiritual relationship, a subjective fellowship, as a definedGlamour, 152:Angel (a symbolic way of dealing with a great relationship and possibility, and a great fact inGlamour, 192:and each releases the disciple into a conscious relationship with a new environment, new states ofGlamour, 217:and the searchlight of the mind are brought into relationship by the power of thought. The glamorGlamour, 217:effect or effects to be brought about by that relationship are carefully thought out. This must notGlamour, 218:the needed concentration, realization and relationship, the aspirant then (by an act of the willGlamour, 228:for a minute faces them. Thus a rapport and a relationship is established because the directiveGlamour, 228:Then, having established this interlocking relationship, the group sits in silence for ten minutes.Glamour, 236:and the searchlight of the mind are brought into relationship. The searchlight is then turned on byGlamour, 246:Incidentally, in this far-reaching factual relationship, you have the basis of all astrologicalHealing, 89:understood - would determine the use of the sex relationship, including naturally the male impulseHealing, 124:first indication of a willingness to recognize relationship and intention to cooperate in group
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